The Golden Boy

I’ve tried to start writing a blog for ages now. And as you can see, the layout of this one is not even nearly finished but I don’t want to postpone this anymore. So here it goes.


I love Oscars. Winning an Oscar should be the ultimate dream for every filmmaker. At least to me it is. But I’m not a filmmaker. Yet. And maybe if you’re already James Cameron, you don’t need that anymore, you’ve already been “the king of the world”.

This year, here in Finland, it’s been a rare feast. We’ve been able to see all of the Best Picture films on a screen before the actual gala. Normally quite many of the winners come out after the Oscar celebration. For a good reason, of course. Winning an Oscar is always a great advertising for those smaller films that the big audience haven’t even recognised before the win/s. So the films get more audience if they gain some Oscar buzz before the local premier. But this year has been a pleasant exception and I’ve seen all except two of BP nominees to date. And those two I will see before this Sunday.


Of the Best Picture nominees, Argo is my favourite so far. I still have Les Misérables and Amour to see, so there’s quite a big chance that I’ll change my mind. All in all last year was very good year for the moving pictures. When it comes to the Oscar nominees, I think I’ve given 3,5 stars out of five to those that I didn’t like that much, four to those that were good but not great and 4,5 to those that were great. So it was very good and even year.

And all this goodness gets it’s climax on this Sunday. I can’t wait. We will have our traditional Oscar viewing party again. That’s a tad tougher to get together here (in Finland) because the actual gala starts at 3.30am. So we get to bed at approximately 7am on a Monday morning. But it’s totally worth it, especially on a year like this when there’s multiple categories where you don’t know the winner before the declaration.

If you haven’t seen the Best Picture nominees, you still have time. Here are the nominees for the Best Picture:




Beasts of the Southern Wild


Django Unchained


Les Misérables


Life of Pi




Silver Linings Playbook


Zero Dark Thirty



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