And the Oscar goes to… at least according to me

Another Oscar post. This time it’ll be my Oscar predictions for winners. I did predictions for nominations too here at the Gold Derby and as you can see, I did quite well. Total amount participants who predicted at least in one category was 1868, so I’m kind of pround of myself. And I also need to do better when predicting winners.

So, here we go. Here are the nominees for all categories in case you want to see the competitors.

Curfew-Poster-FullSizeI’ll start with the ones the wide audience doesn’t really care about, the shorts. The Best Animated Short goes to Paperman according to me. The Best Documentary Short goes to Open Heart and Live Action Short to Curfew. It’s a pity that short film categories don’t get that much attention because you never know who of the makers is going to be the next big one. For example Andrea Arnold won an Oscar for Live Action Short on 2003 for Wasp and after that she’s been able to make full length films that have gotten theatrical releases and won prices and praise. Also, she got invited to be a part of Cannes Main Competition Jury last year. Not bad at all.

Technical categories. Visual Effects should go to brilliantly beautiful 3D film Life of Pi, directed by Ang Lee. Sound categories, I think, will go to Les Misérables (Sound Mixing) and to Zero Dark Thirty (Sound Editing). Here’s a very cool clip of making the sound of ZD30 on one of my favourite movie sites on the web, Rope of Silicon. The Best Editing will go to Argo, if I’m correct, and Cinematography to Skyfall or at least I hope so. Roger Deakins who’s the cinematographer of Skyfall has been nominated for 10 times but won none. Life of Pi also has also a good chance but in my opinion, it’s more about effects than true “eye of the photographer”. Cinematography is my favourite category, by the way.

annakareninaGirly stuff. The Best Production Design has to go Anna Karenina. It’s kind of set on the stage and then again not. You have to see it to get what I mean. Les Miz also has a chance but most of the background is made by CGI. Costume Design to Anna Karenina too. Mirror Mirror is also in competition, that would be a posthumous oscar for the designer Eiko Ishiko. I never know which one to predict when it comes to Make-up And Hair. The Hobbit? To me it looked kind of shitty. Maybe Les Miz then? I honestly don’t know.

Best Song will go to Skyfall by Adele. And at the moment I’m predicting that Best Score will also go to Skyfall. Most people seem to predict Life of Pi for that award. When it comes to music, this year’s The Oscars will be loaded with hopefully magnificent performances. There will be Adele, of course, and Shirley Bassey performing Bond themes. Stars from the musicals from Chicago‘s Catherine Zeta-Jones to Jennifer Hudson from Dreamgirls (can’t wait for “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going”) and again to whole of the Les Misérables cast. Also Barbara Streisand and Norah Jones will be performing. And on top of that, the host Seth MacFarlane and Kristin Chenoweth will be doing the closing number of the show.

Searching-for-sugar-man--posterBest Documentary goes to Searching for Sugar Man. The film gets it premiere here in Finland today. Best Foreign Film has to be Amour that also competes for Best Picture. Best Animated Feature will most probably go to Wreck-It Ralph. I have seen only Brave in that category, so I don’t even have my own opionion.

Silver Linings Playbook got nominations in all four acting categories but I think it will walk away empty-handed. Supporting Actress will go to Anne Hathaway (Les Misérables) or at least I hope so because she’s getting a bit desperate. Supporting Actor field is wide open but I’m betting on Christoph Waltz from Django Unchained. He was the best thing in that film. I believe Jennifer Lawrence of Silver Linings Playbook and Jessica Chastain of Zero Dark Thirty will split votes and Emmanuelle Riva of Amour will be awarded with Best Actress Oscar. Especially because it’s her 86th birthday. Daniel Day-Lewis portraying Lincoln is the Best Actor. Period.

Last four ones will go to Argo, Zero Dark Thirty, Amour and Argo.

US-ENTERTAINMENT-OSCAR-NOMINATIONSFirst being Best Adapted Screenplay. Second Original Screenplay. Many think that Tarantino will take the screenplay trophy for Django Unchained. I think it’s too violent and offensive for Academy’s taste. And mine too. I also think that Best Picture winner should get the director or the screenplay award as well. But because for some unknown reason Ben Affleck didn’t even get the nomination for directing Argo, I believe it will win Adapted Screenplay. That leaves us with the Director and I changed my prediction only few days ago and will bet against odds and predict the great Michael Haneke for Amour.

How about you? Agree? Disagree? What do you hope will happen? Anyway it goes, it looks like The Oscars will be a blast this year. Hopefully full of surprises.


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