One Week Later

To be honest I planned on posting this post on Monday. But I was just so tired after all Oscar “festivities” that I couldn’t write it. But better late than never, huh?

So, last Sunday we had our (there and there) traditional Oscar Sunday. The “tradition” began few years ago when me and one of my closest friends started to watch the Oscars when they finally started to broadcast them in Finland too. So there was just me and her and maybe a bowl of candies, I don’t remember. As I told you in my first post The Golden Boy the Oscars naturally start in the middle of the night here on the other side of the world, so first couple of years it was only me and my trusted film-geek friend. But from year to year we’ve been able to attract more friends to join us and this year there were already ten of us. I’m quite proud of that.

oscarparty1We started last Sunday with a brunch. I made American pancakes for the first time and they were really good even if I say so. Gonna do them some other time too for sure. We also had some Mimosas (sparkling wine and orange juice). It felt very gossipgirly, though I got to admit, we were quite far away from being glamorous in any ways.

After the brunch we made, or at least tried, marshmallows. Sticky stuff. My best friend suggested of doing them on her blog and I really wanted to make them. This is how they (the “dough”) looked after letting the sit for few hours:

oscarparty3So, not really a great success. Guess we didn’t do it in a proper way. We did use another recipe than that mentioned in my friend’s blog. While we left the marshmallow goo to sit, we went to see the last of the Best Picture films. Les Misérables.

oscarparty4To me it was first a bit hard to digest the fact that they really are singing all the time. And from time to time I was quite bored. But in the end it wasn’t that bad and the end, in fact, was quite the opposite. I felt the cast, the longing for freedom to choose the path of your own life. And kudos to Anne Hathaway, she totally deserved her Oscar, what a take the one where she sings I Dreamed a Dream. Wow.

But yeah, after the Les Miz, I had seen all of the Best Picture nominees and I still hurrayed for Argo. And thankfully, so did The Academy. And most of my friends too because after getting home from the cinema, we watched Argo as the last film before the gala. It’s also been a tradition to watch one of the best as the last. Last year it was The Help, the year before The Social Network and before that The Hurt Locker (which I was quite disappointed but I’ll get back to that on another post related to the film). But anyway, my friends almost fell of the couch while watching Argo. It just is that thrilling. So, I recommend to see it if you haven’t yet. It’ll be out on dvd in Finland on March 27th and for example in the States it already is.


After Argo, we finished our menu for the night as seen above. The blue thingies are our marshmallows. And the stack beside them is supposed to be “cracker jacks” inspired by Dash of Cinema but guess I was too slow with caramel. I’m not a big fan of sweet things, maybe I should just stop trying to make them… Except cupcakes. Besides these two experiments we had very delicious pizzas, lovely peanut and chocolate brownies, ready-made profiteroles, these Finnish small edition of Karelian pies with eggbutter and of course chips and dips and candy. And loads of coffee.

The gala itself was a success to me. Seth MacFarlane was hilarious. Yes, some of his jokes were rude but who cares?! Hopefully, if he doesn’t come back, they’ll get someone like him. Big bow to him. Most of the winners at the beginning were quite boring with their speeches but after Adele (love her!) it got so good. Especially ever-adorable Jennifer Lawrence and gracious Daniel Day-Lewis made my night. And Ben Affleck of course. I’m still so glad he got to receive the Oscar for Best Picture. If you don’t know who the winners were, here’s a list.

theggSo, that’s it for a little while with the Oscars. It’s time to concentrate on another films and things. Though, if you’re interested, I already have a list of films that might be the Oscar contenders next year. You can check it here.

Next time I’ll be blogging about something else than the Oscars. I promise. Until then, good night and good luck.


  1. Those marshmallows really didn’t turn out the way they’re supposed to, but otherwise everything was so delicious. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see Gatsby! 🙂

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