If You Can Dream It You Can Do It

I hope that’s true.

I’m a big dreamer. More this “loads of talk, less action” kinda girl. But hopefully I’ll be able to change that. If you’ve read my “about” section, you already know that I’d like to have a career in film industry. I’ve decided, if I can’t make films, I want to sell them. Or write about them. Or something. I’ve never been family-orientated, so I’d like to have a job that I love.

After I graduated from Finnish equivalent to high school, I tried to get into different Film Schools but without success. I applied for three years in a row but finally gave up and went to study Business in Finnish language to Applied Sciences University in Tampere (third biggest city in Finland and the place I live in at the moment). But it was kind of harsh reality check to me. I had already worked for eight years (I went to this evening high school and worked at the same time), so the reality of being a student hit me big time and after realizing I’m much more creative than I thought and much less business-driven, I quit the school. And also gave up my dreams of working in film industry.

That was 2006. After that I’ve been working here and there. Been unemplyed, studied this and that in courses that are available to everyone. Thought I was somewhat happy. But then 2011 I met a guy who also likes films and he reminded me of how much I actually love them. And how much I want to work within the industry. So after six years I applied to Tampere University of Applied Sciences to study Film and Television. I didn’t get in but I got the spark again.

This spring I’ll be applying again. And to almost everywhere I can. There are three different schools that teach Film in Finland (yes, we are a very small nation), so my changes of getting in are slim. I’ll be applying to all of them. That means creating three different sets of pre-tasks including making short-film that I’ve never done before. So, again, my changes are very slim. But I have a plan B this time because I’m not going to waste another year doing something I don’t want to. I have already applied to study Business in English if I can’t get to any Film program. And I will also apply to uni for journalism. If I can’t make, I’ll sell or write.

Please, wish me luck.



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