Liebster Award

I got Liebster Award from my best friend at My Thought Exactly.  And that’s really nice of her, it’s always great to get recognised, especially this early at my blogging career. Plus I found this cool Fight Club- Liebster Award -pic:

Here’s how my friend comments what the Liebster Award is: “The liebster award is meant to be given to any blog that has under 200 followers and is worthy of it. If you’re lucky enough to receive this award, you’re required to answer the 11 questions given by the person who gave you the award and also to list 11 random facts about yourself. After you’ve done that, you become the giver and you list 11 blogs (or less) you think are the best thing ever. Don’t forget to let them know!” So, thank you.

The questions she asked me to answer:

1. What is the first movie you remember seeing in a movie theater?

-Pippi Longstockings or Pippi Långstrump as it is called in original language. I’m not sure though if it was this first one or some of the followers.

2. Who is your favorite director?

vanityfair1-Normally I would answer straight away: David Fincher but recently I’ve began to appreciate more and more David O. Russell and especially Alexander Payne. They always have great scripts to work with and they’re both very talented directing actors. I can’t choose. All of them.

3. What is your favorite genre of movies (action, drama, comedy…) to watch?

-I have a skeleton in my closet: I love romantic comedies. I have to choose that even though films in that genre are generally not-so-good.

4. If you were given a chance to remake any movie, would you? Which movie would you choose?

-I’ve never even thought of that. So for now I say no.

5. Which movie would you like to turn into real life, if you’d be the leading actor/actress?

blackwidow-I tried to decide and that’s almost impossible but it would be so cool to be one of the Avengers. And I wouldn’t mind being Black Widow (and look like Scarlett and maybe in future to have a relationship with Hawkeye. Wouldn’t mind at all.)

6. Do you have a favourite film soundtrack? If so, what is it?

-Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings is the most inspiring soundtrack I’ve heard.

7. Movies based on books. Do you read the book first or does it matter?

-I always try to read the books first but my success rate is poor.

8. Which movie have you seen over and over again the most times? How many times have you seen it?

-Titanic still holds the record, I guess. I’ve seen it approximately 30 times, I think.

9. Do you have a favorite quote from a movie? What is it and who said it?

-“He saved me in everyway a person can be saved.” – Old Rose in Titanic

10. If you had the power to revoke an Oscar ever given which one would you take back? Who would you give it to?

-I would give the Best Picture Oscar of Crash’s to Brokeback Mountain. Thinking of that still makes me mad.

11. If a movie were made of your life, who would be cast as you and as your family and friends? Name as many as you wish?

zooey-This is a tricky one… Well, first one who came to mind is Zooey Deschanel, she would play one of my best friends. She’s the same way quirky and she also looks quite a lot like her. To play my friend who made me answer these questions, I tried to think of someone funny and cute and ended up with Emma Stone. Leighton Meester would play another friend of mine, just because I love them both. And they’re both very very hot. This is probably going to be a chick-flick of bunch of friends finding their loves, I guess. I would want to be played by Gemma Arterton, she’s English hottie with some kick-ass qualities. No way I’m that pretty but who cares. Michelle Williams could play friend of mine who’s as tiny as she is. Though that friend of mine have huge boobs and she doesn’t but maybe that’s not the point. Or what do you think? Friend of mine who’s these days a mommy living on a countryside, but used to be party-hard-girl should be played by Blake Lively. One more friend to go… (this is taking forever!) I need someone lean and tall with red hair. I keep going back to Nicole Kidman but she’s way too old. She could play her mum. Ok, I ditched the red hair part and chose Shailene Woodley. Done. I’d like to see that film. There are also guys but no one that close to me.

liebster2 Gosh, that was hard.
Now, the random (film) facts of me:

1. My favourite movie is Fight Club.

2. But if I’d have to choose one to be left if the end of the world comes (and some survives), I would choose Love Actually.

3. I watch Love Actually every Christmas.

4. I also watch It’s a Wonderful Life every Christmas and cry a lot during it.

5. In my opinion Gregory Peck was very handsome man.

6. I have watched 36 movies this year.

7. Perks of Being a Wallflower was the last one of them.

8. I fancy Ezra Miller and it makes me feel like a cougar because he’s 13 years younger than me.

Oz_-_The_Great_and_Powerful_Poster9. My favourite movie blog is Rope of Silicon.

10. I use IMDb more than Google.

11. I’m going to see Oz the Great and Powerful next week. In London.

The last one is not really a fact yet but I just wanted to brag about me going to London. I’ve been there many many times but I still love it.

Ok, now I need to find a blog to give the award to… And it seems, I can’t. All the blogs that I really follow, have more followers. I think I have to get back to that when I find a great blog that I follow. And the one that’s in English.

Who would you cast to play you?


  1. I love all the gorgeous actresses you chose to play us and our friends. I couldn’t have done it better. I may have chosen Ginnifer Goodwin as me, but Emma Stone sounds good too. 🙂

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