The List Lover

I’ve always known how much I like lists but it still took me by a surprise how much I really love them while making those pages to this blog. But I still consider myself quite sane, eh?

GoalI love the idea that nothing is impossible. And I really enjoy setting goals to myself. And that’s what all those lists are about.

The first list of the lists is 101 Thing To Do in 1001 Days. I have absolutely no idea where in the internet is the beginning of making those lists. Mine started when often linked friend of mine made hers. I’m a little behind with the schedule but still doing fairly well considering that there might be too many “must-travel” parts on my list. I’ve managed to reach 11 goals so far. But I’m doing ok with some. One of the goals is to go to new bars and restaurants in my hometown and I’ve already done seven out of ten. And I’ve tasted four out of five when it comes to new foods. And at the moment I try to concentrate on fulfilling the number one on my list. The most important one.

The second one that I added was my Bucket List. Some of the goals are a bit private and I weightlessfirst thought of concealing them but then I was: “What the hell, if I’m gonna do this, I can do it all the way”… When you read the list you’ll notice that there are some huge goals, especially when it comes to travelling. Or as you can see, many of them are linked to The States. We’ll see how it goes. I think I’ll start with the number 55 because I already made the half of it yesterday for another purpose. If someone else is interested writing down their own bucket list, the net is full of pages to help you to do it.

I’ve tried to watch IMDb Top-250 list for ages. I’m sorry to say it but some of the films on the list are just plain boring. And many of them deal with war or mafia or worse, with both! I still haven’t watched The Godfathers because I really don’t like mafia films. I got scarred for life when watching Scarface. I know I’ve seen some of the films when I was little (under 10 years old) but I haven’t count them. Many of the films I own or have Ti-Vod (I don’t really have TiVo but digibox anyway) but to me it’s important to be in right mood to watch for example Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?  It’s not exactly the feel-good movie of the night. I have still 133 films to watch, that’s more than one per week, so I guess I should start watching. Which ones you recommend to start with?

The last but not the least I have 50/50 Challenge. My friend introduced this challenge to me and some other friends of ours last year. The point is to read 50 books and watch 50 movies in one year. As you can read from the page, I did better than well with the films and bookvery poorly with the books. This year I added some extra goals. And I really need to read more. I’m afraid I get dumber if I don’t read enough. Reading is the base of civilized mind. I’m just always so enthusiastic to start new things and not so good at finishing them. Like now, I have about 10 books that I’ve started to read.

So, from now on, I will track my goals publicly and will make updates how it goes. Perhaps not with everyone of them but at least monthly if not more often. You can check my last post to see how I did travel to Ireland to see my friends and at the same trip I went to see Wicked in London. Both of them were on my 101 Things list.

P.S. Here’s my favourite blog about “101”. Even though the numbers are different, the idea is still the same. And in his final post, he does say it well, why to do these lists. Hopefully he’ll inspire you as well.




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