Films of the Week Vol.1

The last week I decided I’ll start to write a weekly post about the films I’ve seen during the past week. And this weekly post is going to start really sadly because I watched only one film. And that was on Monday. But here we go:

sideeffectsSide Effects

directed by Steven Soderberg
written by Scott Z. Burnsstarring Jude Law, Rooney Mara, Channing Tatum, Catherine Zeta-Jones

The last Monday I was in Dublin, so I had a change to see this thriller before it hits the shelves (unfortunately I think it’ll past cinemas because of the poor box office at The States) here in Finland. Again, the beginning of the new year in cinema has been quite horrible, so it was nice to see that there was even a possibility to see some solid work at cinema.

I had quite high expectations for Side Effects. It has good 85% at Rotten Tomatoes and I mostly tend to agree with the critics. But I got to admit, I was a bit disappointed. The film is interesting enough and the whole cast does steady job but I don’t know, something was still missing. Maybe the tension. I don’t remember being excited at any point. But I wasn’t bored either. And I always like the way how Soderberg goes on people’s skin. He uses a loads of close-ups and makes those beautiful people of Hollywoodland look almost normal.

I don’t really want to write about the plot because it would spoil the film and I hate spoilers. rooneyThere’s this hitchcockian-vibe but in my opinion it doesn’t reach far enough. I wasn’t surprised about anything that happened and in the end I was a bit annoyed how things turned out. Tatum and Law are good, Zeta-Jones rather stiff but Rooney Mara, in my mind, is the head of the cast. She does it so well when it comes to these dark-side girls. Though I hope I will see something lighter from her quite soon or otherwise she’ll end up being categorized for good.

Rate: ***½ (out of *****)


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