Tv of the Week Vol.1

I’m again so sorry that I haven’t posted for a week! I’ve been busy doing the pre-tasks for  schools that I’m applying to. Got them done yesterday! Now I’m just hoping they will get me. These pre-tasks were the most important ones because I made them for the schools that teach Film and Television. You can read more about my dreams here if you’re interested.

I decided last week to start to write a weekly blog about the films I’ve watched but I watched again only one film during the last week. It was The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. Nicholson plays rich playboy and Morgan Freeman a wise old man and in the end you cry. That’s about it, so not much to write. Soooo, instead of movies I decided to write about the tv this time. I did catch up with some of my favourite television shows at the moment.

girlsThe first I ordered Filmnet that is kind of rival netchannel or however you call it for Netflix. Only because it’s the first one to show the third season of Game of Thrones. But it also has Girls and it’s second season and I’ve been watching it during the Easter holidays. I think I love Lena Dunham. She’s genious. Although I really really hope that the character of Hannah is not based on her. Because she’s probably the most annoying character on television at the moment. Gosh, I couldn’t stand her in real life. But I love to watch what happens to her and her weird but very much genuine friends. And the writing! Oh, the writing. Yeah, I think I love Lena Dunham.

I had my digibox quite full again (I always do and I stress about which is stupid, I know, but I still do), so I needed to catch up with some of my faves. The first one on the list was Once onceuponUpon a Time. I finished watching the first season and started the next one and I’m pleasantly surprised that they managed to make the second season maybe even more interesting than the first one. Though I’ve only seen the first two episodes. But looks good at the moment. I love fairytales of course because I as well am one. (And now I can imagine that everyone without the knowledge of Finnish language is like “huh?”. But yeah, my first name means fairytale, hence the name of the blog.)

Well, I got to mention two my absolute favourites: Criminal Minds and The Following. I love serial killers. In a healthy way. And these two series are the best. But I’ll get back to them later on, in another post. But with these two I never need to catch up, I always watch it the latest the next day.

homelandOnce finished with Once Upon… I continued emptying the digibox with Homeland. Another oh-so-well written drama. I’m a bit of afraid of watching anything with Clare Danes. She’s unbelievably unattractive when crying. It hurts me to watch. And she does that quite a lot in the beginning of the second season. Plus I’ve read that Homeland goes downward in it’s second season. I hope not. So far so good. Especially Mrs Danes has been brilliant. I just hope she’ll stop crying. But any case I’m really happy that the television channels in Finland have started to compete with the on-demand net streaming things like Netflix. I just like it that the competition stays virile. And I get to see the best shows sooner than later. Legally.

And that brings me to my reward. I try my best not to watch anything illegally or even the way that I support illegal activity. So I don’t stream if I don’t pay anything for it. The most excruciating wait has been when waiting to see Game of Thrones season 2. It aired in two parts and the final five parts aired only couple of weeks ago here in Finland. And because I was in London and Dublin and after the trip I needed to do my pre-tasks, I promised myself I can watch the whole season asap I’ve done the tasks. And now I have. So, as soon I get off from work, I’m gonna go to the post office to mail my pre-tasks and after that it’s Winterfell-time! And after that I’ll get to watch the season 3 at same time with everyone else. Perfection:

gameofthronesP.S. Is there any change I would get to meet him while in Copenhagen in June? We booked flight tickets last week.


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