In the end it’s a quite nice world

My today started kinda crappy way. I felt inadequate at work because it’s been really busy there and I’m not at my best when I do repeating after repeating. I like things versatile. And my job is really not that. But then it got better. And I started to write about all these little things that made me happy today to my friends and while doing that decided to share them with everyone.

leskenlehtiThe first and the most importantly: it’s finally spring in Finland! The winter was long but now it looks it has ended. Finally. It was a long wait.

Secondly, Peter Dinklage is still hot. He’s the most hottest dwarf I’ve seen in anywhere. I should probably not use the word “dwarf” but hopefully he doesn’t mind. He’s easily surpassing way taller men in so many ways. And Game of Thrones is still so so good.

Within the spring it is time for new Iron Man. And it’s only three weeks before Tony Stark will hit the theatres! And a week before the States. Realizing this fact made me even happier. As does this pic:


Matthew McConaughey is going to star in a Christopher Nolan film! I think it’s great he’s starting to be a serious actor. I’ve always liked him eventhough he’s been kinda greasy rom-com guy. I’m so glad for him. I think he deserves all the attention he’s getting after the really great last year.

walkingdeadAnd finally. I think the world is gonna be saved after all. The Walking Dead‘s season three finale got crazy ratings in the US. 12.4 million. Want to watch zombies in primetime. We’re all gonna be saved. Humanity is still around. And if zombies arise, everyone knows what to do. And guess what’s the best thing in all this? I haven’t watch a single episode of the series. I’m guessing I’m in for a treat.

Have a happy springtime! I know I will.


  1. I just don’t have time to watch everything. Besides The Walking Dead I need to watch at least Sons of Anarchy, Big Bang Theory and espesially Breaking Bad. With The Walking Dead I tried to start watching when it began in Finland but my digibox failed me and didn’t record the first episode.

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