Films (and tv) of the Week Vol.2

I had once again quite poor week within the films. But I did watch the second season of Game of Thrones, so that took most of my Saturday. So I’ll just review it as one of the films.


directed by Richard Loncraine
written by Adam Brooks, Jennifer Flackett and Mark Levin
starring Paul Bettany, Kirsten Dunst and Sam Neill

wimbledonThe first film of the last week was Wimbledon. I’ve seen it before but only once, if I remember correctly. I’m a huge fan on romantic comedies, so I’ve seen most of them, at least the famous ones, more than once. Some of them like 10 to 20 times.  I’ve probably watched Wimbledon back in time when I still liked Paul Bettany a lot. And that was after watching A Knight’s Tale. He’s killer in that one. But not so much in Wimbledon. Nothing is really killer in Wimbledon except the cinematography and editing maybe. There are a lots of slow-motion pictures. Very beautiful ones, I have to admit. It felt like the cinematographer has made a career as a sport photographer. But that’s not the case. It just happens to be shot by Darius Khondji, the one of the best cinematographer’s alive (or dead, to be honest). I always love his work; Midnight in Paris is one of the most beautiful films ever shot. Or unbelievable cruelty of Amour or Seven, or the beautiful sliding shots in Panic Room. Yeah, the cinematography is definitely the best thing in Wimbledon. And I did like Kirsten Dunst’s lips. It occurred to me while watching the film that she has a few nice kissing-scenes for her in different films (Spider-Man, anyone?) and she shines in them. Her profile when kissing is really beautiful and that can’t be said of many. Oh! There’s Nikolaj Coster-Waldau too! Didn’t remember that, so I was pleasantly surprised (read my previous posts and you’ll notice I’m getting a bit obsessed).

Rating: **½ (out of *****)

The Mummy

directed by Stephen Sommers
written by Stephen Sommers, Floyd Fonvielle and Kevin Jarre
starring Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz and John Hannah

The other one was The Mummy. I liked it back then when it was released. I still liked it but it does look quite awful. It is probably the best thing Brendan Fraser has ever done in the filmindustry and Rachel Weisz is as beautiful as ever (though I do think she’s more beautiful these days).

The Mummy Ride at Universal Studios, pic by me
The Mummy Ride at Universal Studios, pic by me

Some of the writing is quite funny as is John Hannah’s supporting role as a brother of the main female character. But the special effects are just so outdated that it hurts to watch. And for some reason the film feels really long. I don’t usually use my iPhone at the same time when watching something on telly except maybe some reality shows but while watching this I got bored. Feels to me that The Mummy Ride that I took when visiting Universal Studios in LA was more fun. And for sure more scary.

Rating: **

Game of Thrones

created by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss
story by George R.R. Martin
starring Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Michelle Fairley, Emilia Clarke, Maisie Williams, Iain Glen, Kit Harrington, Sophie Turner, Alfie Allen and Jack Gleeson

gameofthronesGame of Thrones. I love Game of Thrones. I’m not sure but I think the second season was even better that the first. Doesn’t really matter because both are amazing. If there’s something weak in the series it’s the fact that it’s only ten episodes per season. But even that’s a good thing because that way the audience can’t get bored. I don’t know. I can’t really say anything proper. All the actors and actresses are on top of their game. The writing is astounding especially because I think the novels are a bit boring. At least I’m stuck with the second book and it took me a while to get through the first one too. And I like reading fantasy. The cinematography, the production design, the editing, everything’s top notch. The sound. I even got myself thinking how beautifully they’ve made the hairs of the actresses. And I’m not normally that girly girl who thinks things like that. But Game of Thrones is the nearest of the perfection that a television series can be. Can’t really say more. Except that I’m glad Natalie Dormer is in the cast. Once a one random person that I nataliedormermet through my work told me that I look like her. I hadn’t seen The Tudors (where everyone knows her) back then and I was so flattered when I saw her for the first time. I don’t really look like her, she’s a tiny thing with a fine body but we do have common features especially eyes and maybe cheekbones. But I still consider her as my famous doppelgänger, so it’s nice to see her in Game of Thrones.

Rating: *****

This week I will carry on with my IMDb mission. Let’s see how that one goes.


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