A Picture Tells More Than a Hundred Words

Well, it does tell, if you’re good enough to see the story in the picture. Especially when taking the picture.

I love photographing. Not as much as the moving pictures but a lot anyway. I thought kamerabefore that I’m talentless when it comes to visual arts. I can’t draw. I really can’t. And when it comes to crafts, the image in my mind is much much more beautiful than the outcome. Same thing with making clothes. I just can’t do that. So before, when I applied to Film School I always applied to be a producer because I thought I have to sell because I have no talent in the actual maker-side. But then I found photographing. I have the eye for it, seeing the beauty in everything. Or in general, just seeing things the way that you can capture the image that’s in your mind. I wasn’t able to do it when I tried to paint or sew or otherwise make it with my hands. Not before I got camera.

I bought my systems camera in December 2008. I started taking photographs by shooting different bands. I use to go see a loads of gigs and so it was the most natural to me to start there:


These two are from the beginning of my photographing days. As you can see, I’ve started from the scratch. See how “beautifully” I’ve managed to get someone’s phone in the pic or how I’ve cut his hand away. Cute. But I continued practising and got a bit better.

janne1matti1 viljami1janne2olliOk, the last one is not really that good as a pic. But you see the guy in it? Totally worth to see. Also the band, Reckless Love, is definitely worth to see. Just click the pic and it’ll go to their side. And just for fun of it, here’s one of their music videos:

Back to the photography.

I enjoyed photographing the bands and it took over a half a year before I started to shoot in daylight. I know, weird, but I didn’t even realize it before the summer came along. And when taking all kinds of snap shots of my friends I noticed that I was much better at capturing beautiful images of people than the excitement of a live music:


Both of these pictures are from the very first day and night that I had my cam with me while partying with my friends. And I still think their rather good. But of course, lucky shots, but in any case that made me notice that I prefer taking profile pictures more than anything else. And since that summer of 2009 I’ve practised more and more. And I should train even more frequently but it is always quite hard work to get everyone’s schedules to fit, so I can have at least a make-up artist and a model present. Here are some pictures from those training sessions:



riikka3I also took the photos for my friend’s degree work that she made to become a hairdresser:



maka3I absolutely love that last pic. It’s not sharp but the feeling in it! Especially I like it because it’s so hard to make her laugh or even smile in pictures, she tends to look worried.

I recently joined Pinterest, so if you’re interested, you can check more of my portraits in there. And for some pictures from my travels (in this case in London and Dublin), check my previous blog post. I will definitely get back to subject in future, so let me know if you liked the post. Or my photos.


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