The Best of the Best – Actresses

acting1My friend at My Thought Exactly made a Top-7 list of her favourite actors and that inspired me to do my Top-lists. Though I want to round it up to 10 plus. I did my top-list of the women by checking my ratings at IMDb and writing down all of the names that made go like “oh, she’s really good and versatile”. I like it when actors and actresses have proper repertoire, so they are not just repeating same role all the time. Though I have to admit that sometimes somebody is very good at doing that “same role”, so I might still consider that person a good performer. I, especially, admire actually funny people. I’m not one and I think it’s really difficult to make others laugh and when somebody is good at that (and I don’t mean Jim Carrey -way but more subtle like Tina Fey).

jlaThe first I want to point out my “plus”, the ones that didn’t make the cut but I still like a lot. The first is my and many others favourite girl of the moment: Jennifer Lawrence. I’ve liked her since she was on the red carpet of Oscars after being nominated for Winter’s Bone. She was so likeable, so genuine and so so beautiful. I still love her interviews and her goofiness. And she’s unbelievably talented BUT I think she just came to the show, so I’m not adding her on to the actual Top-10 yet. She is my very favourite pet of today but she still needs to display her talent a little more. I need to  mention Keira Knightley too because apparently she happens to act in a quite many of my favourite films like the first Pirates of the Caribbean or Pride and Prejudice (2005) and Anna Karenina. I think I need to start to pay more attention to her. The other one who’s acting in many of the films that liked is Rachel McAdams. I’ve never thought of her as a good actress but I seem to like her.  And the last one just outside of the top ten is evermore lovely Emma Stone. She is so funny. I’m quite sure that she will also be in my in my top ten in the future like Lawrence. She just needs to do more movies.

TOP 10


marciaMarcia Gay Harden

Just because she’s unbelievable in Mystic River. I have never ever seen anybody act that well what she does in the very end of that film. She doesn’t say anything but her eyes, the look in them tells more than words could ever say.


st-mulliganCarey Mulligan

She kind of falls into the same category with Jennifer Lawrence but for some reason I find her more mature, I guess. Her acting is in her eyes, it’s as delicate as she is. It’s so smooth. And come on, how can she look that young? I think she will definitely win an Oscar some day.



Elizabeth Banks

Because she IS funny. Like fabulously funny. But she’s also very good when doing drama. It was only about a half a year ago when I realised how much I actually like her. I was watching Man on the Ledge and kept thinking of that how underrated she is. But she seems to be working all the time, so maybe she prefers it that way but I do hope she will get the lead roles some time in the future too. She deserves them.


jessicaJessica Chastain

Because in my opinion she was perfect in Zero Dark Thirty. She couldn’t have been better. And she’s also very very good in all of the films that I’ve seen of hers. I was thinking that she’s really new to the scene but then I remembered her in ZD30 and I had to put her to my list. And she keeps making interesting choices with the films she’s taking part.


cateCate Blanchett

I almost forgot her because it seems that I don’t like her films that much. Except the Lord of the Rings trilogy. And Benjamin Button. The latter was the one that reminded me of her. I think she’s Katherine Hepburn of our time. She’s unbelievably diverse (just watch I’m Not There) and kind of ageless. Plus she has the wit and the beauty. And that amount of talent.


nicoleNicole Kidman

She’s the one that I don’t in fact like. But I seem to like her films. There was a lot of them in my top-rated movies when I checked IMDb. And I can’t really deny her talent. She was so good already in To Die For and not bad in Dead Calm and that’s been made 25 years ago! I also think she’ll back in the Oscar race with Grace of Monaco. At least I hope so because I can’t get enough of her husband.


marionMarion Cotillard

She’s gifted. She’s gorgeous. She’s French and chic. What’s not to like? Especially because she dares to bare her soul and skin. I can’t wait to see The Immigrant where she’ll be acting with my guy Jeremy Renner. Oh, did I mention how gorgeous she is?


michelleMichelle Williams

She has come a long way since Dawson’s Creek. And what a way! Since Brokeback Mountain she’s done roles that are only getting better. Though I have to say, she was so good as Marilyn that it’ll be a miracle if she tops that.
P.S. I loved her look at those 2006 Oscars. How anyone can be that beautiful?


kateKate Winslet

The Kate Winslet. The amazing Kate Winslet. I love Titanic. She was the star of that movie. She’s the star of all the films she does. And she’s fearless. Even provocative (anyone seen Holy Smoke?). Yet she’s so down to earth and like the girl of the next door. She can do no wrong. And if you haven’t seen Revolutionary Road, watch it. She’s worth of every minute she’s on the screen. She has that “marciagayharden” moment in the end of it. You have to see it to understand.


amyAmy Adams

An innocent, child-like young woman, a fairytale princess, a hard-working mother, a scared nun, the most famous female adventurer, sexy but tough bartender, a messed-up wife of an artist, a strict leader of a man of vision and soon to be boo of Superman. She has a four Oscar nominations. She can dance and sing. She never fails. She can apparently act anything. Her resume is fantastic. She’s dashing. So, come on, give her the Oscar already! (Though it would be so cool if she would win it by playing Janis Joplin.)

There you go. I know it’s missing the stars of the yesterday but to be honest I find it disturbing when everyone is acting like on the stage. And to be honest, I haven’t watch that many old films that I could put any of the greats to my list. I love Vivien Leigh, she’s the one and only Scarlett O’Hara, I admire Katherine Hepburn and I’d like to be Lauren Bacall, she was/is one bad-ass woman but these women up above I “know” and love. What about you, who would be on your list?


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