Tv (and the film) of the Week Vol. 2

no_strings_attachedAgain I watched only one film during the last week. This is becoming pathetic. The one that I watched was No Strings Attached. A rom-com starring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman. I like both. Ashton is total cutie pie and Natalie is a very gifted actress. And her drunken scene is the reason enough to watch this. I think she’s nailing it. Otherwise this is just another average rom-com. If you like them, watch this. If you like the actors in it, watch it. If you don’t enjoy any of the mentioned, don’t bother. Another film with the same subject was released the same year, Friends with Benefits, and I think it’s better. And Kunis ja Timberlake are hotter.

In the first post of the tv of the week, I mentioned The Following that I follow (see, I’m funny…) weekly. Usually what happens is that I start to follow some tv-series on television but end up storing them on digibox. And then either deleting them or watching them in a row. But The Following is one of those rare cases that I watch normally weekly. It’s broadcasted here in Finland on Thursday nights (and we’re approximately six weeks behind of the original airing) and for some reason I tend to watch it on Saturday mornings. I’ve been thinking it must slowly affect me, starting the weekends by watching brutal murders in a form of The Following and Criminal Minds and sometimes some nice serial killer movie or documentary. But then again I love serial killers. Especially the ones like Joe thefollowing

Carroll who have the ability to allure people to do unthinkable things. Don’t be worried, my love for them is completely based on my interest in social anthropology. I’ll never stop wondering what makes people bad or/and what is to be bad and how these so-called bad people are a marvel to someone else. So, as you can read, The Following is all but made for me. And to me there’s something really twisted that Kevin Williamson, who is the creator of the series (plus Scream movies and Vampire Diaries) this bloody has also created Dawson’s Creek. But anyway, to me The Following is one of the more entertaining series on telly at the moment (it just had its season one final in the States). So, if you like blood, brutal murders, serial killers, lunatics and Kevin Bacon, this is the one to watch. And for some reason, it’s not heavy at all, I don’t think I have felt bad at all while watching it.

The other favourite and weekly pastime of mine is Criminal Minds (or I should say was because it went on a break once again in the middle of the season). Matthew Gray Gublers role as Dr. Spencer Reid is one of my favourite television persons of all-time. Who wouldn’t like him? matthewThe series is also my favourite when it comes to all these police/FBI/crime/action/thriller/whatever series. (Well, to think of it, X-Files probably is better but it’s so far out there…) I don’t think I’ve missed single episode. It’s that good. It’s about FBI profilers profiling serial killers. One of the best things ever. I know it’s repetitive but I like the characters, the inventive way of killings, the handling of the subject (this one is not light) and I especially I like the quotes in the beginning and at the end of every episode.

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” – Albert Einstein

P.S. I continued watching Game of Thrones season three. It’s still as good as ever. Love it.


  1. I chuckled for the “following the Follow”-joke. 😀
    Where did you ever find that picture of Matthew Gray Gubler, he’s looking delicious. ❤

    • Well, if you add hot to your google search it usually gives you quite nice pics of anyone. 😉
      And I’m glad if I amused you.

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