Changing Lanes

A summer has arrived and with it I decided to quit my job.
You might remember that I mentioned before that I’m not a huge fan of my job. And it has just gotten worse and worse. I’m a call center operator and I mostly have the same conversations again and again. Different people, same talk. That’s not for me. I’ve done this work surprisingly long time. I started back in March 2011 with another company and changed to this employer in September 2012. And today is my final day.


I had a plan to stay at my work until August when the school would (hopefully) start. But as said by Buddha, I couldn’t lose any more days to unhappiness. This job went under my skin the way that I just couldn’t be happy anymore. The most of the time I was really pissed off. Everyday I felt good about two hours after work and then I started to think the next day and felt annoyed again. The weekends went the same way. I needed to change it. And I did. I have multiple jobs, so I won’t be totally unemployed but as the economic is olutwhat it is, there might be a challenge ahead but I’m not too worried. After all it is a summer season on the way and it’s the best season for bartending that is my other position. Especially in Finland, we like to drink during the few summer months that we have.

I didn’t receive an invitation to the entry exams to the other of the Film Schools that I applied. That’s a big bummer. But I still have a change to get the invitation to the other one, the one that is my number one. Fingers crossed, please. I did got the invite to Joensuu that is a town in the Eastern Finland. I’ve never been there. But they teach Communications and specialize in Audio Visual Media. It’s kind of scary idea to go to study in place as tiny as that but then again there wouldn’t be that many disturbances. And they shoot quite a lot of Finnish films in Joensuu. I also had my entry exams for International Business in English. The one entry exam is for three different school, it’s so-called national exam. If I don’t get enough points for the first option, they will check my points for the second school on my list and so on. Kind of like in the US when applying to the colleges. You have your primary goal, then the ones that are on your level and the safety schools. But I got to admit, the exam was harder than I thought. But still reaching for my dreams.

dreamersAnd to add to the new beginning I decided to pursue for healthier life too. I drink way too much, I rarely exercise, I’m overweight and because of my indolence, I tend to buy too much of snacks and fast food even though I’m fairly good cook. That’s just laziness. I need to go more to the gym, I even have the season card until the end of July in my use. I have also always dreamed of running. To be able to run for like 10 kilometres. I even have started to jog and managed to keep it up for a few weeks but then I just slide back to my old (bad) habits. But maybe this time will be different. I need to do as Yoda said: “Do or do not. There is no try.”

Me and one of my best friends are participating this competition to win the interrail tickets for a month to tour Europe by train. Wish us luck!

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  1. […] As I told you, I left my day job few weeks a go. It was the best decision for a while! I’m happy again. It feels unbelievably amazing to be able to feel free again. During the last six weeks, I’ve been working as a bartender that much I’m able to pay my rent, went to Prague, been participating as a volunteer to the film festivals and went to Copenhagen. I will post about the last two on next week. I’ve also been on a holiday. And it’s been fairly good summer so far weather-wise and it’s definitely been a great summer so far other wise! […]

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