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blake-lively-leighton-meester-rolling-stone-3I’m just about to finish watching Gossip Girl and even though it’s not in my final top-10 of television shows, it inspired me to write this post, so let’s give a tiny salute to it by posting the hotness up above. I love those ladies. And their series too, it’s my favourite guilty pleasure. And what’s not to like: beautiful people, amazing clothes, ridiculous plot twists, scheming and the greatest city in the world.

I counted from my IMDb profile that I’ve given exactly ten shows 10 out of 10. And another 10 a nine. Gossip Girl is one of the nines. The others are Revenge that I’ve only watched one season so far, let’s see if it stays on the top. Heroes that I’ve watched two seasons and the second one was quite bad already but the first one was that good that I lowered it only to nine. I’ve already mentioned that I like Girls and it’s worth a nine as well. And so are True Blood, michelleOne Tree Hill, The Following and Homeland too. I also loved Dawson’s Creek, it’s the series that I grew up with. And it gave us the beautiful Michelle Williams. And the last on “the nine list” is House M.D. and probably the best lead character in television history played by utterly amazing Hugh Laurie. Albeit the series is repetitive I always end up watching the episodes in a row. Only one season for me to left.

Before hitting the actual top ten I got to mention that I still have few series to watch. That I haven’t watched a single episode. The ones that I think I will like like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and The Sopranos. So forgive me not adding those to my list.

10)sixfeetunderSIX FEET UNDER

To me Alan Ball is genius. His gift of writing these quirky, weird yet lovable and genuine characters is a rare thing. Both, Six Feet Under and True Blood are funny but awfully sad at the same time. I know Ball likes to write about outcasts, especially sexual minorities as being one, but he manages to do it in a stunning way that does not irritate but is still so raucous that one can’t watch away. And in Six Feet Under, I totally love the deaths of the customers of the funeral house. How many ways there are to die?


Apparently I also love Michael C. Hall. Well, he is great. And so is his character in Dexter. The best serial killer of all time. And as you might know, I love serial killers. I have only watched the first and the second seasons and started a bit of the third one. But I can’t wait to get to the fourth season, I’ve read that John Lithgow is incredible.

8)?????????????CRIMINAL MINDS

I think I’ve mentioned I love serial killers. I also have reviewed this series already. Read it here. And check out the hotness of Matthew Gray Gubler at the same view.

7)laurapalmerTWIN PEAKS

The show is already 23 years old. But it does not feel like it. It’s still fantastically weird, the plot is excellent, the characters even better and the mood is always as enchanting as it was on the first view. To me, Twin Peaks, still causes the chills, Laura Palmer is still the most beautiful girl in the world and Bob the most terrifying thing in the world. Hooray for David Lynch, the genius.

6)gameofthronesGAME OF THRONES

I have mentioned a couple of times how much I love this show. And Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (there he is, again!). The third season got me floored like so many others: the link to the Red Wedding reactions. Don’t watch if you haven’t seen the ninth episode of the third season. It was the best television for ages. Forgettable. Game of Thrones is the best what television has to offer at the moment. And that’s a lot.


Do I need to explain or do the photos talking for themselves?

Naah. Supernatural is great in every single way, not just because of the hotness of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Though it does help. A lot. But they’re also very funny and their chemistry is almost touchable (I wish). I almost gave up watching the show because of the somewhat lame first season but thankfully my friend convinced me to give it another try. I’m so happy I did! Supernatural is Buffy of today. Except there are two superhot brothers instead of a tiny girl and they’re not in a high school anymore. Great dialogue and because I’m into all kind of supernatural things, this one is a treat. It even got me reading The Bible voluntarily.

4)The Final Page, Part One And TwoHOW I MET YOUR MOTHER

Today it’s a rare thing that I find something that funny yet moving that I want to experience it more than once or twice. How I Met Your Mother is one of those rare things. All of the series in top-5 are those that I watched again and again but HIMYM is the one that I watch almost daily. I love the gang, their even surpasses my real life friends when I don’t feel like being social. I just hope someday my Ted will cross paths with me.


My older friends. I do spend a lot of time with them too. And they still make me laugh. And cry. And sigh. I’m so happy that the show ended the way it did. Perfectly. And I love that there’s always reruns of Friends in telly, that’s the way it should be.

2)sarah-michelle-gellar-41BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER

We had the hotness of Supernatural, here’s the hotness of Buffy. Or at least a bit of it. Sarah Michelle Gellar has been my girl crush since the beginning of the new millennium and I would still marry her if she just wanted me. What can you say about Buffy?! It’s made by the greatest dialogue writer of all time, Joss Whedon (who also wrote and directed The Avengers), so the script could not be better. The story of Buffy becoming a woman is layered with so many great episodes that it’s almost impossible to choose the best one. Or between Angel and Spike. Though the bad guy always wins. But there’s only one Buffy and if you haven’t watched the series you’re missing out.

1)Best-Gilmore-Girls-QuotesGILMORE GIRLS

I had a hard time of choosing between my number two and one which one is the ultimately the best tv show of all time. But because, whenever I feel sad or tired or sick, I watch Gilmore Girls. It comforts me. It’s warm and fuzzy but the dialogue is the snappiest ever (I need to watch it with a subtitles or without breathing, I prefer the former). I love my mum but it would be so cool to have Lorelai Gilmore as your mum. Or one of Rory’s boyfriends as your guy (I got to take Jess, although if Dean grew up to be Sam in Supernatural…).

So, all in all it looks like I’m a fan of good dialogue, great characters, hot guys and girls, some suitable violence but the mostly I think I’m a fan of trust and friendship. As it is said in the theme of my favourite television show:

“If you’re out on the road
Feeling lonely, and so cold
All you have to do is call my name
And I’ll be there on the next train.”

And for the last the comic-relief, Eye of the Tiger by Jensen Ackles:

What are your favourite tv shows?


  1. I watch very few TV shows these days. I did watch and enjoy all of Friends. I watched the first few seasons of Supernatural. After those photos, I’m thinking I should get back on that one… Lol 😉 Not seen most of the others at all but the one I keep thinking I SHOULD watch is Game Of Thrones.

    • Well, if you are going to watch any of the current tv shows pick Game of Thrones. It’s amazing. Just the quality of the production, the setting looks so good from clothes to weapons and everything between and around. I actually keep clapping my hands, crying or yelling while watching the series. Or laughing from time to time.

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