The Best Picture Vol. 1 – The Oscar Predictions 2014

cateblanchettI haven’t written about the Oscars since The One Week Later (or have I?) and I think it’s about a time. It seems that Cate Blanchett has given again an Oscar worthy performance in Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine (pic right) and looks to be the first “lock” for the season. And when reading those reviews about her perfect acting I noticed I’m so behind with my predictions. And yes, I know, it seems ridiculous to the most of you but for us, the Oscar freaks, it’s very much time to do them! So let’s begin.

I have had my list of possible contenders since the last Oscars but I really haven’t cracked it open before the night before yesterday. And there are still and again, like every year, so many films to choose from. And of course the most of them haven’t come out yet and will not until the end of the year. I will certainly make my predictions for all of the categories but let’s start with THE one, the Best Picture.

monumentsCurrently it looks like there are few films that everyone thinks are going to be the contenders. And have been since the announcement of the start of the production. The Monuments Men, the George Clooney vehicle, where the man himself is directing, writing and starring along the side with previous Oscar winners Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett and Jean Dujardin and always highly praised Bill Murray and John Goodman. It’s hard to see where it might fail and I, myself, just can’t see it and at the moment have put it at the top of list to win the Oscar for the Best Picture. Only object on Clooney’s way is the fact that he just won the Oscar for the best pic for Argo as in a role of the producer.

The next one on my list is Martin Scorsese – Leonardo DiCaprio collaboration number… five (?) The Wolf of Wall Street, a true story about a corrupted stockbroker at Wall Street. If DiCaprio delivers, it should be his year to win the golden boy for the best actor but even if he’s not on the top of his game, the film should get multiple nominations. Starring alongside DiCaprio are Jonah Hill and the man of the moment, Matthew McConaughey.

And then there’s the one I’m waiting for the most! I can’t even believe they are really making this. American Hustle. Know before as “The Untitled David O. Russell Abscam Project”. Directed, obviously, by ever so great David O. Russell. Starring Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. If you’ve read my previous posts (like the lists of the favourite actors and actresses), you know I love David O. Russell, he’s the best director working to direct his actors, within the last two movies, he gathered 15 Oscar nominations, seven of them for the actors and three of them went to win, including Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence. And you might also know I love Christian Bale and Amy Adams. And I lovelove Jennifer Lawrence like everyone else. And I would marry Jeremy Renner if he wanted me. So, you might understand why I’m looking forward to this film. Out on Christmas Day in the States.

On the fourth on my list is Inside Llewyn Davis. I’m not sure it should be that high but it’s the Coens. And they always get the recognition. It already got it world premier at Cannes and hasn’t caused the stir I was waiting for. So… It’s a bit hard to tell how it will land in the end. Especially with the basically unknown Oscar garrettIsaac in the lead (you might remember him from Drive, the best film of 2011). But with him there’s ever so lovely Carrey Mulligan. Also Justin Timberlake and (yummy) Garrett Hedlund. We just need to see how it fits with the other contenders.

And the fifth, and the last one for today, on my list of possible contenders is once again a true story Captain Phillips, directed by United 93 helmer Paul Greengrass, starring Tom Hanks who looks to be the comeback kid of the year with this and Saving Mr. Banks where he’ll be playing Walt Disney himself (I’ll get back to you to that in the next post). There’s also talented Catherine Keener in the supporting role.

So, that’s my top-5 for the best picture at the moment. The next five I’ll go through in my next post.

To be continued…


  1. I think Saving Mr Banks. It’s can to have these nominations: best picture, actress in a leading role (Emma Thompson), actor in a supporting role, original screenplay, art direction, costume design ad original score.

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