The Best Picture Vol. 2 – The Oscar Predictions 2014

augustOk, let’s finally continue where we left off last time. The five more contenders in my top-10 for the best picture at the moment. They will change when the year is getting older and the reviews are pouring in but today it looks like following.

The sixth film on my list is a film with a star-studded cast, August: Osage County. The movie is based on Pulitzer prize and multiple Tony awards winner play by Tracy Letts and has a showy cast including Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Chris Cooper, Sam Shepard, Ewan McGregor, Juliette Lewis, Abigail Breslin, Dermot Mulroney and Benedict Cumberbatch. Talking about multiple acting nominations?! Streep especially (and very unsurprisingly) sounds and looks quite convincing in the trailer. But the film is directed by fairly unknown John Wells whose basically done producing and writing a lot but very little directing and that he has done, is from tv-side, so we can’t really know what to expect from him. After Toronto Film Festival we will know better.

Fruitvale Station, a (link will lead you to Wikipedia article of true events, so don’t read if you don’t want to know what happened) true-story of a young man called Oscar Grant. The film won both, the audience award and the jury prize at Sundance like Beasts of the Southern Wild that got four Oscar nominations. The year before the winner of the Grand Jury Prize of Sundance was Winter’s Bone that gave us Jennifer Lawrence. I haven’t seen this film even though it’s in wide release already. But not in Finland. But I have a good feeling about it and I hope Sundance and Cannes victories will give it the boost even though the buzz is kind of muted at the moment.

saving-mr_-banks-posterIn Saving Mr Banks Emma Thompson plays the character of P.L. Travers, the author who wrote beloved Mary Poppins and Tom Hanks plays the man who made Mary Poppins a world-wide name, Walt Disney. I’m extremely biased towards this film. There’s so much to love; the story itself, Mary Poppins, Emma Thompson’s accent, Disneyland and Walt Disney himself, he’s one of my greatest heroes, the music in the trailer is great as is the whole look of it. And I adore that poster. So, I might be putting this higher on my list  than it deserves but then again, if they pull it through, it might be magic.

The ninth on my list is the film that does not have a release date yet, so there might be a change it will be moved to 2014.  Foxcatcher is “the story of Olympic Wrestling Champion Mark Schultz and how paranoid schizophrenic John duPont killed his brother, Olympic Champion Dave Schultz” directed by Moneyball and Capote helmer Bennett Miller. The two Exclusive - Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo On The Set Of 'Foxcatcher'films together got 11 Oscar nominations and one win for Philip Seymour Hoffman from Capote. Foxcatcher has had the buzz since the announcing of the production but at the moment it’s a bit uncertain if the film is going to be racing this year or the next one. Starring Steve Carell (who just got great reviews from The Way Way Back), Channing Tatum, Mark Ruffalo and Sienna Miller. No trailer released yet.

And the last one on the actual list of the best picture contenders is Nebraska. The black and white story of father-son road trip directed by Alexander Payne. The film sounds a hard-sell but Bruce Dern who plays the father already got the best actor win from Cannes and Alexander Payne has had some Oscar love within his last three films, 12 nominations altogether. Though the film doesn’t exactly sound like a crowd pleaser, I’ve always loved Payne, he is a true talent when it comes to directing actors, and I wouldn’t count this one out. Clip from Cannes selection:

So, that’s my top ten for today. Or to be honest, that was the list on July 29th and it might have changed already. 😉 To sum it up, it looks like this:

1.The Monuments Men
2.The Wolf of Wall Street
3.American Hustle
4.Inside Llewyn Davis
5.Captain Phillips
6.August: Osage County
7.Fruitvale Station
8.Saving Mr. Banks

I will write a volume 3 to the best pictures to go through all those films bubbling under. Meanwhile, what do you think, is this new Ridley Scott a proper contender? Javier Bardem in a weird hairdo in Cormac McCarthy film?


To be continued…


  1. I like Saving Mr Banks. In my opinion, it’s can to have these nominations: best picture, actress in a leading role (Thompson), actor in a supporting role (Hanks), original screenplay, art direction, costume design and original score. In original screenplay and original score it’s strong contender.

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