The Best Picture Vol.3 – The Oscar Predictions 2014

beforemidnightOk, let’s finally go through those that I had a month ago bubbling under of my top-10 best films of the year. I’ve been total lazy-ass when it comes to the movie world during the last month (think I’ve watched like five films?!) but when the autumn really gets going, the going gets tougher (…). I already did my parts one and two to predict the best picture Oscar for the year 2014 and here is the last part for now.

The first I have new Steve McQueen pic, the man who does not shy from the tough stuff. 12 Years a Slave tells a true story of a once free man who was again forced to slavery. If it’s not too heavy for the Academy it’s a solid contender with its dramatic score and amazing cast: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt, Sarah Paulson, Paul Dano, Benedict Cumberbatch, Paul Giamatti, AlfreWoodard and Quvenzhané Wallis. Come to think of it, this one can’t really be bad.

The other one that I had almost in the top ten is Gravity. Alfonso Cuarón directing basically Sandra Bullock. And a little bit of George Clooney. The clips they are showing at the cinemas are varyingly distressing. This one might be a huge failure, a snoozfest or the very different from anything else we’ve seen. Gravity will have its world premier in three days at Venice Film Festival, after that we’ll be wiser of its status in the race.

The one in the bubbling under team is Blue Jasmine, that I already mentioned in my post Vol.1 because of the apparently (still waiting for that one to come out in Finland) splendid performance of Cate Blanchett. Also in the running is Before Midnight (the pic at the beginning of the post), the third instalment of the Richard Linklater-Ethan Hawke-Julie Delpy collaboration that tells the story of a young girl and a boy meeting in the train and what happens afterwards with the one of the best dialogues ever on the screen. A lot of it but it’s gooood. I just watched the first two parts and didn’t even remember how good the second part especially was (guess it’s the age thing, I’m around that age myself) and it’s said that the third one is the best of the bunch. Hope so.

counselorThen there’s The Counselor that I mentioned in the last post. The new Ridley Scott with acting ensemble including Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem, Michael Fassbender, Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz and that is based on Cormac McCarthy novel. I enjoyed the latest trailer a lot and I’m keeping fingers crossed that Scott does not make this as cold as Prometheus. Thankfully there’s Fassbender who was the best thing in Prometheus and will probably be in this one too. And I’m really looking forward the performances of the ladies there. Naked or not. Looks promising. The other one that has a very showy (without actually being it) trailer is All Is Lost that already premiered at Cannes and got rave reviews especially to the star Robert Redford. And after watching the trailer, I can’t see how it’s possible not to give him the nom for the part, it looks tremendous:

The last three ones that I had on my list in July are The Fifth Estate, Lee Daniels’ The Butler and Le Passé aka The Past. The Fifth Estate is to be said to be based on a true story of Wikileads and it’s (in)famous founder Julian Assange. Benedict Cumberbatch will for sure be good if not great in the lead role but then again the director Bill Condon just made the last two parts of Twilight saga… We’ll see after Toronto. Lee Daniels’ The Butler already got its wide release in US and it looks to be a crowd pleaser, it was the most watched on the opening weekend and looks like it’s going to be on the top spot again after the Sunday estimates of this weekend. But it has 6.1 rating in IMDb and that’s not good enough in a long haul. And 73% with critics at Rotten Tomatoes is quite weak as well but then again, the film has Oprah.

bereniceLe Passé got the best actress award at Cannes to beautiful Bérénice Bejo who already has one Oscar nomination from the best pic winner The Artist couple of years ago. The Past is directed and written by Asghar Farhadi who also directed the best foreign language feature film A Separation and even got nominated himself in the writing category. I hope the Academy will remember Bejo after the year’s end even if the film itself won’t get nominated. But we will (again) be much wiser how the race will continue after Venice and Toronto. I’ll be posting the predictions to the other categories meanwhile and will get back to this one after the festivals are over.


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