Print Is Not Dead

Me and some of my classmates had to give a lecture at Media Channels and Platforms course and our topic was Print Media and one my friends found this amazing video to end our lecture. I absolutely love this, it makes me cry.


  1. […] lecture of Internet; its past, present and future, showed us. And if you have time, check the one that I already shared before. It’s heartbreaking (the one that I posted earlier) but same […]

  2. why is the printed word voiced by an old white man? regardless, it’s kind of strange that we anthropomorphize “the printed word” as something regal, nostalgic, and irreplaceable. there are many mediums for communicating, and the printed word is but one of them.

    • I thought it was suitable. 🙂
      I’m not saying it’s irreplaceable but it is still kinda sad that’s it’s going to be in the past. The world should go forward but to me, a book lover (and by that I mean the actual books not just words in them), it is nostalgic.

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