How NOT to (Budget) Travel


¡Hola! Greetings from Madrid! 

I left to Spain on 9th of October. The day before I got off from work at 9pm or something like it and went to my “living room” aka the bar I always go and where I also work sometimes. Well anyway, I had worked a lot during the last three weeks. Had all the deadlines at school (and met all of them!) and also did quite a few shifts at works. So, I went to the bar and called out straight away that I have a holiday now, so gimme a beer! I had a plan to have few beers and then go to home and wake up fresh the next day. Didn’t happen. I ended up to some after parties at my own home (I blame my roommate in that matter) and reputedly went to bed about half five or something like it. So, you can imagine, if you’ve ever drank too many, how it feels the next day.

celebrationOn 9th of October I woke up probably still a bit drunk and started packing (that’s common to me to pack just before leaving but usually I’m sober…). I did even back my dirty clothes to wash them at my friends place in Fuengirola but for some reason I wanted to leave my passport at home. And notice that when already in a bus going to the airport. And my home is about two hours from the airport, so no way turning back. I also had to take the taxi to the bus station because I was running late. No surprise there. Well, I finally got to the airport and straight away to the police station and thankfully they gave me the temporary passport valid until end of this month. Not so thankfully, a person can be a beholder of only one passport from one country at the same time, so my proper passport is not valid anymore. So that’s about 150 euros more to my budget. What was supposed to be a budget traveller’s budget…

At the airport I realized I hadn’t printed my shuttle bus ticket from Malaga airport to Fuengirola (approximately 25 kilometres). And my flight was landing at 00.05, so I really should have it. Well, I got it and paid nice five euros more for it because the only place to get print outs was the lobby of some hotel at the airport. And while doing all this extra stuff, it was already 40 minutes in to my flight time. And when I went to check in, of course the machine doesn’t work with the temporary passport. So to the desk and because I was travelling through Gatwick in London, (what I kinda didn’t take in account) I got a nice lecture from the flight officer at the check-in desk how I should be on time. She was a quite bitch because I tried to be sorry for all of the inconvenience.

The cutest colour ever for the passport.
The cutest colour ever for the passport.

But, in the end, I wasn’t even in a hurry. Had total of 10 minutes of extra time before boarding and everything went quite smoothly at Gatwick (well, they had a few extra questions why I was travelling with that passport) and at Malaga airport (well, I did walk past the desk I was supposed to enter after landing and because it was in the baggage hall and I read the instructions after coming to the public area, I couldn’t get back. The number I was supposed to call, didn’t work and I was running out of the battery of my mobile because I wasn’t able to charge it at the Gatwick because I didn’t thought of that that they have the different power junction there. But I did find my driver after some panicking.).

So, I got to Fuengirola and to the street my friend lives. But when I was supposed to call her, I did run out of battery. So there I am, on the some street in somewhere in Fuengirola in the middle of the night. No means to call her. But thankfully there’s a restaurant semi-open and some guys sitting in front of it. And again, thankfully, they are British, so I get to charge my phone and meantime they invited me to join them for a beer and have a nice chat. And after that everything went smoothly for that day.


Day number two started well, we went to see Benalmadena (the pic above) and had a nice stroll on the streets. But in the evening I went to have a dinner with my step sis and her friends and gosh, the wine in Spain is cheap. Like really cheap. And good. So, when I went back to my friend’s place I was quite tipsy (again!) and I met her roommates for the first time (not the best first glance). The evening ended to that that while walking hand in hand back to home, we kind of fell (why I’m telling you all of this?) and I ended up hurting my toes that way that one of then might have an infection at the moment. Though, it’s not hurting that much anymore. Oh, I also ripped my only jeans…

The next two days went ok, I think. We did run out of gas on Sunday (no stores open) and I had not that nice cold shower the morning I needed to leave. I was going to take the bus from Malaga to Madrid and I already had printed the ticket while printing the ticket I needed for the shuttle bus. And I even checked from the map that the train station in Malaga is right next to the bus station. But here’s the catch, there are few train stations at Malaga. So, you can probably already guess, I missed my bus and got to pay for another ticket. To a bus that took almost couple of hours longer to get here. The silver lining is there that the ticket
at least was the same price as the original. So, I got here, an hour late and the hostel couldn’t find my reservation (again, do read the instruction from the web page when you prisonershughjackmanreserve something!) perhaps because I did not reconfirm it. But because this hostel seems nice, I got my bed and I even got total of 20 minutes to get to the last screening of Prisoners last night. Going to the movies soothes me. And it did again.

Today everything has gone fine (except I couldn’t find the grocery store 50 meters from the hostel because it was in the basement but I did find Starbucks and five movie theatres!). Hopefully it will continue going good. I travel a lot and I have never ever been this bad at it. Oh btw, this all started when I booked the flight ticket from Paris to Helsinki for wrong dates back in August.


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