Three Books and a Movie

200px-City_of_BonesI finally managed to finish Cassandra Clare’s original Mortal Instruments trilogy. And by original I mean that the series was supposed to be three parts but is going to be now six novels and five of them have been published until this day. The last one is supposed to be out next year. But I don’t think I can put myself through reading three more books of Cassandra Clare’s.

Surprisingly (not), Cassandra Clare also started as a Harry Potter fan fiction writer. Well, she did work as an entertainment reporter too. But after hitting big bucks with the first book of the series, City of Bones, she was able to pursue a life of full time author. The first installment was made to a movie and released this summer and the second will apparently, even though the first flopped, start production next year. Good for them, I guess.

The books form a fantasy series located in New York. The main characters are Clary, the mundane girl, who happens to see something that no one else sees, Simon, Clary’s best friend and Jace, the guy who apparently starts to stalk Clary. There are also approximately all sorts of fantasy creatures involved plus Shadowhunters that are Cassandra Clare’s own products. Not a bad addition to fantasy world.

Ok, so to the books. The first, to be honest, wasn’t that bad. I actually like the main characters and the most important side-kicks and especially the fact it is set in Newnewyork1 York. I love New York. And the action is there, in the first part. City of Bones moves frequently and the bickering between the main characters is quite entertaining. Even the love triangle works. I already knew who would play each part in the movie, so it was easy to image how everyone would look. And based on the first book, I was waiting for the movie to come out. Even wrote about it couple of times.

The second book, City of Ashes, was still okeish. There and there. The love triangle was getting old. The characters, even they are teenagers and they are supposed to be growing up, seemed to get more stupid. Somehow low in intake. But it still wasn’t that bad, the action was still there, although not so suave anymore. And the bickering was getting annoying. And somehow all the adults in the books were behaving really like no adult should behave.

And then the third book, City of Glass; It felt like the final installment of Twilight saga. Written in somehow in rush, like “I just need to finish and get this out in time, no matter how stupid it’ll be” and gosh, it even pains me to write about it. But I had to read until the end because the characters are not that bad and I wanted to find out what happens to them. BUT the love things in the last book were 100 times Bella and Edward swooning. Horrible. I wanted to barf. And even there’s a lot of action, it’s somehow lame. And I just can’t stand it when author makes her/his characters stupid. How come they suddenly don’t realize anything? Maybe I was just getting so fed-up with these kids and the adults around them. I think I chuckled like twice during the book (and that’s almost 500 pages….) and didn’t cry at all. That’s a bad bad bad thing. I need to cry. If I don’t cry or laugh myself to sick, I’m usually reading a course book for a school or something similar to it. It means I don’t care. But apparently other people care because Clare keeps writing best sellers. Good for her. But I’m done with her work.


Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Directed by Harald Zwart

Written by Jessica Postigo (based on the novel by Cassandra Clare)

Starring Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Robert Sheehan, Jonathan Rhys Meyers & Lena Headey

I saw the film back in August. It was, again, ok. Not good but not bad either. Campbell Bower in the role of Jace is very easy on the eye and I’m a fan of Robert Sheehan (known from great Brit series called Misfits) and Jonathan Rhys Meyers (well… He’s hot.) I tend to watch A LOT of chick flicks. A LOT. The most of them are indifferent like this one but I could watch it again. The action is there, the characters, even though they are teenagers, are not half-bad and the CGI did surprise me positively. The novel was better but the movie was definitely better than the third part of the books. This is like a rock version of Twilight. It’s aimed at 15-year-old girls and it succeeds in that. I’m half of a 15-year-old girl so…

Rating: **½ (out of *****)


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