The Best of the Best – TV Characters

tvcharactersposterI did the list of my favourite TV series a while ago and now, after finally I finished watching House M.D. that has one of the most memorable characters in TV history, I wanted to make a list of my favourite fictional characters in television. And I want to highlight that it is the list of my favourite people, not necessarily the most iconic ones or the original ones, but the ones that I want or wanted to be at some point of my life, I wanted to marry or have sex with or at least have them as my best friends. The ones who stuck with me. The ones that made me feel tonight weirdly happy while I was trying to find suitable clips for every lovely person that has made me fall in love with them. They make me still smile.

The first of all, it was again surprisingly hard. I asked my Facebook friends to name their favourites, so I wouldn’t forget anyone and boy, how many answers I got. Some of them really great ones. I had totally forgotten Dempsey & Makepeace that I watched when I was a child, Dempsey was so hot and Makepeace so beautiful. Back in those years I also wanted to be an antique dealer because of Lovejoy. Sonny Crockett from Miami Vice was so cool and same goes for Fonzie of Happy Days too. Maddie Hayes and David Addison of Moonlighting had a great chemistry and Jeeves was (and to be honest, is more so today) so funny! Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie are the funniest guys. And MacGyver! That man, if anybody, totally was a genius!

alexanderEven though I really liked Sex and the City, none of the ladies made it to my list but especially Samantha and Carrie are worth to mention. Same goes for Willow from Buffy and Sue Silvester of Glee. And without plastic wrapped Laura Palmer, there wouldn’t be Twin Peaks. And then there’s always a bunch of guys I probably wouldn’t want to marry but anyways have “the special contact” with, like Sawyer of Lost, Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl, Hand Moody of Californication and Eric from True Blood. I might marry The Mentalist’s Patrick Jane or Tyrion from Game of Thrones if he lived in this world. And I’d like to get to know to Sheldon Cooper, he seems to be the one that a lot of people love (I really should start watching Big Bang Theory, I probably will like it). And the list goes on and on and on because to be honest, I love almost all the characters in my favourite shows. But here we go. Spoiler warning in case you haven’t watched the shows at all or don’t know at all the big story lines.

10) Spencer Reed – Criminal Minds

This cutie is the cherry on the top of the best serial killer show on telly. I did debate with myself if I should choose him or Dexter. The latter is my number 11 choice and mostly because I’ve seen only first two seasons and few episodes of the third one. When it matthew-gray-gublercomes to Dr Reed, I’ve watched him for eight seasons and I’m still hoping to watch a lot more (I haven’t seen the ninth season, so please, don’t spoil it to me!). What’s not to like in this character. He’s very nice looking, he’s cute but unbelievably smart and he has this sensitive side to him. There’s always something endearing in broken people. The following clip includes also Amber Heard in bikini (didn’t realise it before that it’s her) and contains a minor spoiler from season 1.

9) Pacey Witter – Dawson’s Creek

I grew up watching this. I was already so called adult but these teen never really were teens anyway. Pacey is the ultimate boy next door (well, in the series Dawson actually is but still), he’s really quite normal. Not spectacularly good-looking, not the smartest, not the one that has huge dreams or gets the most beautiful girl but in the end, he seemed to be the one that had that all and even more. Every girl should have their Pacey, so they good feel good about themselves. And hey, Pacey gets the older ladies as well:

8) Fox Mulder – The X Files

David Duchovny is still hot (check Hank Moody) but he was hot already 20 years ago in a very fine series. Mulder was a weirdo but so handsome and interesting one that it was really hard not to like him. And the chemistry he shared with Scully! I don’t know if there’s ever been such a great thing going on in platonic relationship between a man and a woman in the history of television. Mulder was a man of my dreams in my teen years. The clip is fan vid made by Sarah.


7) Barney Stinson – How I Met Your Mother

From this on this is hard one. These seven characters got to my list straight away and it’s really hard to put them in order. I chose Barney as the last because he is the newest friend to me. And I really like Ted too. But Barney cracks me up. And he is already legen – wait for it! – dary! HIMYM is my favourite series to watch. I never get bored to it and I never get bored of Barney. And I do like my men in suits.

6) Gregory House – House M.D.

I first thought he would be my number one but as you can see, he’s not. Hugh Laurie is a genius. House is masterly made character and even though you can thank the writers as well but without the actor making it totally his own, it would never work. I do have a thing for smart people as you can see from my choices and House of course is on top of that bunch. He’s also good-looking and troubled. Badly. Guess it’s the bad boy meets smart that does it for me. Oh, he also has a voice you could listen forever. Btw, I right now realized that House quotes Barney in this clip:

5) Dean Winchester – Supernatural

Check my list for best series to see why everyone should like Dean (and Sam). But besides the look, he’s the bad boy with very cool car; he takes care of his brother and has a lot of meaningless sex. But he’s not afraid to cry and that breaks your heart. And he’s probably the funniest guy in television and knows his pop-culture references. And what the heck, no need to check my earlier post, here’s another reason and after that the clip where he (well, Jensen Ackles) sings Eye of the Tiger, worth to watch.


4) Buffy Summers – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

She kicks asses. A lot. She’s hot, tiny and pretty. She’s a vampire slayer in one of the best series ever made. The growing up that she makes during the series is beautiful to watch. And it’s nice that she saves the world a lot. And she also knows her pop-culture and has always a good comeback one-liner. And she’s funny. Basically the female version on Dean. I can’t enough say it but if you have not watched these series, do so.

3) Lorelai Gilmore – Gilmore Girls

Lorelai Gilmore is the name of both of the main characters of Gilmore Girls. Really. The mother has named her daughter after her. But I chose the mother. She’s the kind of mother I want to be. Though I’m probably too old for that. Lorelai could be the pain in the ass but she’s smart, she knows how to make your life work for you, she gets easily excited, she loves movies, she’s funny and also has those pop-culture filled speeches and snappy comebacks. I’d like to be Lorelai. She’s about everything without being too perfect. And she loves winter like I do:

2) Spike – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Spike. William the Bloody. The best character Joss Whedon has ever created. I think I still love him. He’s the ultimate bad boy who becomes something totally else when the series go on. Again, he got the look but more importantly he owns the night. There’s just something very alluring in a cocky English accent and that long leather jacket. He’s very rock n’ roll. And he’s a vampire, they’re always hot. Oh, and he has his tunes; check the musical episode of Buffy, Once More with the Feeling, and his song “Rest in Peace”. But do watch the earlier episodes before that or you’ll get spoiled. Same goes for this clip:

1) Chandler Bing, Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribbiani, Ross Geller & Rachel Green – Friends


Ok, I cheated but you just can’t separate them. Without funny sarcastic Chandler there wouldn’t be the one of the realistic love stories of television between him and Monica. Without Monica there wouldn’t be lasagne for Joey. Without Joey you would never have learned how the one should ask “how you doing?” Without Joey Ross would never have understood what’s important. And without that you would not have Ross & Rachel. And without Phoebe it all might have gotten too serious. And without (my) Friends I would never have thought of having my own Thanksgiving dinner like I am going to have tomorrow for the first time. So happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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There’s No Place Like Hogwarts


I read my first Potter back in 1998 or 1999. I was working at the book store and because I was the youngest (18, to be exact) and Potters started to get popular, the other staff asked me to read one, so we would know what it’s all about. And I fell in love. I’ve read fantasy since I’ve been nine or ten years old and even though I also love Belgariad and Mallorean series by late David Eddings and the character of Raistlin by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, nothing has ever given me the same feeling of home that Harry Potter series have.

Whenever I feel sad, lonely, lost or somehow disorientated I pick-up a Potter and dive in to the world of magic and somehow the world seems a little bit better place again. When I was living in Germany a few years ago and felt homesick, I always started to read the last part of the series and I was good again. When I was living in England back then when the fifth book was released, I cried probably three hours while reading it. It hurt (not gonna spoil it if there’s still some people who haven’t read the novels or haven’t seen the films). Even though I’m not an orphan and my life has been quite nice, no one there to bully me, I can easily relate to Harry, Hogwarts is home.

potter1I’m again reading the books; I tend to read them once a year. I’m not planning it but like this time, I was leaning to my bookshelves and trying to decide what to read and nothing seemed as good as Rowling’s masterpieces. And once again, I got lost in the world of Harry. So inconvenient when you have a lot to do with the school and need to go to work from time to time too. The problem with Hogwarts is that you don’t really want to come away. Besides that I love the novels, I admire J.K. Rowling so much. She made the kids to read again. Plus her story is worth of a movie itself. (Wonder if anyone is going to do one? Have any of you heard anything?) Kind of fairy tale comes true. And the world she created, the way of using the words. I especially admire word “Slytherin”; it really sums up what it is describing.

Ok, the movies are not that “wow” but I still like them. And the first part 12 years ago (time flies, doesn’t it?) was a little bit of a wonder. To see the world that you have imagined and they did make it well, didn’t they? And while few of the first movies are not that generally considered as “well done films”, all of them have over 75 % at Rotten Tomatoes and the final part of the latter part of the last book has spectacular 96 % freshness. And I do love to watch the films as well.



The pictures above and below all are from our trip to Scotland and taken by me (from the moving train). I still kind of hope Hogwarts actually exists. It just would be so cool. During the trip we were calculating by time how far the castle would be from London. Unfortunately we’re merely muggles and didn’t find it. But while in Scotland, we took a ride with the Hogwarts Express and saw the most amazing scenery of Scotland. And we even crossed the Glenfinnan viaduct that is seen in Harry Potter & Chamber of Secrets. I recommend if you have a change to travel to Highlands, it’s definitely worth every penny. It’s breath-taking in there.



But I’m off now! Got to go back to Hogwarts. See ya later!

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Social Media – What’s Going On?

I have a lot on my plate at school at the moment but I wanted to share this video from Media Channels course that the group, that gave us a very interesting lecture of Internet; its past, present and future, showed us. And if you have time, check the one that I already shared before. It’s heartbreaking (the one that I posted earlier) but same time so stimulating when thinking of the future that lies ahead. And how fast this all has happened. Do you think you can keep up?



The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Review

catchingfireThe Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013)

Directed by Francis Lawrence

Written by Simon Beaufoy, Michael Arndt and based on the novel by Suzanne Collins

Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Donald Sutherland, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Stanley Tucci, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jena Malone & Sam Claflin

I love the first installment of Hunger Games. I went to see it about 1,5 years ago just because of Jennifer Lawrence whom I fell in love when she was on a red carpet at Oscars after being nominated for Winter’s Bone. I adore that girl like the most of the world do. I had bought the first novel but hadn’t read it before seeing the first film. And the first part wasn’t THAT good when I saw it for the first time but it stayed with me and I have seen it now six times. In one and a half years. Even to me, that’s quite a lot. After getting hooked with the film, I read the novels and they were really good! I devoured them, guess it took about a week to read them. And after reading them, I couldn’t wait to see the next part of the films.

And I saw it yesterday! And thankfully, I loved it! And it seemed that so did the most of the audience in the sold-out screening. I thought the second installment is better than the first one. It’s much darker and for the first 45 minutes I felt quite sad. I cried about four times before the first hour was up. And as you might already know, crying at the movies is very important to me. At least if I’m watching a film with, in the end, a heavy subject. Everyone who has read Collins’ books knows that they contain clear society critic and so does the films, especially the second part. After seeing that one, no one should think that killing other people is fun. Even though Catching Fire is dark, it’s not totally miserable. After the first part you get some laughs, thanks to the Capitol people and after that some action. The setting of Arena is not as genuine that it was in the first one but fortunately there is so much more to the story that it doesn’t really matter. I love the way the story is structured; first it’s real and raw, then you get the relief moment and some action that builds up to anger. Very nicely done.


Liam Hemsworth as Gale gets a bit more screen time but he still doesn’t have that much to do. Harrelson and Banks fill their roles easily as does Stanley Tucci. Sutherland gets more time and uses it wisely, he’s very good but not as good as Philip Seymour Hoffman whom I loved. He can be so subtle yet intriguing. Josh Hutcherson is way better than he was in the first part. In The Hunger Games he was this little whiner but this time there’s man inside. And some nice flirtation. And speaking of which, Sam Claflin is ok. He is not as charming as Finnick is in the books but does his duty. And I liked a lot of Jena Malone’s Johanna. But without Jennifer Lawrence’s (again) perfect interpretation of Katniss Everdeen, the whole movie would be wasted. But thankfully she has amazing range of emotions and she’s able to make you feel them too. After seeing Catching Fire, I adore her even more if possible.

And now I want to see the film again! Just writing about it makes me long for it. To me Catching Fire is the second best film of the year after Nebraska. So far. But then again, I like great adventure films, especially the ones with the message, good writing and great cast. This one has them all. Go see it! Here’s an interview of the cast by Geek Nation TV:

Rating: ****½ (out of *****)

TV of the Week Vol. 3 – British Invasion

My god, it’s been a while since I posted anything about my favourite TV. And I still watch TV-series regularly. Even more than movies. But about these two I really wanted to write about. Sherlock and Broadchurch. Cumberbatch and Tennant. Great British television that I watch way too rarely. And these two series are a perfect example of that amazing quality that comes out of that island.


“TV of the week” is a little bit misleading because it’s been already approximately three weeks since I finished watching Broadchurch. I wouldn’t have even known about the series if our (by that I mean Finnish) MTV 3 would have broadcasted it. I’m so glad they did and I’m glad they advertised it enough, so I started to watch it. Broadchurch is eight episodes long miniseries that circles around the death of an 11-year-old boy. The man in lead role is David Tennant, best known (at least to me) of his role of Dr Who that I’ve never watched. For some reason Tennant is still familiar to me. But I really don’t know where? He has a lot of fans and based on his performance in Broadchurch I don’t wonder why. He’s very very good in that role plus he has this weird charm of a Scotsman. All the other actors in the series are also doing extremely nice job. And the story itself works amazingly. I cumbetbatchtennantusually know the culprit in TV or in films but this time I was pleasantly surprised. But the most important thing in Broadchurch to me was the cinematography. It was breath taking. Apparently I need to travel to Dorset, England to see that kind of scenery. So beautiful. I truly recommend the series and give it 4,5/5. Superb.

Sherlock. The one that’s happening now. And has Benedict “the sexiest man alive” Cumberbatch in a leading role. I’ve only seen him before in Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy, Atonement and The Other Boleyn Girl and I haven’t really realized why everyone’s so taken by him. Well, after watching the first three episodes (the first season is only three episodes but all of them are feature length) and some interviews I’m starting to understand. Very charming, that one. Though, I still prefer the number two on the sexiest list as you might know if you’ve read my Thor review but I have to admit that Cumberbatch has the talent, the charm and the voice as well. And all three first Sherlock “movies” are very entertaining. But without Martin Freeman’s Watson Cumberbatch’s Sherlock wouldn’t have been so brilliant. It’s almost weird how easily Sherlock is transferred to today’s world. It just suits. The atmosphere of the episodes is right in the spot. And again the whole cast is terrible good. And the production design, cinematography, music, editing, basically everything is so high-class it just makes me wonder how come those British series and movies are not getting more attention. They are just so much better than most of the stuff that’s coming out of the States. I’ve been planning to do my exchange (school) in Canada but if I want to be properly trained, I should probably go to Great Britain. No wonder Marvel and HBO are shooting in Europe, the talent seems to be here. 4,5/5.


If you haven’t watched these two, do!

Photo credits: All Things Benedict Cumberbatch, BBC, The Independent

The Best of the Best – Directors

directorI realized couple of days ago that I haven’t posted The Best of the Best list for a while. The lists have been one of the favourite of the readers and as you might know, I enjoy writing lists, so let’s make one more. This time I’m tackling the directors. I started to write this post by checking all the films I have given eight or higher score at IMDb and noticed I have quite many directors whose work I enjoy constantly. 36 to be exact. I managed to limit the list to 27 and I want to mention them all even though the actual list will be Top-10 again.

In the bunch of them I left out of my top-10 are the names like Alfred Hitchcock, whose work, I got to admit, I don’t know that well that he could be in top-10. There’s also Victor Fleming, the mastermind behind Gone With the Wind and Wizard of Oz, both huge classics and also made in the same year.  Sofia Coppola and Kathryn Bigelow are heroines of mine because they’ve managed to get the name in the field that is normally ruled by men. Especially the latter one has my appreciation. She’s a tough one. Tarsem Singh and Baz Luhrmann are great at visualizing their style, unfortunately sometimes in the expense of content. I also love the style of Nicolas Winding Refn, but I think he should still show more of his talent to become one of the very favourites. Same goes with Steve McQueen, the unmerciful Brit.

I love Ang Lee just because he made Brokeback Mountain; the best drama of all-time. The other favourite that I like a lot, but not all of his films, is Sam Mendes. I also have started to like Woody Allen more and more the older I get. He’s one of my favourite scriptwriters as well. Jason Reitman hasn’t done a bad film yet and Roland Emmerich is my favourite when it comes to directing catastrophe movies. Mark Waters, on the other hand, is great at making these comedic teen movies (Mean Girls and Freaky Friday for example).  With Terry Gilliam I seem to have love-hate relationship, I really don’t like Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas, but then again 12 Monkeys and Monty Python and the Holy Grail are superb! The latest discovery in my “directors to watch” –list is Joseph Kahn who has made only one feature film that I adored, The Detention. But he has made a lot of great music videos, so I definitely will be watching his career. And finally just out of my top-10 I have Alfonso Cuarón, the master behind Gravity. I’m sure he’ll be in my top-10 in the future. And then to the actual list:



Ben Affleck

I would never have thought that this guy would be my top-10 list of directors. But he has not made a bad movie yet and if you just watch Argo, Gone Baby Gone or The Town, I very much doubt the next outing of his will be bad either.


whedon Joss Whedon

Whedon has created Buffy, my second favourite tv-series ever. I loved him already for that and then he made The Avengers, the best comic book adaptation based on Marvel comics ever. The movie was the best of 2012 and I’ve watched already five times and I don’t get enough of it. To say that Whedon is one of my favourite directors is not really fair because he is more talented in writing and probably in supervising all-together the productions at the set but I enjoy way too much his products to really care.

 8)jacksonPeter Jackson

Lord of the Rings. Nuff said.


Joe Wright director

Joe Wright

His films are my favourite to watch visually. I adore the cinematography in them. I should probably thank the cinematographers but because they vary, I had to assume the style is because of Wright himself. Check Pride & Prejudice (2005), The Atonement or Anna Karenina (2012) to see what I mean.


 James Cameron

Here’s the guy who wants to push the limits. I got only admiration towards him. And I admire him also because the humanitarian work he does. Plus he made Titanic.



Christopher Nolan

He should probably be higher. I’ve given 10/10 to four of his films. He’s a master. And the films of his have substance and appearance that no one else is able to reach. At the moment I’m just more in to the soul of films and that’s the reason why he’s not higher (this time).


Steven Spielberg

I didn’t know I like his films that much before I wrote the list of the films I’ve given eight or more. There were nine of them. The first one made 38 years ago (Jaws), the last on the last year (Lincoln). There’s no possibility of denying that he has to be on this list. And the enthusiasm that he puts to his work. Wow.


David Fincher

I use to say he’s my favourite director. He still is when it comes to style. And Fight Club is the best movie ever made. But he seems to be going a little downward. Not much but that much that these following gentlemen get higher places on my list. Plus I think I’m just getting older.


David O. Russell

What a master he is when it comes to directing actors. Just think of Christian Bale or Melissa Leo in The Fighter, Bradley Cooper or Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook. And all of those characters are same time real and surreal. He’s also very talented writer.  Can’t wait for American Hustle!


Alexander Payne

If Russell makes real characters, Payne directs them the way you could imagine them living. And the stories, the heart and soul in them, that is just something I have to envy. The rare talent of making the viewer cry and laugh at the same time. The little details in his films are masterfully directed. Especially when he is working with the men getting older, it is unbelievable. If you don’t believe, check About Schmidt, The Descendants or Nebraska. Masterful.

These are my thoughts. Who are your favourites?


Photo credits: Wired, The Guardian, Collider, Gentside, Freeteawithpurchase, Telegraph, Rolexblog, Film School Rejects, The Lavin Agency

The Art of Predicting Oscars

I got a wee bit excited on weekend when I received this e-mail:

gold-derby“Hi Satu,

Congrats for making the list of Gold Derby’s Top 24 Users predicting the Oscar nominations. That means we’re featuring your predix in our charts —

So please keep your predictions up to date at all times. The top 24 league competes against our experts and editors, so a lot of people are looking carefully at your predix at all times. You were chosen for inclusion because you scored in the Top 24 last year among all users predicting Oscar noms at Gold Derby:

TX for sharing your prognostication skills at Gold Derby! All best …

Tom O’Neil”

I did know that I was there within the Top24 Users but it’s still very nice to get a message that tells you to update your Oscar predictions regularly. No one has ever said that to me before. And I’ve still done that for over 10 years already.

tekstiThe first proper memory of “watching” Oscars is back from 1998. And by watching I mean that I checked text-tv every now and then on the night of the Oscars to see how many bald guys Titanic was getting. You have to understand that in Finland where I live, they have showed the actual Oscar ceremony live from 2005 perhaps or something like that. And 1998 internet was not that common (that’s so weird to think about now), so I couldn’t watch the Academy Awards except by checking the text-tv. And you also have to understand that the gala itself starts around 3am here in Finland. We have 10 hours difference to LA.

2003 was the first time I was able actually watch the Oscars because I was living in the UK back then. And for that year I think I made my first proper predictions. The year before had had the premier of LotR: the Fellowship of the Ring (which is my favourite trilogy of all time) and it was a huge thing to me that it got so many nominations. I’m not sure if I made the predictions already for nominations in every category, it might have been that I made them only for the “main” categories, e.g. acting, directing and writing. Plus the Best Picture of course. Anyway, I was so excited to watch the show live. And that show included my favourite win of all time, Adrien Brody getting the Oscar instead of Jack Nicholson or Daniel Day-Lewis who had been winning the awards the whole season, it was so surprising (plus I love Brody):

After that I started to watch the Oscars every year. The net was a common thing and like I told you, they started to broadcast the actual show live a couple of years after I lived in England. I also met one of my today’s best friends who shared my passion to movies and oscarparty5especially the Oscars. We have had our Oscar viewing party ever since from 2006 (except the year when I was in Germany) and they’ve gotten bigger and bigger. This year there were about 10 of us already. And the next year one of my friend’s friend wants to host them. Let’s see how it goes. It feels kind of sad to let the hosting to someone else because I’m the Oscar freak of my peers. It has always been “my thing”.

When it comes to predicting the Oscars, I started doing it first with the winners, then the “main” categories and little by little expanded it to all of the categories. These days I try to watch all the films, even the short subjects, if I can get them somewhere. Sometimes it’s not possible to see all the films in cinema because especially those indies tend to come to 12-years-a-slaveFinland quite late. Or even some of the bigger names too. Like 12 Years a Slave. It has its wide opening next Friday in the States but here we have to wait until the end of January, if I remember correctly. But at least we get to see it on time. The last year was the first year we had the opportunity to see all of the films that had nominations before the actual gala. Hopefully this year will be the same. At the moment it looks good.

When predicting Oscar nominations, I usually keep the upcoming movies in mind from that point on when I read about the production for the first time. Especially those that has “Oscar” written all over them like Scorsese-DiCaprio collaboration, whenever Daniel Day-Lewis or Meryl Streep are playing, when there’s known director with the true strory, when James Cameron or Ang Lee are doing something etc., you got the point. And then when the awards ceremony is over for that year, I’ll do my first draft for the next year (the updated version is available at my IMDb profile) and after Cannes I start to limit it and categorize. And thanks to Gold Derby, I’m these days able to keep track easily by doing my predictions there. I do also have lists at my pc. But it’s very easy to use Gold Derby especially when the awards season is really getting on. I also read other Oscar bloggers like the guys of HitFix’s In Contention, Scott Feinberg or Brad Brevet from Rope of Silicon. I used to think that I wasn’t as good at predicting as these “experts” like Tapley and Feinberg but at least the last year, I beat all of them. 😉

Have a happy awards season and keep up with my predictions at Gold Derby (and no, they are not paying me, I just really like the site)!

Photo credits to: Gold Derby, Satmania, Wikipedia