The Best of the Best – Directors

directorI realized couple of days ago that I haven’t posted The Best of the Best list for a while. The lists have been one of the favourite of the readers and as you might know, I enjoy writing lists, so let’s make one more. This time I’m tackling the directors. I started to write this post by checking all the films I have given eight or higher score at IMDb and noticed I have quite many directors whose work I enjoy constantly. 36 to be exact. I managed to limit the list to 27 and I want to mention them all even though the actual list will be Top-10 again.

In the bunch of them I left out of my top-10 are the names like Alfred Hitchcock, whose work, I got to admit, I don’t know that well that he could be in top-10. There’s also Victor Fleming, the mastermind behind Gone With the Wind and Wizard of Oz, both huge classics and also made in the same year.  Sofia Coppola and Kathryn Bigelow are heroines of mine because they’ve managed to get the name in the field that is normally ruled by men. Especially the latter one has my appreciation. She’s a tough one. Tarsem Singh and Baz Luhrmann are great at visualizing their style, unfortunately sometimes in the expense of content. I also love the style of Nicolas Winding Refn, but I think he should still show more of his talent to become one of the very favourites. Same goes with Steve McQueen, the unmerciful Brit.

I love Ang Lee just because he made Brokeback Mountain; the best drama of all-time. The other favourite that I like a lot, but not all of his films, is Sam Mendes. I also have started to like Woody Allen more and more the older I get. He’s one of my favourite scriptwriters as well. Jason Reitman hasn’t done a bad film yet and Roland Emmerich is my favourite when it comes to directing catastrophe movies. Mark Waters, on the other hand, is great at making these comedic teen movies (Mean Girls and Freaky Friday for example).  With Terry Gilliam I seem to have love-hate relationship, I really don’t like Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas, but then again 12 Monkeys and Monty Python and the Holy Grail are superb! The latest discovery in my “directors to watch” –list is Joseph Kahn who has made only one feature film that I adored, The Detention. But he has made a lot of great music videos, so I definitely will be watching his career. And finally just out of my top-10 I have Alfonso Cuarón, the master behind Gravity. I’m sure he’ll be in my top-10 in the future. And then to the actual list:



Ben Affleck

I would never have thought that this guy would be my top-10 list of directors. But he has not made a bad movie yet and if you just watch Argo, Gone Baby Gone or The Town, I very much doubt the next outing of his will be bad either.


whedon Joss Whedon

Whedon has created Buffy, my second favourite tv-series ever. I loved him already for that and then he made The Avengers, the best comic book adaptation based on Marvel comics ever. The movie was the best of 2012 and I’ve watched already five times and I don’t get enough of it. To say that Whedon is one of my favourite directors is not really fair because he is more talented in writing and probably in supervising all-together the productions at the set but I enjoy way too much his products to really care.

 8)jacksonPeter Jackson

Lord of the Rings. Nuff said.


Joe Wright director

Joe Wright

His films are my favourite to watch visually. I adore the cinematography in them. I should probably thank the cinematographers but because they vary, I had to assume the style is because of Wright himself. Check Pride & Prejudice (2005), The Atonement or Anna Karenina (2012) to see what I mean.


 James Cameron

Here’s the guy who wants to push the limits. I got only admiration towards him. And I admire him also because the humanitarian work he does. Plus he made Titanic.



Christopher Nolan

He should probably be higher. I’ve given 10/10 to four of his films. He’s a master. And the films of his have substance and appearance that no one else is able to reach. At the moment I’m just more in to the soul of films and that’s the reason why he’s not higher (this time).


Steven Spielberg

I didn’t know I like his films that much before I wrote the list of the films I’ve given eight or more. There were nine of them. The first one made 38 years ago (Jaws), the last on the last year (Lincoln). There’s no possibility of denying that he has to be on this list. And the enthusiasm that he puts to his work. Wow.


David Fincher

I use to say he’s my favourite director. He still is when it comes to style. And Fight Club is the best movie ever made. But he seems to be going a little downward. Not much but that much that these following gentlemen get higher places on my list. Plus I think I’m just getting older.


David O. Russell

What a master he is when it comes to directing actors. Just think of Christian Bale or Melissa Leo in The Fighter, Bradley Cooper or Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook. And all of those characters are same time real and surreal. He’s also very talented writer.  Can’t wait for American Hustle!


Alexander Payne

If Russell makes real characters, Payne directs them the way you could imagine them living. And the stories, the heart and soul in them, that is just something I have to envy. The rare talent of making the viewer cry and laugh at the same time. The little details in his films are masterfully directed. Especially when he is working with the men getting older, it is unbelievable. If you don’t believe, check About Schmidt, The Descendants or Nebraska. Masterful.

These are my thoughts. Who are your favourites?


Photo credits: Wired, The Guardian, Collider, Gentside, Freeteawithpurchase, Telegraph, Rolexblog, Film School Rejects, The Lavin Agency


  1. Nice list. 🙂 I may do this as a top ten sometime but I think I’d have a very hard time choosing. You should check out more Hitchcock – he’d be in my top ten. 🙂

    • I should, I know! I’ve only seen three of his films and Psycho and Rear Window are very good, it think I’ve gave them 10/10 but North by Northwest has not aged that well. I know I’ve seen more of his films when I was younger (a lot younger) but I don’t remember them well, so I definitely should watch them again. 🙂

      • Well you’ve seen Rear Window and I’d have to say that’s my favorite. 🙂 And of course Psycho is great! You should give Vertigo a try. Or Notorious (I reviewed that & Rope a while back). I also love The Birds, which is quite different from his other stuff. Oh, and Dial M For Murder is great too. I’ll shut up now. Lol!

        • I have Vertigo at my digibox, so I should probably start from that. I think I’ve seen The Birds a long time ago. But thanks for recommendations.

  2. Great list. Agree also Ben Affleck is a very good director. I feel Peter Jackson can be a bit over-hyped but is very skilled generally. Good to see you agree with me on Spielberg (who should be on ANYONES top ten list) and Fincher. I’m also thinking I really should have included Nolan. A few names also here I’ll have to check out.

    • Well, yeah, Jackson is overrated, I do know that but Lord of the Rings are my Star Wars trilogy, if you know what I mean? They drive me. 🙂 And definitely agree with you on Spielberg, he should be on everyone’s list!

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