TV of the Week Vol. 3 – British Invasion

My god, it’s been a while since I posted anything about my favourite TV. And I still watch TV-series regularly. Even more than movies. But about these two I really wanted to write about. Sherlock and Broadchurch. Cumberbatch and Tennant. Great British television that I watch way too rarely. And these two series are a perfect example of that amazing quality that comes out of that island.


“TV of the week” is a little bit misleading because it’s been already approximately three weeks since I finished watching Broadchurch. I wouldn’t have even known about the series if our (by that I mean Finnish) MTV 3 would have broadcasted it. I’m so glad they did and I’m glad they advertised it enough, so I started to watch it. Broadchurch is eight episodes long miniseries that circles around the death of an 11-year-old boy. The man in lead role is David Tennant, best known (at least to me) of his role of Dr Who that I’ve never watched. For some reason Tennant is still familiar to me. But I really don’t know where? He has a lot of fans and based on his performance in Broadchurch I don’t wonder why. He’s very very good in that role plus he has this weird charm of a Scotsman. All the other actors in the series are also doing extremely nice job. And the story itself works amazingly. I cumbetbatchtennantusually know the culprit in TV or in films but this time I was pleasantly surprised. But the most important thing in Broadchurch to me was the cinematography. It was breath taking. Apparently I need to travel to Dorset, England to see that kind of scenery. So beautiful. I truly recommend the series and give it 4,5/5. Superb.

Sherlock. The one that’s happening now. And has Benedict “the sexiest man alive” Cumberbatch in a leading role. I’ve only seen him before in Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy, Atonement and The Other Boleyn Girl and I haven’t really realized why everyone’s so taken by him. Well, after watching the first three episodes (the first season is only three episodes but all of them are feature length) and some interviews I’m starting to understand. Very charming, that one. Though, I still prefer the number two on the sexiest list as you might know if you’ve read my Thor review but I have to admit that Cumberbatch has the talent, the charm and the voice as well. And all three first Sherlock “movies” are very entertaining. But without Martin Freeman’s Watson Cumberbatch’s Sherlock wouldn’t have been so brilliant. It’s almost weird how easily Sherlock is transferred to today’s world. It just suits. The atmosphere of the episodes is right in the spot. And again the whole cast is terrible good. And the production design, cinematography, music, editing, basically everything is so high-class it just makes me wonder how come those British series and movies are not getting more attention. They are just so much better than most of the stuff that’s coming out of the States. I’ve been planning to do my exchange (school) in Canada but if I want to be properly trained, I should probably go to Great Britain. No wonder Marvel and HBO are shooting in Europe, the talent seems to be here. 4,5/5.


If you haven’t watched these two, do!

Photo credits: All Things Benedict Cumberbatch, BBC, The Independent

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