The Best of the Best – The Films of 2013

summer-movies-2013-01End of the year 2013. To me in general it was quite a good one. But I’ll tell you about that later. Let’s check now how it was movie wise. My list is a bit different because I have to deal with the Finnish premiers, so some of the movies that I’ll be writing about have come out in 2012 in the States but later in here. That also means that most of the Oscar contenders of 2013 I have actually seen during the year 2013. Well, except Argo, that was my favourite of the bunch.

I have few honourable mentions that didn’t get into my top-10. Those are the ones that I rated four out of five stars aka eight stars in IMDb but I still liked a lot and were almost worth of nine. Unfortunately to me, I didn’t see any films worth of full points. The last one that I enjoyed that much was Drive back in the summer of 2012. That’s a long time. Maybe I’ve just become really picky. But to those honourable mentions…

perksFirst I want to mention Perks of Being a Wallflower that came out in Finland only on dvd/bluray. And that’s a pity because the movie is very good especially in its genre of YA films. The whole cast of Logan Lerman, Emma Watson and always great Ezra Miller did a splendid job and as the first feature, the director Stephen Chbosky did very well too. I love the novel and the film was solid work. Same goes for the pleasant surprise known as Warm Bodies. I’m not a big fan of zombies but that one is probably my favourite zombie movie ever. So funny and warm. The others that I enjoyed a lot were the best actor and actress Oscar winners Silver Linings Playbook and Lincoln. The first one I have seen twice this year and it’s still good. I also liked Anna Karenina A LOT! It’s so beautiful and the music in it was to me worth of an Oscar. Plus I like to look at Aaron Taylor-Johnson. He’ll be in the next installment of The Avengers! Like that film needs anymore good-looking guys. But I’m not complaining.


And just out of my top-10 there is The Impossible that looked amazing too. And Tom Holland, who acted the part of the oldest son of the family, was tremendously good. I’m looking forward to see where he is heading up.  And the one that I loved (but I have to admit, it wasn’t as good as I hoped) is Thor: The Dark World. You might already know that I love Loki and there’s nothing wrong with Thor either. And I’m a huge fan of Marvel movies, so to leave that out of my top-10 is quite an accomplishment. And now, my

TOP-10 Movies of 2013:

10) Prisoners

prisoners-posterHugh Jackman is great. I have a thing to Jake Gyllenhaal, so he’s good even if he is not great but in this one he is. Melissa Leo is also great. The cinematography is beautiful. The story right up until the very end is intriguing. Unfortunately there is that end. But a very good film anyway. Here’s my review.




9) Pitch Perfect

pitch_perfect_one_sheetI’m always looking for movies that entertain me the way that I want to watch them again and again. This is one those movies. I adore it. It makes me feel good, it makes me wanna dance and sing. It has a heart, even though it is kinda lightweight one, but it still is a big heart. My review.




8) The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

There has been a lot of complaining about this one. I didn’t see it. Within the first part I almost fell asleep but this kept me wide awake. And I can’t help marvelling the amazing details that the team of filmmakers have accomplished when doing this movie. Beautiful. The review.

7) Amour

amourI never ever want to see this film again. But that doesn’t mean that it was bad. Quite the opposite. It is THE love story of the decades but my good it was hard to look, I didn’t at some points, I had to look elsewhere, it was too painful, too private. But I still suggest that everyone should watch this one. It’s cruel but that is what love is.



6) Gravity

gravityThis one should probably be higher on the list but I just couldn’t put it there. I am a huge fan of visuals but when we go to those films that make the lasting impact, there needs to be more heart. Gravity is the film to see this year (or next if you haven’t seen it yet) but more because it is stunningly beautiful and the technical aspects are amazing but at least to me it lacked the soul. And the ending was a bit too much. Review.

5) Zero Dark Thirty

30dtEven though I love Jennifer Lawrence and hope all the best for her, I still think that Jessica Chastain was worth of an Oscar in this film. Especially in the end, she is amazing. The subtlety in her acting. That’s a master in work. The film is exciting but it feels real. The technical things are top-notch and the script flows. Truly beautiful work.


4) Hunger Games: Catching Fire

I keep thinking I should add more artsy films to my list but to be honest, I’m the entertainment kind of girl. To me movies have always been about escapism. And this one was just that. I cried, laughed, got excited and felt for everyone on the screen. Plus this was better than the first part. And I watched the first part four or five times in a year. Not bad. The review.

hemsworth13) Rush

I’m still quite sad that people didn’t find this movie. It’s perfectly made, especially the editing and music are great. And Chris Hemsworth is making the best role of his life so far. And Daniel Brühl is worth of an Oscar nominations (thankfully he still has a chance to that). I just hope this one will get more recognition during the following years. It totally deserves it. And again, my review if you have missed it .



2) Frozen

I just saw this yesterday but boy, is it one perfect film to watch this time of a year! I loved it! Looks like Disney is finally back in the game. The story is fabulous and the characters so lovely especially Olaf, the snowman-sidekick. And I had no idea that the voice of the leading lady, Kristen Bell, is that kind of singer! Wow. And Idina Menzel, well, that I knew, and it was so great to hear her sing some musical tunes again. I can’t wait for the Broadway version of this. And yes, I’m 100 % sure there will be one. I debated with myself if this actually was the best of the year but as you can see, it lost, but just by an inch. If you wanna feel good, go see this one. I think I’ll go see it again next week (good thing about Christmas is that you’ll get a lot of prepaid cinema tickets). And yes, I’ve already posted this once (btw, it’s actually a scene from the movie) but I’ll do it again because this has to win the Oscar for the best song (and I hope they get Idina Menzel to sing it at the gala):

1) Nebraska

Nebraska posterAlexander Payne is still my favourite director. He is perfect in making characters real (which is kind of funny, that I always admire those kinds if you think that I also appreciate the escapism of movies…). There was so much soul in this one. And it was also the funniest film of the year which is kind of funny itself. I hope it’ll get a lot of Oscar attention even though it won’t probably win anything. I’m glad I saw this during the Helsinki International Film Festival because sadly it won’t come out in cinemas in Finland. The review.



So that’s that then. If were really like the next year will be even better when it comes to movies. To me it’s nice because I have still a lot of Oscar contenders to see, starting on Saturday with The Wolf of Wall Street. It’s two hours before midnight here, so

new year



  1. Happy New Year! Great list! 🙂 Wow – I’ve not seen your number one. Maybe I should! And how gorgeous is Hemsworth in that pic?! Wow!!! I’ve not done my list yet but will later this week – hoping to watch a few more first. 🙂

  2. […] We’re already two weeks in new year, so I’ve better wrap this up. Obviously I didn’t achieve any of the goals I set to myself when it comes to this challenge. I was suppose to watch 200 movies, didn’t. I did watch 126 movies, so it’s not THAT bad but then again, it is. I call myself a film fanatic but this does not look like it. Anyhoo, here’s the list of my favourites of 2013. […]

  3. […] I did bad. I got only 71% correct but then again, there were quite a lot surprises. And that’s why I don’t feel too bad. I actually thought the nominations were better than I predicted. For example, I love Christian Bale and it’s great that he was nominated (especially because he took Tom Hanks’ place from Captain Phillips that was to me only a mediocre film). Same goes for Alexander Payne, who is my favourite director and who also directed my favourite film of the last year. […]

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