Oscar nominations 2014 and how did I do?

The 85th Academy Awards® will air live on Oscar® Sunday, February 24, 2013.I did bad. I got only 71% correct but then again, there were quite a lot surprises. And that’s why I don’t feel too bad. I actually thought the nominations were better than I predicted. For example, I love Christian Bale and it’s great that he was nominated (especially because he took Tom Hanks’ place from Captain Phillips that was to me only a mediocre film). Same goes for Alexander Payne, who is my favourite director and who also directed my favourite film of the last year.

Let’s go through all of the categories:


12 Years a Slave
American Hustle
Inside Llewyn Davis
The Wolf of Wall Street
Captain Phillips
Saving Mr Banks
Dallas Buyers Club

Philomena was the one that I did not predict. I did have it on my list and I finally diched it in favor of Saving Mr. Banks. I shouldn’t have. But I’m glad it got the nod. I like British films. And Judi Dench.


Gravity – Alfonso Cuarón
12 Years a Slave – Steve McQueen
The Wolf of Wall Street – Martin Scorsese
American Hustle – David O. Russell
Captain Phillips – Paul Greengrass

Again, Alexander Payne, who was the one that was nominated, was sixth on my list. And again, I’m not complaining, I loved Nebraska.

Best Actress in Leading Role

Cate Blanchett – Blue Jasmine
Judi Dench – Philomena
Sandra Bullock – Gravity
Emma Thompson – Saving Mr. Banks
Amy Adams – American Hustle

This one does make me a bit sad. Meryl Streep, again? Really? I love the lady but it’s becoming a bit boring, don’t you think?

baleBest Actor in Leading Role

Bruce Dern – Nebraska
Chiwetel Ejiofor – 12 Years a Slave
Oscar Isaac – Inside Llewyn Davis
Matthew McConaughey – Dallas Buyers Club
Leonardo DiCaprio – The Wolf of Wall Street

Here, I did a mistake. I was supposed to pick Tom Hanks, like I did in Gold Derby but instead there were Isaac. In the end it didn’t matter because neither was nominated but Christian Bale of American Hustle was. And I like that!

Actress in Supporting Role

Lupita Nyong’o – 12 Years a Slave
June Squibb – Nebraska
Julia Roberts – August: Osage County
Jennifer Lawrence – American Hustle
Oprah Winfrey – The Butler

Again, yay! I picked Oprah because she’s Oprah but I hoped she wouldn’t get nominated and she didn’t! Instead the Academy chose Sally Hawkins of Blue Jasmine. And she definitely deserves the recognition. Good for her!

Actor in Suppoerting Role

Michael Fassbender – 12 Years a Slave
Jared Leto – Dallas Buyers Club
Bradley Cooper – American Hustle
Daniel Bruhl – Rush
Barkhad Abdi – Captain Phillips

This one is again bit sad but not so much because I like Jonah Hill in The Wolf of Wall Street (review coming up) and it was nice to see him getting the nod. 

Adapted Screenplay

12 Years a Slave
Before Midnight
Captain Phillips
The Wolf of Wall Street

100% right! But that was the only category.

EXCLUSIVE: Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto film scenes together for The Dallas Buyers Club in New Orleans.Original Screenplay

American Hustle
Blue Jasmine
Inside Llewyn Davis

Can’t complain. I think Dallas Buyers Club earns all the attention it is getting even though I haven’t seen it yet.

Best Cinematography

12 Years a Slave
Inside Llewyn Davis
Captain Phillips

I made a change to this one in a last minute. I changed Nebraska, that did get the nod, to Captain Phillips. Mistake! And I’m quite surprised the Academy picked The Grandmaster instead of 12 Years especially when they did not choose it in Foreign Language Film category… But hurray for Roger Deakins for Prisoners!

Production Design

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
The Great Gatsby
12 Years a Slave
American Hustle

No love for The Hobbit in this category but I guess Her does have a nice production design. I’ll be seeing that in three weeks.


American Hustle
12 Years a Slave
The Wolf of Wall Street
Captain Phillips

I picked Wolf because Thelma Schoonmaker is very widely known and appreciated and you need to get a nod in Editing if you want to win the best pic. Dallas Buyers Club still has that option.

grandmasterBest Costume Design

Saving Mr. Banks
The Great Gatsby
The Invisible Woman
12 Years a Slave
American Hustle

There was no love for Saving Mr. Banks. Instead they chose The Grandmaster. I don’t know what to think of that. It does look good in that pic, doesn’t it?

Best Hair & Make-up

American Hustle
Dallas Buyers Club
The Great Gatsby

This is the “what the f*** category. The Lone Ranger (really?!) and Jackass: Bad Granpa got the nominations. I don’t want to comment any more. Hopefully Dallas will win.

Best Score

12 Years a Slave – Hans Zimmer
All Is Lost – Alex Ebert
Gravity – Steven Price
Saving Mr. Banks – Thomas Newman
The Book Thief – John Wiliams

Here again I made a last minute change. All Is Lost replaced Her. Mistake again! (I really should not make any last minute changes…) But that really bums me out that Zimmer didn’t get recognition. He deserves it. But then again, I haven’t heard Desplat’s Philomena score, I usually like his stuff too.

Best Song

Frozen – Let It Go (Idina Menzel)
Mandela: A Long Walk to Freedom – Ordinary Love (U2)
The Great Gatsby – Young and Beautiful (Lana Del Ray)
Short Term 12 – So You Know What’s It Like (Keith Stanfield)
Despicable Me 2 – Happy (Pharrell Williams)

Alone Not Yet Alone? Who has heard of that? No one, apparently. If you want to know something, here’s an article about it in Hitfix including the song itself. The Moon Song from Her was my sixth option. (I tend to leave out the right ones, at least it looks like it, doesn’t it?)

Best Sound Mixing

Captain Phillips
All Is Lost
Inside Llewyn Davis

It’s sad that they left out Rush, it was a very good film, technically too. But I’m glad they picked The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, I enjoyed it. I have no opinion of Lone Survivor.

Best Sound Editing

Captain Phillips
Pacific Rim
12 Years a Slave

This is the category that was my biggest failure this year. Only two out of five. I did have All Is Lost at my list before narrowing it to five and I should’ve guess that Lone Survivor will get some technical recognition. And well, I’m just glad that The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug got any nominations.

benedictBest Visual Effects

Pacific Rim
The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug
Iron Man 3

I haven’t seen The Lone Ranger but I very much doubt it has better visual effects than Pacific Rim. Does it? And Star Trek Into Darkness I had sixth on my list, just dropped it in favor of Elysium…

Foreign Film

The Great Beauty (Italy)
The Hunt (Denmark)
The Broken Circle Breakdown (Belgium)
The Grandmaster (Hong Kong)
Omar (Palestine)

I don’t get how you (read: the Academy) nominate one film in two different categories but not in the one that it should be nominated. Maybe The Missing Picture (Cambodia) is actually better but it’s still weird to me.

Best Documentary Feature

20 Feet From Stardom
The Act of Killing
The Square
Stories We Tell

In this category I always make wrong predictions but then again, it is really hard to understand the minds of the Academy. They didn’t choose two of the most talked about documentaries, instead they chose two that no one has heard of: Cutie and the Boxer and Dirty Wars. (I’m a bit angry when it comes to this category.)

Animated Feature

The Croods
Despicable Me 2
Monsters University
The Wind Rises

I got Monsters wrong but I’m glad about it, Ernest & Celestine is the cutest animation. Well-deserved nod.

Best Animated Short

possessionsGet a Horse
Room on the Broom
Mr. Hublot
The Missing Scarf

I did surprisingly well because I have only seen Get a Horse. The one that I didn’t predict is Possessions.

Documentary Short

The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life
Facing Fear
Karama Has No Walls

Again, surprisingly well done. The only one that I left out is Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall.

Live Action Short

The Voorman Problem
Tiger Boy
Dva (Two)
Aquel No Era Jo (That Wasn’t Me)

And the last one went sadly too. But I don’t mind because a Finnish short film, Pitääkö Mun Kaikki Hoitaa? (Do I Have to Take Care of Everything?), got a nomination! That is just fantastic! The production company behind it, Tuffi Films, is run by women and they already had one short film awarded at Sundance last year, I wrote about it last March during Tampere International Film Festival. This kind of recognition gives hope to us all dreaming of film career up here in north. Two other that I didn’t guess were Avant Que De Tout Perdre (Just Before Losing Everything) and Helium.

Short trailer of Pitääkö Mun Kaikki Hoitaa?:

What do you think of the nominations? Were they correct? Did someone get snubbed? How did you do with the predictions? And if you want to see the nominations the way it is easier to read, go to Oscars.com.


  1. I admit, (even though I thoroughly dislike Pacific Rim) that PR had WAY better graphics than Lone Ranger did. But that’s probably because PR HAD to have good effects or else it’d be another Godzilla flick.

    • Thanks! Yeah, guess it was “quite ok” but I did better last year and the year before that. My best is 86% but I didn’t do shorts back then. Make-up branch is always going their own way but that still sucks…

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