Alphabetic Movie Meme

It’s Sunday and I have nothing mandatory to do, so let’s list some movie related things for a change.

I ran into this at Elina’s Films and Coke blog that I enjoy to read and I just need to answer those questions myself. You can find the original Alphabetic Movie Meme at The Drama Llama blog of Katy’s. I think I need to follow her too from now on. Btw, I just realised, everyone is introducing themselves by their first names. So, hi, I’m Satu.

Anticipating Movie of 2014

Interstellar. Well, Christopher Nolan. Do I need to say more?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABook Adaptation I’d Like to See

I’d like to see live action version of Dragons of Autumn Twilight by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. The series were one of my favourites when I was a teenager and I remember trying to cast a movie based on the first novel. There is an animated feature and a lot of Dungeons & Dragons stuff or something like it already existing but I’d like to see a proper film now when there actually are great fantasy films existing.

milaCelebrity I’d Most Like to Meet

This is hard… I’d like to choose someone that’s not too intimidating and by that I mean, no one too charming because it would be hard not to blush all the time (that leaves out Clooney, Hiddleston, Law, Downey Jr. etc.). So, I’m gonna go with Mila Kunis. She would probably be a blast to hang out with and wouldn’t mind to have a beer or two at local sports bar.

Dream Director/Actor Pairing

David Fincher and Christian Bale. That would be some chillingly dark stuff. christianfincher

Essential Classic Film

I need to agree with Elina here and choose Gone with the Wind. I’ve seen the film at least ten times if not more and I love it. Scarlett is my ultimate heroine. Sometimes you just need to sacrifice things for the greater good. Although it would be better to understand a bit earlier what a blind cow you’re being.

Watching that trailer made me want to watch that again. I love that film!

Favourite Film Franchise

Lord of the Rings is the reason why I want to pursue a career in the film industry.


Genre I Watch the Most

Skeleton in my closet; I watch romantic comedies. I love them. I mean the ones that are actually good. That’s probably 10 films or so. But I still watch them, even the really bad ones.


Hidden GemIn_America_movie

In America. There are more of them, actually a lot of them but this one was the one that came to my mind instantly. It’s kind of funny that it’s “hidden gem” because it did get three Oscar nominations back in 2002. It is wonderfully written and acted. A real tearjerker but the one that leaves you uplifted anyway. I truly recommend it.

Important Moment in My Film Life

(includes a minor spoiler in case you haven’t seen Return of the King)

This is not really important to my life but it’s the most memorable moment that I’ve had within the movies. I went to see Return of the King second time on a Christmas Day and the cinema was full. All of those people who attended were actually there to see the film, not to chat or having a snack. And at that moment when Aragorn and company are at the Black Gates and Sauron speaks to Aragorn, the big movie hall was entirely silent, you couldn’t even hear people breathe. And when Aragorn whispers “for Frodo”, it was like sudden relief and people started to sob at the same time, you could hear everyone inhaling loudly. It was the best movie moment ever:

Legally_blondeJust the Right for a Rainy-Day

Legally Blonde. I think this one is still the best role of Reese Witherspoon and the movie gives you such a push, like you could achieve anything. This is my “theme movie” like Ally McBeal had a theme song in the series.

Kiddie Movie I still Shamelessly Enjoy

To me couple of first Harry Potters are actually kiddie movies and all those great animated features are for both, adults and kids alike. But because those great Disney animations are counted as kids’ films, I’ll go with Lion King as well. It’s superb.

Location I’d Most Like to Visit

Again, I need to steal. I also want to go to Hogwarts. There is no place like it.


Marathon I Watched

I don’t believe I’ve watched any movies in a row. I have, of course, watched six films in a day but they didn’t have anything in common. Well, the best I can say is that I watched the first two parts of Lord of the Rings trilogy when I was spending the night at the cinema to get the ticket to the midnight screening of the third one.

Netflix Movie I Actually Watchededwestwick

Let’s see if I’ve watched any of them. I usually only watch television series on Netflix… Yay, I found one! Chalet Girl. I’m quite a fan girl of Ed Westwick (or probably more like a fan girl of Jack Bass) and I wanted to see that. It was ok. I gave it 2,5 stars or five (that’s good for romantic comedy).

One Movie I Saw in Theatres More Than Once

The best I’ve done is with the first part of Lord of the Rings; The Fellowship of the Ring. I’ve seen it seven times in the theatre. I told you, that trilogy changed my career plans.

Preferred Place to Watch a Movie

Obviously in a cinema. There is no other answer except if you’re afraid of other people.

Quote that Inspires Me

“He save me in every way a person can be saved.”  -Rose from Titanic

I like the idea that a random meeting of another person can thoroughly change your life. Yes, in Titanic huge things happens, emotionally and around, but in the end, this quote is about it that a person needs to live a life that he/she finds fulfilling and never mind what others think what he/she should do.


Remakes – Friend or Foe?

Usually foe but it is also a good thing to introduce some classics to new audience in a form of a remake and perhaps they will end up watching the original one that is usually superior to the remake.

missäxSnack I Enjoy Most

I’m not a fan of people eating in cinemas. I tolerate it, if they keep the noise in minimum. But I do get snacks when watching some action-adventure flicks like Pirates of the Caribbean or Marvel movies. My favourite is this candy called Missä X. They’re Finnish marmalade (I think?) with this sour sprinkling… Kind a hard to explain but here’s a picture:

Thrilling Movie that Blows My Mind

Argo. It was total “edge-of-your-seat” ride from the beginning until the end.

jakeUnapologetic Fan person for

This varies, I get overly excited about different persons from time to time but if I’d needed to pick one, I’d guess it would be Jake Gyllenhaal. I just love him. He can even do really lousy films but it’s ok.

Very Excited for Award Show Season?

Well, check some other posts in this blog and guess.

Wish I Never Watched

Shallow Hal. I’m still offended by that film.  I truly hate it.

XXX Movie I First Watched at Young Age

I saw this film when I was about six or seven. My father was renovating my room upstairs quite late at the evening and I was alone in the living/bedroom and I think he didn’t know I was awake watching this film:

Btw, you can find the entire film on YouTube. I wouldn’t recommend except if you like bad horror movies.

cumberbatch1Your Latest Movie Related Obsession

Benedict Cumberbatch. I’m a bit sorry that I got hooked on him as well like hundreds of thousands of other women around the world. But what can you do, he is the hottest star in Hollywood, at least according to Critics’ Choice Awards.


Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. I really had to fight with myself to stay awake. This is a pity because the franchise began really promising way, I love the first part and the second is also hilarious. I’m sorry they are still continuing to make them.


  1. I adore Mila Kunis!! Love the Titanic quote, too, it’s my favourite epic film 😀 Argo is a really good choice here! And Cumberbatch, mmmmm. I wanted to say something profound now, but all I can think of now is mmmmmmmmmmmmm. 😀 Great list!

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