Inside Llewyn Davis review

insidellewyndavisInside Llewyn Davis (2013)

Directed by Joel and Ethan Coen
Written by Joel and Ethan Coen
Starring Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan, John Goodman, Garrett Hedlund & Justin Timberlake

No wonder Inside Llewyn Davis got no love from the Academy or in general. Llewyn Davis is quite an asshole. I was unbelievably irritated by his actions in the film. I know people like him. I can’t stand people like him. Not anymore. They tend to ruin everything around them. And they don’t usually think about anyone else except themselves. And so few of them really have that big break especially because they are unable to do compromises. I get all worked up just thinking about people like Llewyn Davis.

Bruno-DelbonnelDon’t get me wrong. Inside Llewyn Davis is again work of an art from always versatile Coen brothers. The cinematography is hauntingly beautiful, the most beautiful of all the films that I’ve seen since Drive. It even inspired me to do a list of my favourite cinematographers which I’ll be posting later this week. Songs of film are also good, especially Hang Me, Oh Hang Me that introduces us the character of Llewyn (and I would be glad to do that!). I’m not a big fan of folk music but for one film it’s tolerable to listen. All of the actors do nice job, especially Oscar Isaac in the lead and to me the character of Johnny Five played by Garrett Hedlund was enjoyable one. hotgarretthedlundBut then again, I’m biased, I like Hedlund quite a lot.

The script again is good one too. Coens still know what they do. It’ll be interesting to see how Unbroken will turn out when they’re the writers and Angelina Jolie is directing. At the moment I see quite a lot of awards potential. But then again, I would have seen some in Inside Llewn Davis too if I’d seen it before the Oscars this year. But I don’t know why Coens wanted to portray him like that; in all of our scriptwriting courses it’s repeated again and again that make your main character likeable. Llewyn Davis surely is not one.


Rating: **** (out of 5)


  1. Llewyn isn’t likable, but I’d contend that’s why the movie works. We don’t need to like him, per se; we need to understand him. And we do. He’s at a crossroads, in multiple crises, and he doesn’t know how to cope. Something most of us have probably experienced at one point or another, too.

    • I have to say I don’t understand him at all. He is not going anywhere, he’s pain in the ass to everyone around him and his life is full of nothing. But like I wrote, I’ve known people like him and I’ve had enough of them; I’ll never try to understand people who are like that. But that’s just me 🙂

  2. Mmm… Garrett Hedlund. Llewyn is a really dividing character. I thought he was a dick but my musician husband kind of got him and admired him for sticking to his convictions. Great film though.

    • He really seems to be! I kind of understand your husband but I’ve just “admired” that kind of a lifestyle too long in the past. It’s consuming.

  3. Good review Satua. It’s weird, because the more and more I think about this movie, the more I really do love and adore its little eccentricities. Have no idea why I had such a problem with it in the first place!

    • Thanks. I adore the cinematography but Llewyn’s character is still overshadowing everything else to me. Maybe I’ll get over it at some point.

  4. This is why I was reluctant to go see this movie, and still am! Not sure if I would enjoy it. Someone also said it leaned closer to “A Serious Man” than “Burn After Reading,” and I actually intensely disliked “A Serious Man.” Just too frustrating.

    • I haven’t see Burn After Reading and I haven’t seen Serious Man, so hard to say. I’m not huge fan of Coens, it depends on the film if I like it or not.

  5. I enjoyed it, but agree the guy is a complete tool, he is not a character I see on screen so much which made it interesting to see how he was going to react to his little drama’s. nice review.

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