My Top-10 of Christmas Movies

Ok, let’s be honest straight from the beginning. I cheated. A lot. I chose films that make me think of Christmas. Maybe because I’ve seen them for the first time during Christmas time or because there just happens to be things related to Christmas, like a song. Or just because it airs during the Christmas time. Some of them actually (bun intended) happen during the holidays. But still, all of these are Christmas movies to me, so here we go:




Hah, I just wrote elsewhere that this one is way over-appreciated. I still think so but I still liked this. And to be honest this was the last one that I had given 8/10 at IMDb (I’ve done that already 12 years, rating films in there, so it basically covers all the films that I’ve seen and can be trusted whenever checking my opinion on some particular film) that reminded me of Christmas, so here it is. It’s a classic Christmas film and quite alright.




One Christmas I watched all versions of Little Women or at least all of them that are made by Hollywood. The main character, Jo March, is probably my biggest literary hero. And in film versions she’s been played by great Katharine Hepburn, June Allyson (in this version, Elisabeth Taylor plays Amy) and Winona Ryder. To me the last version is the dearest but then again, nothing beats the books. I guess I’ve read them more than 10 times. But anyway, as you can see from the poster already, it looks very christmassy and the feel of it is very christmassy and even though it happens during several years, there are a lot of Christmas scenes. So, to me, it is a Christmas movie.


The Spy Who Shagged Me


This is one of those films that air here in Finland during the Christmas time. This year is no exception. And what’s more wonderfully magical than E.T.? It suits perfectly to Christmas. This year I will watch it on Boxing Day.




I don’t know why this isn’t more often mentioned in Christmas movies lists? Maybe people just don’t like it. I do. I love it, I watch it almost every year. It begins from Christmas or more like New Year but still and it ends with it. Christmas written all around. Plus I think that English humour is just waaaaaaay more better than American one. Or maybe it just goes down with me better.



This one also airs quite often during the holiday season. And that song is very christmassy. And all in all, I think Christmas is about family and family films and this is one of the better ones in the genre (both family films AND musicals).




I just realised that Christmas, to me, seems to be all about singing, families/friendship and fairytales. But I guess that’s alright. It’s a winter wonderland during Christmas and Oz is the wonderland. This was the film that made me healthier when I was sick as a kid and it still is one of those that heals my soul.




Well, I did see this only the last holiday season for the first time but hey, it was the best! And we bought this for this Christmas and we are going to watched it tonight after handing out presents. I have all intentions of making this my regular Christmas film. It’s not actually one but it sure looks like one as here in north, Christmas is nothing without snow. A lot of it. It should look about like this:

Christmas in Finland




Here’s the big cheat. But I do watch these almost every Christmas season. And they came out just before Christmas. And they are THE films for me. The ones that elevate me, the ones that reminds me why I keep on dreaming. And what’s more christmassy than that? And my best going-to-cinema experience is from 2003, December 25th when I went to see Return of the King the second time and when the following scene was on, the whole (fully packed) hall was absolutely silent and then broke in to tears. Unbelievably wonderful.




I can stop cheating now. This is THE Christmas film. And it needs to be watched only during those three Christmas days (it airs here tomorrow). And from telly. My stepdad never gets me, why I want to watch this and cry every single time. But after watching this, don’t you just feel so good?




Every year. Sometimes twice. This is the film that I would leave behind if man kind would (almost) perish. It is so full of hope (that it suffocates some of us) and I looooooove it. The best in its genres (comedy, Christmas movie and something made by Brits). Christmas won’t come without this one.

So that’s it. My Christmas films. I still have some of them to watch this year but I’m quite sure I’ll manage to do that before the end of the year.

Merry Christmas folks!

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P.P.S. Here’s a skit Saturday Night Live made of Love Actually, with Amy Adams:

SNL Love Actually Skit


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