The Best of the Best – Films of 2014

bestof2014There are so many films that I missed this year in cinema that hasn’t come out yet in small format. So, there will be no Nightcrawler, The Grand Budapest Hotel or even How to Train Your Dragon 2. And I’m sad for that. And because of the fact that I live here in north, I haven’t seen the most of the Oscar hopefuls yet, so no Theory of Everything or Birdman either. And because of that same fact there will many Oscar nominees from last year. So, let’s take a look what I liked this year.

The first of all, I can be happy this year compared to the last year when I said I didn’t see any films worth of 10/10 at IMDb (although after seeing Frozen again this Christmas I’m quite willing to give it full stars, it was even better now). This year I saw three! That’s a lot. Roll down to the top 3 and you’ll see which ones I liked the best but before that some honorable mentions like always at my best of the best lists.

I liked a lot of Philomena that was last year’s Oscar nominee, same goes for Inside Llewyn Davis and American Hustle, both of them from last year too. The Lego Movie I only saw a week ago but I thoroughly enjoyed it, great script. And finally one of those outside of my top-10 is Dawn of the Planet of the Apes that was very good and well done technically.

And now, to the ten:




This one took me totally by a surprise. I thought I wouldn’t like it but I fell in love like rest of the world (or so it seems). The whole gang is genius. And Chris Pratt is the best guy in the world. And Groot. Well, all of you who have seen the film, knows what I mean and if you don’t, just check that video clip above. He’s the most adorable thing. I think I will like this film even more in the future. It will hold.




The most of the people saw Her already 2013 but unfortunately it only came out here this year. Or maybe not so unfortunately because this has been a very good year in films to me. I even tried to make the worst of list but I couldn’t because I haven’t seen that many bad films this year. But back to Her. Well, read my review.




The Wolf of Wall Street is the most debated film in my review history. And I quite like that. And I also liked the film itself despite the off-putting main character and quite misogynistic view. It was an entertaining couple of hours. And DiCaprio was so good.




This and the next one could be other way around too but because the number six has more soul in it, I gave it a higher rank. But I liked everything about Gone Girl, it looks good, it feels toxic and everyone make very good work, especially Rosamund Pike who well deserves that Oscar nom that she’s going to get. Oh, and apparently I haven’t done a review of this. Well, like I stated, I liked it a lot. There was only casting of Neil Patrick Harris that just didn’t fit and it bothered me thorough the whole film but otherwise it was guaranteed David Fincher who can make even Ben Affleck, the actor, works magic.




Well, everyone knows by now that Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto killed in Dallas Buyers Club. They were so good. And the story is great. Here’s my review.




Ok, I do understand the thing in this film but still. And I’m a bit afraid to say this, because I think the most of the people (who watch a lot of films) will think me shallow or stupid or something, but anyway: I thought it was a bit boring. Like normal life is. Even though I like a lot Alexander Payne’s films that are usually about normal people, his characters are still larger than life, Linklater’s are not. They are just that size. And even though Boyhood is a remarkable piece of future cinema history and something that hasn’t been done before and so on, it was still boring. And that it the reason I only gave it 9/10. And there were four superior films this year. But I do think Patricia Arquette should get an Oscar for her performance, I think it has been the most real mom portrait on film ever.




This was the most entertaining piece of cinema this year. Oh, all those men that I already appraised in my review. The cinematography and CGI. And Evan Peters. And above is the making of clip of my very favourite scene of the film. Fassbender. Oh, Fassbender. I can’t wait for the next installment. I loved this film. Still do. And now I just have to put a girly heart in here: ❤




My 10 out of 10 films. The Best Picture winner of Oscars 2014: 12 Years a Slave. A beautiful work. Well, read my thoughts from the review. It did deserve all the praise it got and some more. And this time Fassbender because, man, that man can act.




Again, total surprise like Guardians. I absolutely adore this little film. It was such an uplifting experience and I still listen to the soundtrack, above is the best song of the bunch. And yes, Keira Knightley sings herself. My review. I still promote this film as often as I can because it makes good to your soul.

And finally… The ones that read my blog regularly would’ve guessed that the best film of the year (and one of the best ever) to me is:



I already celebrated it highly in my review but I can’t do it enough. I still think it was the best movie going experience since Return of the King and that’s the highest compliment I can give. I’m quite sad that I can’t see this one in the cinema again because it truly is the one that needs to be seen in the biggest possible screen. Like said, it was an experience not just a film.

So, there. It’s kind of funny that this year I liked the best a huge film and the last year I enjoyed the most a little film that embraces the story, not the grandeur. But both almost equally good. And I’m so glad I still get to see so many great films. Hopefully the next year will be as good as this one was. And I believe it will.



  1. I’m catching up with some movies that I didn’t see from the last few years and just saw Gone Girl. Wow, what an excellent movie with a very twisted story. And Rosamund Pike blew me away.

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