February Films Watched


So, in February I watched following films:

  1. Enough Said (2013) ***
  2. The Martian (2015) ****
  3. The Voices (2014) **½
  4. The Riot Club (2014) ***
  5. About Time (2013) ***½
  6. The Joneses (2009) ***
  7. The Imitation Game (2014) ****½
  8. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) ****
  9. Clueless (1995)
  10. Pride (2014) ***½
  11. Room (2015) ***½
  12. Brooklyn (2015) ***

Bones header

And five seasons of Bones. Yes, Bones is ruining my goal of watching 200 films this year like I decided in my 50/50 challenge this year. I also didn’t manage to read a book in February. I’m still in the beginning of one which is not very good and as an excuse, as I forecasted in my previous update from January, my life changed a bunch when I moved to northern Finland, Lapland, to work at a restaurant during the high tourism season. So, I’ve basically been working and sleeping and watching some Bones during few spare hours since the middle of February. david_duchovny_sexy

Looking that list, you can see I didn’t manage to watch any of the films on IMDb-list of Top-250 and the ones that I saw for the first time weren’t that good. They were OK but not great. The Imitation Game, though, was as good as it was a year ago.  And The Joneses was the best surprise of the month as I had never even heard of the film when we run into it while browsing Canal+ Go selection. It’s always nice to look David Duchovny.

Oh, I did spend hours for this list of possible future Oscar contenders, take a look! 😉


  1. Ahhhhh, good to hear that you are busy with work and all, and hopefully things settle soon so you can get to everything. I totally understand how a series can come in and upset the whole apple cart and what you want to do.

    Yep – always nice to look at some Duchovny!

    • Thanks! It’s good to do some work after exchange semester that wasn’t so cheap. 😉
      I was actually glad when I read yesterday that Bones will end after season 12. Only five to go anymore! 😀

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