Bucket List

As a number 101 on my 101 Things -list I had “Write a Bucket List”. And here it is:

1.See Grand Canyon. grandcanyon

2.Have a child.

3.Fell in love.

4.Have grandchildren.

5.Try sky jumping.

6.Scuba dive at Great Barrier Reef.

7.Take a LOTR-tour in New Zealand.

8.Get over your fear of snakes.

9.Write a published novel.

10.Be part of an Oscar nominated film.

11.Attend to Oscar gala.

12.Visit all seven continents.

13.Take a roadtrip through USA.

small-cute-cat-wallpaper14.Have a cat as a pet.

15.Own a car.

16.Visit Roswell.

17.Learn Swedish.

18.Try bungee jumping.

19.Go bagbacking at least for three months.

20.Visit Macchu Picchu.

21.Fly a plane.

22.Attend to the FIFA World Cup.

23.Participate as a volunteer on a camp or something similar.

24.Visit Colorado.

25.Make a genealogy chart.

26.Take ballroom dance lessons.

27.Attend to a barn dance.

28.Take a part to a winetasting.

29.Have a libraryroom in your house.

30.Get through the Longleat hedge maze.

31.Write a testament.

32.Visit Stonehenge.

33.Live in the States.

americanflag34.Ride the Rocky Mountaneer.

35.Take part to the Comic Con.

36.Get a job you love.

37.Have a intimate relationship.

38.Visit Niagara Falls.

39.Tour the White House.

40.Quit smoking.

41.Watch a film at outside screening.

42.Attend a FI grand prix.

43.Shake hands with the President of the United States.

44.Visit the Auschwitz.

45.Tour Istanbul with the guide who knows the city’s history and is able to tell about it.

46.Watch all films you own.

47.Read all books you own.

48.Visit Yellowstone national park.

49.Participate to Sundance film festival.

50.Get a photograph published.

51.Get an article you’ve written published.

52.Achieve zero debt.

53.Make sure your child’s education is not up to money.

54.Drive a Ferrari.

55.Create a list of top-100 movies.

56.Create an ultimate deserted island -record (max. 20 songs).

57.Try couchsurfing.

58.Pay your bills in time.

59.Complete a half-marathon.

60.Fit into M-size clothes.

61.Get a meaningful tattoo.

62.Meet David Fincher.


63.Take krav maga -lessons.

64.Make your own photography website.

65.Get yout teeth whitened.

66.Have your IQ tested. Don’t remember when but I have proof. 

67.Go visit Eetu in Malta if he stays there. 27.6.2013

68.See Bon Jovi live.

69.Have sex with a stranger.

70.Have an orgasm.

71.See a play with some Hollywood star in it.

72.Have sex outside.

73.Go to a trip and tell nobody before-hand.

74.Ride a camel.

75.Get a job where you are a boss to at least one person.

76.Get a teaching job.

77.Experience weightlessness.

78.Go hiking in Alaska.

79.Get that much money you don’t need to stress about everything you buy.

80.Go to Amazon river tour.

81.Ride in a limo.

82.Take a helicopter flight in Hawaii.

83.Sing karaoke.

84.Get a basic wardrobe.

85.Get a tailored suit.

86.Swim with sharks.

87.Make your own wine.

88.Create happiness jar.

89.Visit all 50 states in the States.

diploma90.Get a degree (applied sciences/university).

91.Write a letter every five years to 10 years older self.

92.Throw a dart at a map and go wherever it lands.

93.Go to Shankweiler’s drive-in theather in Pennsylvania.

94.Add as many things to this list whenever you run into something you wanna experince in your lifetime.

95. Watch all of the best Oscar films.

96. Travel to Thailand and India.

97. Learn to snowboard.

98. Visit Canada.

99. Buy a house.



  1. HA! I knew you were Finnish! Fazer!!!! 😀 Awesome list, and very ambitious. I’ve done quite a few of these, but I really can’t see myself shaking hands with the President of US or experiencing weightlessness… 😀 Well, best of luck, anyway. 😉

  2. Goodluck for your goals! I especially like the throw a dart and go wherever it lands 🙂 I’d personally love to be part of film one day 🙂

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