Persons of the Day – Birthday Boys and a Girl

I was browsing IMDb and noticed that today is a good day to be born at least if you aspire to become a director. You would be in very good company. Today is also birthday of Sofia Coppola, Robert Zemeckis and George Lucas (and Cate Blanchett but Mutant already wrote about her). So let’s celebrate their careers as directors by taking a look to my favourite films of theirs. Here’s my TOP-10 films of these fine filmmakers.




To be honest I’m not a huge fan of this film directed by Sofia Coppola but I do love how it is so lavishly looking. Like a bowl of cotton candy and marshmallows. Yummy.




I was surprised how entertained I was by this film. And it’s my favourite Emma Watson film after Potters obviously.  And I do want to watch it again now after making this list. Coppola did a nice job here.




I didn’t even know that this horror comedy with superb trio in main roles (Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn and Bruce Willis) was directed by Robert Zemeckis before today. As a teenager I really liked this film. I haven’t see it for years but I should watch it again. I remember that I was awed by all visual effects/make-up of the film back in 1992.




Again another surprise. Didn’t know that this one is Zemeckis’ too. I really, really loved Roger Rabbit when I was a kid. I can’t really remember much about it now but as I liked it so much back then I guess I have another one on my rewatch list…




Is it really 18 years since this came out? Wow. Anyway I was engaged by the mood and vibe of this little gem from Sofia Coppola. It was the film that made her known as a filmmaker. And she was under 30 years old back then. Not bad.




Apparently Robert Zemeckis really entertained me when I was a kid. Another one that I watched over and over again. Michael Douglas was so hot and Kathleen Turner the most beautiful woman I knew. And they had the best chemistry. ❤ I saw this again only few months ago and I still loved it.




I’m stupidly positive person who always believes in good and gives people another chance after another. So you can imagine how a film like Forrest Gump appeals to me. We all should have a little Forrest inside of us, it would make the world a much better place. Thanks to Zemeckis for this beautiful film.




The last three on this list are such classics. I have no idea how many times I’ve seen Back to the Future and everytime it rocks my socks off. Perfect popcorn film. It feels like they don’t make them anymore this great. Hands down the best film of Robert Zemeckis.




When at her best, Sofia Coppola, creates strangely engaging feeling to a film. And this is her best film. Hell, this is one of the best films ever made. I can still remember the feeling after seeing this film for the first time on my birthday in April. And even though outside it was dark and a bit rainy after the film, I felt featherlight, kind of gliding through the streets, everything was so beautiful. Like I carried the beauty of this film within me. Perfection.



STAR WARS (1977)

Like I could choose any other film?

P.S. I said it’s about directing but I just have to include one more from Mr. Lucas because, come on!


Happy Birthday to Mr Zemeckis, Mr Lucas and Ms Coppola and thank you for making those amazing films!


Person of the Day – Martin Scorsese

It’s Mr. Scorsese’s birthday today. So, Happy Birthday, Marty!


It took a while, approximately 25 years for me to understand the art of Scorsese. And I still haven’t watched all of his masterworks but these days he’s definitely one of my very favourite directors. When I explain what I want to do as my work, I always describe it the way that “I want to do something that I really love, that I really don’t want to quit doing ever, I want to be Martin Scorsese, who still at age of 74 keeps doing the most inspiring stuff.” So, I basically want to be Marty.

So, here’s to celebrate his amazing career and all those great things to become, my top-3 Scorsese films:

CAPE FEAR (1991)

I already saw this back in when it was released and I was only something like 12, so probably I shouldn’t have. But I did and I was so scared of Robert DeNiro’s Mad Cady but I also found him awfully attractive, especially when he was seducing this teenage girl played by always a bit dirty Juliette Lewis. Good stuff.



When I reviewed Wolf I’ve never gotten that much comments on any of my reviews. I know the film is still kind of wrong but I absolutely loved it! I don’t think any film that long has gone by so fast. And that drug scene! It is my favourite scene of Leo DiCaprio, who I obviously love, of all time. It is so funny! I need to watch this movie again.


HUGO (2011)

If you love cinema like I do, or like Marty does, there’s no way you won’t like this film. Or love it, to be exact. It is one of the most heart-felt and the most beautiful films I’ve ever seen. Truly amazing work and such a love letter to the art of moving images. ❤


The Man of the Day – Alan Rickman

Today I woke up to the terrible news of Alan Rickman passing. To me this has been the most devastating news of great talents passing lately. I loved the man. I first saw and was terrified of him in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, back in the days. I loved that movie and he was the best thing in it as Sheriff of Nottingham. Rickman was always great at portraying these villanous characters like Hans Gruber of Die Hard or Rasputin in the TV movie of the same name. And of course as Severus Snape in Harry Potter films. When I heard for the first time that they are making movies of the Potter books, I thought that Rickman must be cast as Snape. And they did. ❤

I don’t know, words are failing me. This sucks because he had a lot of life left and many, many great characters to play. It’s weird to think that we won’t be seeing him on a screen or a stage again. At least we will hear his unbelievable voice once more in Alice Through the Looking Glass later this year.

In these pictures.




R.I.P., Alan

The Man of the Day – Jared Leto

Jared Leto is today 44 years old. 44. He doesn’t really look like that and he certainly doesn’t behave like one. Nice hat, huh?

I first met Mr. Leto as Jordan Catalano in My So-Called Life where he played the basic bad boy crush of the main character (btw, I haven’t been able to legally find the series, anyone know if it’s somewhere to stream?). He was such a dream guy in the series. The next time I saw Leto in Urban Legend, your basic okeish horror flick and after that in Fight Club. A film that I usually answer when people ask me what is my favourite flick. Fight Club is.

I think Leto might be one of those actors who really have to prove themselves. He is just so amazingly beautiful. Look at him:


But thankfully he’s really done that, proven himself. For this post I was browsing through his filmography and there aren’t that bad films, at least those that I’ve seen. There are actually good or great films like Girl, Interrupted, Requiem for a Dream, American Psycho, those two mentioned above, Panic Room or Dallas Buyers Club that earned Jared Leto an Oscar. Deservedly so, he was heart-breakingly good in that one.

Besides being a tremendously great in acting, Leto is also a very good musician. At least I like his band 30 Seconds to Mars a lot. I had the surprising privilege to see their concert few summers ago by accident and I got to admit, I liked it! A lot!


I also love how they make their music videos, they’re really, really nice short films. One of my favourites, From Yesterday:

As a person Jared Leto seems to be a bit inhuman in exact opposite way; he’s vegan, he does charity and always remembers to remind the rest of the world of those who suffer, he seems genuine and I’ve heard that he always have time for his fans. He’s very funny as well. And knows how to dress himself. And next he’s playing The Joker. Is there anything he can’t do?

Happy Birthday, Jared! Have a long and prosperous life! You deserve it!

P.S. Did I mention the eyes? As a fan of big blue eyes on a man, I just die a little bit every time I look at him.


Man of the Day – Tom Hiddleston

hiddleston2This gorgeous Brit has his 33rd birthday today and to honour that I created a new series called “Person of the Day” to celebrate the individuals of the entertainment business. I have already mentioned that even though I haven’t been aware of him that long, he has affected quite a lot to my future plans. I’ve always been a sucker for this British upper class style and he is the perfect example of that. The man has the manners, the humour, the voice and accent, he can carry the suit and is confident enough to make fun of himself. And that smile. Plus he’s able to quote Shakespeare whenever needed. All in all, I’m really glad he exists, it gives me hope that there are others like him.

Like most of the people following TV and movie world came to know him as Loki (if you haven’t seen him greeted in Comic Con last summer, it’s about time: YouTube), the mischievous brother of Thor, the thunder-god of Norse mythology, played by Chris Hemsworth in Marvel Universe, so did I. In Thor Hiddleston went a bit unnoticed even though he is the best part of the movie but after The Avengers he became everyone’s favourite villain. Loki_Empire_headerAnd already during the marketing campaign for Thor sequel The Dark World, the studio and makers of the film knew how to draw audience to cinemas by building the marketing campaign around Hiddleston. He is the man who women want but at the same time he is that funny that, I assume, it is really hard for men to hate him. Plus he plays Loki. So, if you haven’t seen three movies mentioned, do see them. I wasn’t a fan of comic book films before The Avengers and now I’m getting geekier everyday.

Apart from being mischievous semi-god, Hiddleston is classically trained actor. He went to Royal Academy of Dramatic Art after completing his education in University of Cambridge. For four more days he is playing the title role in Donmar Warehouse production of hiddleston1Shakespeare play Coriolanus in West End. And apparently he is very good in it. I’ll be seeing the cinema version of the play in couple of weeks, I’ll let you know what I thought. Other known roles of Hiddleston include F. Scott Fitzgerald’s role in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, which I liked a lot and he’s very charming in it, Captain Nichols in Spielberg’s War Horse, where he is with his buddy Benedict Cumberbatch, so I should definitely watch it, and Freddie Page in the Deep Blue Sea where his character is very repulsive which shows well how good actor he really is. The film itself is quite tedious and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone but that’s just my opinion. In the future we’ll get to see him in Jim Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive that has been touring festivals to quite good response and in the new The Muppets movie, Muppets Most Wanted. The man surely stays versatile.

So, if you haven’t yet gotten to know the actor Tom Hiddleston, I recommend to do so. He seems genuinely nice person with a great sense of humour and a massive amount of talent to portray any kind of role. And he is the second sexiest man of the world.

Happy Birthday Mr. Hiddleston!