Summer’s Gone


Wow! I didn’t even realise how amazingly lazy I’ve been again. With posts in general but especially with my updates. So, let’s take a look where I am at the moment, in life and movie world.

Did you, guys, realised that my 101 (which is 55 these days) has its deadline already in March?! I sure didn’t! Well, I’m certain that I won’t be able to travel to all those destinations mentioned on it. Pity. But at least I will be travelling somewhere (come January and I’ll be heading to Florida and The Bahamas!!! Yay!). Anyway, let’s take a look if if I’ve managed to do anything… Heh, yeah, I went on a date (#8), a very, very nice date. In May already. Pity it didn’t work because I liked the guy a lot. He was clever enough to suggest that we will go to see a film in local art house cinema and even was willing to see Son of Saul, not exactly the first date material. The other thing I did was taking a selfie every month for a year (#16):

Omat kuvat

There are pics from June 2augustselfie16015 to March, April and May are somewhere in social media and  I’ll let them be as they’re not that good. But here’s me now, taken this Tuesday. I cut my hair after couple of years keepin’ it long.

Ok, enough of that. What else I’ve managed to do from my list… I did saw the northern lights when I was working in northern Lapland from February until April. I will go back there on 5th of September and this time I’m planning on staying there until the next spring. I also visited there the last week. Here are some pics from northern Norway where I visited for the first time ever:

Btw, if you’re interested in checking out more of my pics, follow me on Instagram, the name fairytalepictures. I also use Snapchat, feel free to add me, it’s satufp (my first name and letters from the blog). I’d love to follow you guys too if you use any of those.

So, three things in, what… a year?! Wow, talking about laziness… What about life goals aka the bucket list? Have I done anything? I kinda doubt it. And yep, I was right, I haven’t done anything. I better start, life’s short, huh?

In February I said I will go and post a list of films I watch every month. Did that happen? No. the-hundred-year-old-man-who-climbed-out-of-the-window-and-disappearedSo, let’s take a look now what has happened my 50/50 list. I can’t even remember when I watched those films. Thankfully (read: sadly) there aren’t that many. I’ve only read two books this year (it’s kind of hard to believe, I really though I’ve read more) but as I’m going to Lapland in a week, I know that I will have time to read more, so it’s still possible to get my 12 books before the end of the year. Right now I’m reading this novel called The Hundred-Year-Old Who Climbed Out of the Window And Disappeared and I recommend it gladly! It’s so funny, interesting, heartfelt and just absurd. I love it! They also made a film of it, it might be worth to check out too.

And to films! I’ve seen 66 films this year, so far. 16 of them I saw in cinemas despite the fact that during two months I didn’t really have proper access to them. Well, there is one in the nearby village (30 km away) but the screenings are like four times a week, so it’s good luck if you’re not working then. The best one of the new films to me I’ve seen this year is still Spotlight, the runner-ups being Captain America: Civil War, The Big Short, Pan’s Labyrinth, In Your Eyes and of course Deadpool that delivered even though I had huge expectations! And when it comes to my IMDb-challenge, I’ve watched four from the list. And I’m planning on watching two more today! I already watched No Country for Old Men. On TV side I’ve been hooked to Bones the most of the year and as I’ve been quite tired this summer (I’ve been working at festivals, so it means travelling around all the time), I’ve mainly watched Gilmore Girls as I find it comforting. I did finish watching Outlander, though. It was recommended to me back then when I started my TV challenge.

There you go. This year has kinda gone past without me really noticing it. The summer went and I mainly worked. I only slowed down during the last few weeks and visited a friend in Kalajoki. While in home, I’ve been in Tampere, my favourite place in Finland (pics above, first Kalajoki, 2nd Tampere). I’m still in the middle of my uni, I still need to do the practical training and thesis. As I wrote in the end of the year, I wanted to stay in Amsterdam but couldn’t in the end, so I decided to go to Lapland to make some money after coming back to Finland in the end of January I did apply here and there during the last spring but didn’t get a place that I really wanted, so graduation post-boned but it’s OK. Now I’m off to Saariselkä. Winter is coming.



Fairytale Year in Review

Now, when the year is almost over and I will be partying mostly what’s left of it and actually hang out with my real life friends, it’s time to take a look at my year in the blog-verse.

Image: FILE PHOTO: 70 Years Since The Casablanca World Premiere CasablancaI had much less traffic this year than I did in 2014 but then again, I posted much less and I was very inconsistent, e.g. I didn’t write a word for five months… As my new year’s resolution, I promise I’ll try to do better. Apart from Homepage, other favourite posts have been my Analysis of Casablanca (made for school originally), “If You Can Dream It You Can Do It” and many of those Best of the Best lists (which I will be writing one more time this year when listing the best films of the year on the last day of the year). And apparently yesterday’s post of Jared Leto has been a huge success. 😀 My top-3 countries of visitors are US, Germany and for some weird reason, France. “Cary Fukunaga” has been, by far, the most popular search word(s) that will link people to my blog. No complaints there, he deserves all the attention coming to his way. Sunday seems to be the day I should post and the late hour of 11pm is the target time (no surprise there if my readers are from the States). Again, my dear readers, let me know if there are some special posts that you like more than others and I’ll try to do my best and write more about them. 🙂

Then… Let’s take a look how I did with all my self-challenges. Badly being the key word here.


50/50 ended up being 8/113 + 4 that I watched double or more times PLUS those that I will watch during these few days. I think that the next year I’ll go for 10/150 or something like it. Something I can actually reach. I definitely should read more though. The best book I read this year was the familiar one; Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. No surprises there. Films I will go through later. But apparently X-Men: Days of Future Past and Star Wars: The Force Awakens are high on my list of movies all in all as I watched them twice this year. And Jurassic World, or perhaps Chris Pratt’s nipples (yay for Chris’ take on objectifying men; it is their time), seems to be THE film for me since I’ve seen it three (!) times since July. Chris Pratt in general was THE crush for me this year.


I did watch two films from my IMDb-250 list. Two. Wohoo. What’s wrong with me, those films are great! I watched The Graduate, not my cup of tea and to me definitely too hyped. Hated the way it looks. Ugh. The other one I just watched yesterday; The General by Buster Keaton (1926). He was a funny man! I enjoyed the film. Obviously it’s old but the story works and so does Keaton. But he’s no Chaplin, I have to say. I will continue tackle the list next year as well (and probably the next one after that too…). I also set up a TV Challenge in September. I haven’t watched too many from that list but I did finish watching the first season of Orphan Black and will definitely continue. I started The Affair and while it’s not bad it hasn’t gotten me hooked either. I didn’t watch five episodes so I need to give it another chance still. And I need to finish Outlander season 1, still four more episodes to go.

sail1On personal side I have two lists; former 101 Things in 1001 Days that I changed to 55 Things in 555 Days; take a look! I only managed to do one so far but that’s kind of huge one as it is living abroad. As I told in the beginning of autumn, I moved to Amsterdam to do my exchange. I’m still there (though right now I’m visiting Finland for Christmas) and I’m planning on staying. I don’t have a proper job, I will loose my student housing in a month and I really need to find an internship to finalize my studies. So, wish me luck! And  if anyone knows any nice marketing/branding/event management internships in Europe (or elsewhere if I can get a permit) preferably in entertainment/sports business, let me know! Oh, I did start to take selfies every month, here’s an example:


I also have my Bucket List here for everyone to see. I haven’t achieved any of those goals, I think I need to start now.

In general note, the end of the year has been great. I loved my studies in Amsterdam, I got to know a bunch of great people that I really, really want to keep in my life in the future too. I’ve been pondering a lot if I’ve deserved all this happiness that I’m feeling now but then again, the spring and the last year were heavy ones, so, I guess, I have deserved some easy times for a change.


New Year’s resolutions? I promise to graduate. I promise to make changes to make me healthier. I promise to be easy on me. I promise to stay in touch with people that matter and I promise to try to remember not to hold on to things that are not worth it and just let them go. Any resolutions there?

I’m not wishing you Happy New Year yet as I hope you’ll come back in few days to see which films I liked the best this year. 😉

Spring Rambling

springGosh, it’s been forever since I posted anything! Over a month! But for my excuse, I’ve been awfully busy and also sick, so basically exhausted. I didn’t think of writing anything today but I read some of my favourite bloggers blogs for the first time for a long time and I realised how much I actually missed this world! So, thanks to all of you who write the best blogs ever. My e-mail is full of mails that reminds me to read your posts but I just haven’t had time to properly read them and I don’t want to do it in a glance. You all deserve proper attention.

I’m just going to ramble about life in general this time. I’ll get back to films the next time I’ll post something. 🙂 As it has been that I’ve watched something like three films during the last month. All of them in cinema, thankfully, but still! THREE. Pathetic. But I’ve watched some “classy” television like The Vampire Diaries, Friends and Pretty Little Liars. Yeah, I know. But that shows how tired I’ve been. All of my energy has basically gone to the school work and actual work too. Too much of both of them. So, nothing educational to me. And that is also the reason why I haven’t started watching new season of Game of Thrones either. It also deserves proper attention. But I will, soon! I promise. gameofthrones

Thankfully, spring is here. Finally. It’s still a bit grey, we don’t have leaves on the trees yet but at least it’s been sunny for the last four days or so. It’s still a bit cold (7 degrees in celsius) but still definitely spring. And it means that the school year is coming to end. We have only two semesters here, so the end of the term is in three weeks. Yay! I just finished this big marketing report that we did for local arthouse cinema today. We started it already in October, so getting it done is a huge thing. I’m so relieved. So, only few more exams, couple of presentations and a lot of essays of international law and I’m done! And quite well, I have to admit, I got a lot more credits that is expected of me. But I need them to get to the exchange school I want to.

partyWork-wise I’ve been bartending a lot lately. My colleagues are taking their holidays and that means I’m filling up for them. A bit too much to think that I still have school. But I can’t wait to get to summer when I only have to think of pouring those beers. I also have a new roommate and even though I’ve known him for 10 years it has taken quite a lot to get our habits to work together. But it’s good now. We even had a party that celebrated his housewarming and my birthday (I’m actually 34 years old now… that’s a lot, huh?).

Yeah, I don’t know if this was interesting to anyone but I’m glad I wrote something. Stay tuned, I’ll wrote short reviews for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Only Lovers Left Alive (I didn’t get Hiddleston himself as a birthday gift but I did get a lot of messages including his pictures 😀 ) and Noah the next time. Thanks for reading this rambling!

P.S. I also managed to do one thing on my list of 101 Things; bought earrings and wore them for a day. In the spirit of Captain America:earrings


Happy Blogoversary!

blogoversaryTime to celebrate!

It’s been a year since I posted my first post. Surprisingly it was about the Oscars. I’ve had posted a few more within the same topic since then. Hoping that you won’t get sick of the subject. At least the Oscars are bringing more visitors to my site because there’s never been more traffic than on the day they announced the nominees. And right now the most read posts daily are the ones that are about the Oscars. I don’t mind! I love writing about them.

I’ve got a little over hundred followers for my blog and then of course everyone following me on Twitter.  It’s kinda funny that it shows both. But pleasant, of course. And I don’t think one should pay too much attention to stats (although, I got to admit, I still do check them regularly) because the best things in writing a blog and living in the blog world are of course the fellow bloggers. So thanks to all of you who have visited here and especially thanks to all  of you who are writing these splendid blogs I love to read and comment! Here are some of my very favourites, check them out!


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That Leo pic has actually nothing to do with those blogs but I love it and I can post anything today because it’s my blogoversary. And my review of The Wolf of Wall Street is the most commented post I’ve ever written. And this cheery one is the most liked post. Oh, and if I forgot to mention someone on the list, please, feel free to come and shout at me, my memory is not the best one.

It’s been quite good blogging year. Inside and outside of the blogging. Like I mentioned I’ve gotten to read great blogs, seen great TV series and watched a bunch of very good movies and then written about them. Which is good. I also have had quite an eventful year in real life too. I got into school, I’m finally following my dream; my most viewed post of all time is “If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It” (quote by Walt Disney). I am now studying International Business and basically minoring in Media Studies. I’ve found out I’m quite good at Scriptwriting, I just need to get my English more natural, and Stats which was plan1quite a surprise. I tried to find a summer job in England but didn’t, so I’m staying here, doing bartending but attending to summer uni to study either Stats or German, depending on summer courses. So it will not be total waste of time. And then next year this time I’ll be applying to exchange to abroad. To United Kingdom, to be precise. And at the moment the plan is to stay there after that half of a year. Hopefully I’ll find internship placement on some bigger production company, on the distribution side preferably. Here’s one that seem quite like the one that I have in mind, if you’re interested.

I also traveled to few places during this year. I went to London and Dublin, saw amazing musical of Wicked, go see it if you at all like musicals and celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin. After quitting my horrible job, I went to Prague for a short holiday and had a great time. That great that the photos from there are not so good… But I love the city and will definitely go back there. During the summer I visited to Lapland for the first time and participated as a volunteer to Midnight Sun Film Festival in Sodankylä. That was amazing! I also took part to Helsinki International Film Festival and will take a part to Tampere International Film Festival in three weeks, as a volunteer like always. It’ll be interesting. I should do a post about Tampere altogether, this is a nice place to live. Anyway, I also visited to Copenhagen that probably was my favourite trip of the last year, the city is so relaxing and easy to go around. And I loved Danish food! During the autumn holiday I went to visit my friends in Spain (read how no one should travel) and then came back via Paris. I still haven’t edited all the pictures from that trip but I will post them as soon as I have! Here’s one from Paris:


So, not a bad year at all. I’ve had my sorrows but mainly I’ve had quite a good time! At the moment I’m doing a business plan (school project) for a photography studio, another hobby of mine and marketing research for actual customer that happens to be privately owned cinema here in Tampere. School can be fun! Blog-wise, I will continue writing about the Oscars (next week!!!!), The Best of the Best lists and anything movie-related. I try to keep you guys updated how I’m doing with my lists and dreams because that seems to interest the most of the visitors here. Meanwhile, enjoy the show below, they are the most searched people who bring readers to Fairytale Pictures:






Sunshine Award

Sunshine-AwardLast week lovely Tom Ford at Movies & Music Café nominated me for Sunshine Award! I thank thee for the honour and try to do my best to be worth of it. And here in grey, miserably rainy Finland we do need a little bit of sunshine. The Sunshine Award is for spreading the good word of bloggers around the world. There are simple rules:

1)      Tell 11 random facts of yourself.

2)      Answer the 11 questions that the person who nominated you presented.

3)      Ask 11 questions.

4)      Nominate 11 more blog(gers) to answer to these questions.

I’ve already told some random facts about myself when receiving Liebster Award but let’s see if I can think of something else…

1) I live in Tampere, the third biggest city (I prefer town because this is not that big place) in Finland.

2) I’ve lived in England and Germany as well.

3) I work as a bartender but I’m still fulltime student.

4) I’m not big fan of animations but when I watch them, they usually are the best films of the year.

5) I get addicted very easily, I just watched five seasons of The Big Bang Theory in 10 days and still went to work and school and even partied with my friends during the same time. Didn’t sleep that much though…

6) I’m an only child.

7) I just watched Pulp Fiction for the first time and didn’t really like it.

8) I usually listen to movie music when doing something else, like cooking or writing (like now there’s Disney playlist playing).

9) My favourite song ever is Sweet Child O’Mine by Guns n’ Roses.

10) When I was a little girl, Danny Kaye was my favourite actor, I thought he was so funny.


And the questions by Mr. Ford:

 1. What is the last film you saw?

Pulp Fiction. And as I told a few lines before, didn’t think much of it. I’ll be reviewing it later.

2. Name a song that makes you cry?

Depends on my mood. But Adele’s Someone Like You is one that almost always does the trick.  Johnny Cash’s version of Hurt is the other.

3. Mince Pie or Christmas Pudding?

I don’t have actual remembrance of Christmas Pudding because we don’t have that in Finland and it’s been a while since I was in England during the Christmas time but sounds more to my taste than Mince Pie. The latter I remember and it wasn’t really my thing.

4. What is your favourite TV show?

thebigbangAt the moment The Big Band Theory, in general Gilmore Girls, I guess. I did a list about them, check it out here!

5. Liger or Tigon?

Can I choose tiger and lion?

6. If you could be any character from any movie, who would you be?

I answered this already when I was nominated for Liebster but I want to change my answer; I’d be Hermione Granger, she has it all plus very funny husband. According to books, she’s also my age.

7. What’s your address and phone number? Just kidding. Are you any good at karaoke?

No. I can’t sing in tune.

8. What’s the best thing that has ever happened to you (other than this award)?

LOL. Gosh, I don’t know. Probably getting into this school. At least it feels like that now.

9. Do you like Tom Ford?

Yes, both of them.

10. What is the last book you read?

I have about 10 books that I’m reading currently but the last one I finished was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

11. Do you like Matthew McConaughey as much as I do?

I doubt it but I do like him a lot. Did already before he started to do those proper films.


And my 11 questions to the following bloggers:

1. What’s your favourite Christmas movie?

2. The best theme from the movies?

3. What’s your favourite Christmas tradition?

4. What was the best place you went on holiday?

5. Who is the person you admire the most?

6. What genre of movies appeals you to the most?

7. Name the book you would recommend?

8. The best blog you’ve read (except of your own)?

9. What do you think of that that James Cameron is going to do three more Avatar movies?

10. Who is the best character in television?

And then the mighty blogs that I like A LOT. The most of them are obviously movie themed but not all. Some of them are already quite known and don’t probably have time for awards but I still like them and want to nomite them, so here we go:

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Happy Christmas time to everyone!

How NOT to (Budget) Travel


¡Hola! Greetings from Madrid! 

I left to Spain on 9th of October. The day before I got off from work at 9pm or something like it and went to my “living room” aka the bar I always go and where I also work sometimes. Well anyway, I had worked a lot during the last three weeks. Had all the deadlines at school (and met all of them!) and also did quite a few shifts at works. So, I went to the bar and called out straight away that I have a holiday now, so gimme a beer! I had a plan to have few beers and then go to home and wake up fresh the next day. Didn’t happen. I ended up to some after parties at my own home (I blame my roommate in that matter) and reputedly went to bed about half five or something like it. So, you can imagine, if you’ve ever drank too many, how it feels the next day.

celebrationOn 9th of October I woke up probably still a bit drunk and started packing (that’s common to me to pack just before leaving but usually I’m sober…). I did even back my dirty clothes to wash them at my friends place in Fuengirola but for some reason I wanted to leave my passport at home. And notice that when already in a bus going to the airport. And my home is about two hours from the airport, so no way turning back. I also had to take the taxi to the bus station because I was running late. No surprise there. Well, I finally got to the airport and straight away to the police station and thankfully they gave me the temporary passport valid until end of this month. Not so thankfully, a person can be a beholder of only one passport from one country at the same time, so my proper passport is not valid anymore. So that’s about 150 euros more to my budget. What was supposed to be a budget traveller’s budget…

At the airport I realized I hadn’t printed my shuttle bus ticket from Malaga airport to Fuengirola (approximately 25 kilometres). And my flight was landing at 00.05, so I really should have it. Well, I got it and paid nice five euros more for it because the only place to get print outs was the lobby of some hotel at the airport. And while doing all this extra stuff, it was already 40 minutes in to my flight time. And when I went to check in, of course the machine doesn’t work with the temporary passport. So to the desk and because I was travelling through Gatwick in London, (what I kinda didn’t take in account) I got a nice lecture from the flight officer at the check-in desk how I should be on time. She was a quite bitch because I tried to be sorry for all of the inconvenience.

The cutest colour ever for the passport.

The cutest colour ever for the passport.

But, in the end, I wasn’t even in a hurry. Had total of 10 minutes of extra time before boarding and everything went quite smoothly at Gatwick (well, they had a few extra questions why I was travelling with that passport) and at Malaga airport (well, I did walk past the desk I was supposed to enter after landing and because it was in the baggage hall and I read the instructions after coming to the public area, I couldn’t get back. The number I was supposed to call, didn’t work and I was running out of the battery of my mobile because I wasn’t able to charge it at the Gatwick because I didn’t thought of that that they have the different power junction there. But I did find my driver after some panicking.).

So, I got to Fuengirola and to the street my friend lives. But when I was supposed to call her, I did run out of battery. So there I am, on the some street in somewhere in Fuengirola in the middle of the night. No means to call her. But thankfully there’s a restaurant semi-open and some guys sitting in front of it. And again, thankfully, they are British, so I get to charge my phone and meantime they invited me to join them for a beer and have a nice chat. And after that everything went smoothly for that day.


Day number two started well, we went to see Benalmadena (the pic above) and had a nice stroll on the streets. But in the evening I went to have a dinner with my step sis and her friends and gosh, the wine in Spain is cheap. Like really cheap. And good. So, when I went back to my friend’s place I was quite tipsy (again!) and I met her roommates for the first time (not the best first glance). The evening ended to that that while walking hand in hand back to home, we kind of fell (why I’m telling you all of this?) and I ended up hurting my toes that way that one of then might have an infection at the moment. Though, it’s not hurting that much anymore. Oh, I also ripped my only jeans…

The next two days went ok, I think. We did run out of gas on Sunday (no stores open) and I had not that nice cold shower the morning I needed to leave. I was going to take the bus from Malaga to Madrid and I already had printed the ticket while printing the ticket I needed for the shuttle bus. And I even checked from the map that the train station in Malaga is right next to the bus station. But here’s the catch, there are few train stations at Malaga. So, you can probably already guess, I missed my bus and got to pay for another ticket. To a bus that took almost couple of hours longer to get here. The silver lining is there that the ticket
at least was the same price as the original. So, I got here, an hour late and the hostel couldn’t find my reservation (again, do read the instruction from the web page when you prisonershughjackmanreserve something!) perhaps because I did not reconfirm it. But because this hostel seems nice, I got my bed and I even got total of 20 minutes to get to the last screening of Prisoners last night. Going to the movies soothes me. And it did again.

Today everything has gone fine (except I couldn’t find the grocery store 50 meters from the hostel because it was in the basement but I did find Starbucks and five movie theatres!). Hopefully it will continue going good. I travel a lot and I have never ever been this bad at it. Oh btw, this all started when I booked the flight ticket from Paris to Helsinki for wrong dates back in August.

Oscars 2014 – The Festival Update

12 years a slaveIt’s been a week since Toronto International Film Festival ended. I’m a bit late with my update but better now than never, huh? After Venice Film Festival, Telluride in Colorado  and Toronto, it very much seems like this is going to be one hell of a year for awards season and movies all in all. The people who were lucky enough to see films at some of the festivals, especially in Telluride and Toronto, are raving about couple of films and praising a bunch of others. And there are still a few that hasn’t even come out yet. This awards season looks crowded. I already made my first predictions for the Best Picture (here, here and here) and will continue update them during the season and hopefully manage to do pages at least to all of the main categories.

So, the clear winner of Toronto (and Telluride) was Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave. I have already showed my excitement towards it at Twitter and on my FB page (for the blog and my personal as well.) I can hardly wait for it. It will be out in October in the States and UK but I have to wait until January. It’ll be a long one. The reviews have been amazing for the film; there are a lot of people saying that it’s the film that will be essential viewing in the future whenever talking about slavery. Besides the film will be (I’m 99,9% sure of that) the best picture nominee, it’ll might end up getting nominations for McQueen for directing,fassbender Chiwetel Ejiofor for the best actor, Michael Fassbender for the best supporting actor (and I gotta say, I don’t care if there are going to be better performances than his, I’m gonna root for him because this is his year with 12 Years a Slave and The Counselor plus he is so extremely talented actor that it’s time to recognize that), Lupita Nyong´o for the best supporting actress, the adapted screenplay, cinematography, editing and the score at least. I haven’t seen the film, so I can’t comment more about the technical categories but those ones at least should be obvious possibilities.

Yeah, as you can see, I’m hugely excited about that film… The other one that got “you haven’t seen anything like this” –raves was Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity. And Sandra Bullock in the lead role should end up with the nomination again. As well as the director himself. And if I’ve understand correctly the technical side of the film is impeccable. Can’t wait to see this one either, thankfully the wait is only until October.

The other movies that lived up to the expectations are Dallas Buyers Club that apparently includes the career-best performances from Matthew McConaughey (the lead) and Jared Leto (the supporting), Blue Jasmine for Cate Blanchett and maybe even Sally Hawkins in captain phillipssupporting role and Captain Phillips that didn’t even got the premier at any of the festival but still screened at the same time with Toronto and got sucked in to the hype. Tom Hanks is after over a decade in Oscar winning or at least nomination mode and will probably end up nabbing a nomination for the lead role.  The newcomer Barkhad Abdi has gotten some good reviews for his supporting role as a nowadays pirate and might end up with the nomination too.  If Captain Phillips is as good as is the first reviews, the director Greengrass, the scripters Billy Ray and the man himself Captain Richard Phillips and the sound department might get the nominations as well.

The most surprising of the festival films has been dark thriller Prisoners. The most of the viewers have been waiting for normal crime thriller with nothing special but it looks like Prisoners has taken people by surprise and shown that it might be an award winner too. This one I’m waiting a lot too. I already liked the trailer and after reading the reviews telling me that all the actors, especially Hugh Jackman, are doing superb job and that the story is twisting the ways that it’s almost hard to keep up, it seems like the one that I’ll enjoy a lot. And it’ll be in theaters in three weeks in Finland too. And so will Captain Phillips, so after a three weeks, keep up for my reviews for both of the films!

The other film that got standing ovation at Toronto, was Ron Howard’s Rush that I saw few days ago. I would have clapped with the audience at the festival; the movie is very entertaining, very well done and very thrilling. Read more of my review. Or go see it yourself; it’s totally worth of your time!

benedictThe only one that didn’t really lived up the hype was The Fifth Estate, the story of Wikileads. The only one in that that got praise was Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead role of Julian Assange but because the category of lead actor will be full, I doubt he’ll make the cut. And to me it seems like August: Osage County is not living up to the hype either. They are also talking about changing the ending, that just can’t be good. But sure nomination for Meryl Streep anyway.

That’s it for now. During this weekend I’m working as a volunteer at Helsinki International Film Festival and hopefully I’ll be able to catch some films, even though the ones that I’m mostly interested are already sold-out (or screening when I’m on duty).  When it comes to the potential Oscar contenders, I still need to see Blue Jasmine and Before Midnight that are already out here in north too. Have a great rest of the weekend! Remember to follow me in Twitter to keep updated!