Liebster Award #2


Great JW at Film & Nuance nominated me for a Liebster Award for the second time in my blogging history. THANK YOU! It’s nice to be recognized. 🙂 Check out his site! And if you’re up to it, here’s my previous Liebster post.

Here are the questions he set up for all of us nominated:

1.What is your favourite movie in your least favourite genre. And why?

  • This is kinda hard to answer. There are three genres that I don’t like that much: western, war movies and mafia related films. But to be honest, all the films I’ve watched in the last genre mentioned, I’ve liked, so I should probably stop saying that I don’t like it. And I don’t remember watching any westerns that I actually liked. So, let’s say… Atonement. Can I call it a war movie? No? Well, hmmm, what about Inglourious Basterds? Still no? Ok, I’ll change genres back to western as I just realised (after checking my  IMDb ratings) that there is one western that I liked a lot: True Grit, Coens’ version. There you go, found it.

True Grit - Hailee Steinfeld -

2.If you had to favour a certain style (for directing a film,writing a book or any other art form of your choice), would you prefer a no-frills and direct approach, or an artistic and ambiguous one. Why?

  • I’d had to go with no-frills and direct as I enjoy those kind of films more than artsy ones. I do love beautiful writing in a book but without obvious story it just doesn’t work for me.

3.Name a movie you can watch any day.

  • That would be something silly and easy to watch like Legally Blonde, Mean Girls, Love Actually, Trainwreck etc.


4.If you could keep an object that you had previously but by now either lost it,sold,misplaced,had it stolen or destroyed, what would it be?

  • Nevermind album by Nirvana. I used to listen to it all the time and got fed up with it and for some idiotic reason sold it. Same goes for special edition of Green Day’s Dookie. Idiot.

5.Pick an era to live in.

  • Hippietime, sometime around 60s to 70s. Interesting times, a lot of political changes, freedom and great music.

6.The best film you’ve seen this year and an unreleased 2016 film that you think might beat it.

  • Spotlight and I doubt there will be one but possible contenders are The Light Between Oceans, Silence, Arrival, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk and La La Land. I’m really picky about films that I give 10/10 and there have been years when I haven’t awarded full points to any film. But La La Land is my the most awaited film of the year as I absolutely love both Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone and Whiplash, that was made by same man, Damien Chazelle, was my absolute favourite from 2015.

7.Name a memory you would keep till your death.

  • I don’t think I can single out one memory. I have a lot of those that I’d like to keep. I haven’t done anything THAT spectacular that I could point it out.

8.Ice-cream or popsicles?

  • Ice-cream

9.Where do you stand on the Harambe case?

  • I wasn’t aware of this case but went and read about it. Idk, to me zoos are no-no anyway, so… But I think the staff acted the best way they thought was suitable at the moment. In case there’s someone as clueless as me, here’s the story.

10.Favourite type of music? And what does it mean to you?

  • These days I listen to all kinds of music from classical music to hard rock and anything between, also EDM. But I guess my favourite kind is still rock especially classic rock e.g. Led Zeppelin.

11.How do you cool off after being upset/angry?

  • Music. It always works. My ex-roommate aka one of my best friends used to say it was easy to know my mood by the music I was listening to. I use music to manipulate my feelings. It affects me a lot.

There you go. Something about me. Now it’s your turn. I should nominate ten blogs I guess but I’ll settle with half of them. Here are the blogs I love to follow and I hope they will get a lot more followers! I know it should be under 200 followers but I choose not to care. 😉 Check them out!

So, here are my questions for you guys and girls:

  1. What kind of a role in a film would be the most interesting to you to play?
  2. If you read, what is the book you always go back to?
  3. Three things that would make your life better?
  4. Who is your ultimate celebrity crush and why?
  5. Who’s your favourite dead director?
  6. If you could choose to study whatever despite the future earnings/finding a job/the place of the study/etc. what would you study?
  7. What film do you think will win the best picture Oscar next February?
  8. Your dream vacation spot?
  9. The best movie memory?
  10. Do you have a schedule for blogging?

That’s it! Good luck and haveagreatweek_minion



Summer’s Gone


Wow! I didn’t even realise how amazingly lazy I’ve been again. With posts in general but especially with my updates. So, let’s take a look where I am at the moment, in life and movie world.

Did you, guys, realised that my 101 (which is 55 these days) has its deadline already in March?! I sure didn’t! Well, I’m certain that I won’t be able to travel to all those destinations mentioned on it. Pity. But at least I will be travelling somewhere (come January and I’ll be heading to Florida and The Bahamas!!! Yay!). Anyway, let’s take a look if if I’ve managed to do anything… Heh, yeah, I went on a date (#8), a very, very nice date. In May already. Pity it didn’t work because I liked the guy a lot. He was clever enough to suggest that we will go to see a film in local art house cinema and even was willing to see Son of Saul, not exactly the first date material. The other thing I did was taking a selfie every month for a year (#16):

Omat kuvat

There are pics from June 2augustselfie16015 to March, April and May are somewhere in social media and  I’ll let them be as they’re not that good. But here’s me now, taken this Tuesday. I cut my hair after couple of years keepin’ it long.

Ok, enough of that. What else I’ve managed to do from my list… I did saw the northern lights when I was working in northern Lapland from February until April. I will go back there on 5th of September and this time I’m planning on staying there until the next spring. I also visited there the last week. Here are some pics from northern Norway where I visited for the first time ever:

Btw, if you’re interested in checking out more of my pics, follow me on Instagram, the name fairytalepictures. I also use Snapchat, feel free to add me, it’s satufp (my first name and letters from the blog). I’d love to follow you guys too if you use any of those.

So, three things in, what… a year?! Wow, talking about laziness… What about life goals aka the bucket list? Have I done anything? I kinda doubt it. And yep, I was right, I haven’t done anything. I better start, life’s short, huh?

In February I said I will go and post a list of films I watch every month. Did that happen? No. the-hundred-year-old-man-who-climbed-out-of-the-window-and-disappearedSo, let’s take a look now what has happened my 50/50 list. I can’t even remember when I watched those films. Thankfully (read: sadly) there aren’t that many. I’ve only read two books this year (it’s kind of hard to believe, I really though I’ve read more) but as I’m going to Lapland in a week, I know that I will have time to read more, so it’s still possible to get my 12 books before the end of the year. Right now I’m reading this novel called The Hundred-Year-Old Who Climbed Out of the Window And Disappeared and I recommend it gladly! It’s so funny, interesting, heartfelt and just absurd. I love it! They also made a film of it, it might be worth to check out too.

And to films! I’ve seen 66 films this year, so far. 16 of them I saw in cinemas despite the fact that during two months I didn’t really have proper access to them. Well, there is one in the nearby village (30 km away) but the screenings are like four times a week, so it’s good luck if you’re not working then. The best one of the new films to me I’ve seen this year is still Spotlight, the runner-ups being Captain America: Civil War, The Big Short, Pan’s Labyrinth, In Your Eyes and of course Deadpool that delivered even though I had huge expectations! And when it comes to my IMDb-challenge, I’ve watched four from the list. And I’m planning on watching two more today! I already watched No Country for Old Men. On TV side I’ve been hooked to Bones the most of the year and as I’ve been quite tired this summer (I’ve been working at festivals, so it means travelling around all the time), I’ve mainly watched Gilmore Girls as I find it comforting. I did finish watching Outlander, though. It was recommended to me back then when I started my TV challenge.

There you go. This year has kinda gone past without me really noticing it. The summer went and I mainly worked. I only slowed down during the last few weeks and visited a friend in Kalajoki. While in home, I’ve been in Tampere, my favourite place in Finland (pics above, first Kalajoki, 2nd Tampere). I’m still in the middle of my uni, I still need to do the practical training and thesis. As I wrote in the end of the year, I wanted to stay in Amsterdam but couldn’t in the end, so I decided to go to Lapland to make some money after coming back to Finland in the end of January I did apply here and there during the last spring but didn’t get a place that I really wanted, so graduation post-boned but it’s OK. Now I’m off to Saariselkä. Winter is coming.


Soundtrack to My Life Movie Tag

Couple of days ago I read Abbi’s nice post of Soundtrack to my life movie tag that is originally from Le CinĂŠma en Rose blog and wanted to do my own. So, here we go.

Opening Credits: Favorite Childhood movie

This must be a tie between Star Wars (New Hope) and The Wizard of Oz. I watched them both whenever I went to my grandma’s as we didn’t have VCR at home. Although as this is opening credits, I got to choose Star Wars! What’s more classic?


Waking up: A film that got you out of a movie watching slump

Well, that actually just happened. I hadn’t watched any films during this month until the day before yesterday and that was The Change-Up that I watched. Hotness of Olivia Wilde gets me out of bed.


School: A movie you had to watch for school that you ended up loving

Hard one. I got to say Catch Me If You Can. I had seen it before I watched it again and again for my Scriptwriting course but I started to like it much more after analysing it to threads.


Falling In Love: A director you love so much you want to watch all of their movies

David Fincher is my longest lasting love.

david fincher

Fight: Movie with the best action sequences

The Dark Knight. I love those thrilling driving sequences. Very cool bombings also.


Break up: A movie you didn’t finish and do not intend to finish

Four Rooms. I just hated it. A lot.


Hanging With Friends: Movie you think everyone else should watch

Begin Again. I love, love, love it! It made me fly the first time I saw it and world looked so much better afterwards.


Breakdown: Movie that seriously affected you/had you crying your eyes out

I’m a huge cry-baby, so there are many but the most… Brokeback Mountain. I might not cry the most but the sadness of it is heart-breaking. “Jack, I swear.” I just watched that final scene (spoiler, obviously) again when I looked it up and yes, it made me tear up.


Roadtrip: You favorite series (more than 3 films)

Star Wars. Hands down. Just ditch the first three. I never want to watch them again.

Flashback: Your favorite movie from 5 years ago

Five years ago? I’m just gonna go with my fave that was released about that time. And that’ll be… Wow, there are some very good films released 2010 and -11… But as a favorite that I watch again and again because of them:


(That’s Thor if you didn’t realise.)

Getting Back Together: What movie can you not stop re-watching

Titanic. I must have seen it something like 50 times.


Wedding: A movie that is really special to you

Fellowship of the Rings. It reminds me how much I actually love movies and how much I want to be in the industry.


Moment of Triumph: Longest movie you’ve ever watch

I think it must be Gone With the Wind but it’s not very triumphant as I love the film! But the one that I struggled with is Tarkovsky’s The Mirror. I just don’t get it.


Death Scene: Movie you wish had ended differently

Friday Night Lights. It is just let down. Way too realistic. And it’s just unbelievably sad if someone’s best days are in high school.


Funeral: Movie with the best or worst epilogue

The best: Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 2. I still love the fact how he named his son.


Tag can go to anyone who wants to participate! 


Paper Towns in Paper and Film

It’s been a couple of years since I reviewed a book or books to be exact. I read way too little these days, I’ve only managed to read eight books this year. Wohoo. But one of them is another John Green novel (the last year I read Fault in Our Stars that I enjoyed a lot), called Paper Towns.papertowns2

Paper Towns (2008)
written by John Green

Synopsis (IMDb): “After an all night adventure, Quentin’s life-long crush, Margo, disappears, leaving behind clues that Quentin and his friends follow on the journey of a lifetime.”

John Green might be becoming one of my favourite writers alive. If he continues writing (Fault in Our Stars was released already three years ago and it’s the latest of his novels) and also develop in the way that difference between Paper Town and Fault in Our Starts shows, then he really might become my favourite. To me he is writing actual literature. The writing is beautiful even though it’s contemporary. When reading Fault, I read passages of it aloud because I thought those words were worth of hearing. Paper Towns is not that good and at the beginning it feels like that its just one of those “whatever”-kind of teen wannabe-romances but towards the end Green shows why we call him author.

What I especially like in Green’s books is the amount of quotable lines. The understanding of complexity of life and being able to put down it in words. That is something I really admire in writers. I even took photos of some of the quotes while reading. And that is a sign of a good book. That you need to capture something and think about it later. One of my favourites from Paper Towns:


What is the main problem in Paper Towns to me is the main character’s, Quentin, crush on the next-door neighbour, Margo, who is the one that puts everything in the motion. She’s obviously needed for the story but gosh, she’s annoying and it is really hard to understand Quentin’s obsession towards her. But then again, I’m not a teenager anymore, maybe it is not my place to understand. But because of her, Q as Quentin is referred, is an asshole. So she makes our protagonist effing annoying. And I hate books when I feel so turned off by the main character that I want to throw the book on the wall. Guess that is also a good sign? The character is living when I have strong emotions while reading. But it is still annoying.


Anyway. Paper Towns is average. It is much better towards the end, I even liked both, Margo and Q in the end thanks to John Green who made them realise something. I don’t know what I should say more? What should a person in general write about books? Books feel so much more personal than watching films and reviewing them. Or maybe I’m just used to do that? Let’s see:



Directed by Jake Schreier

Written by Michael H. Weber & John Green (author)

Starring Nat Wolff, Cara Delevingne, Austin Abrams, Justice Smith, Halston Sage & Jaz Sinclair

Synopsis: see book review

Well. What I liked about the film Paper Towns is the use of unfamiliar names except Cara Delevingne and she’s not really known for her acting. It makes this little film a bit more real. What else did I like..? Can’t remember. It wasn’t bad. It was just totally “whatever” and definitely worse compared to the book.

What I remember is that the music was so off. Or maybe that was the point; they wanted to make the film feel different from the book? Because the music didn’t suit the mood of the book at all. It bothered me thorough the whole film. Cinematography was kind of nice, sunny and a little pastel coloured. It looks the same like the poster of the film. So, that’s in line. Oh, the character of Ben (Austin Abrams) was so much more in the film! I didn’t find him very funny in the book but in here he is kind of perfect. Yeah, he is probably the best thing in the film.


Script of the film is different from the book in reasoning. I don’t want to give out anything but that is kind of story-ruiner as the reasons of doing things in the film are just plain stupid. Plus they’re much funnier and relatable in the book. And Q’s actor or how he portraits Q is off. He’s way too lazy to be properly obsessed what he really is. Doesn’t work. And Margo is not really annoying he, so it’s hard to see why Q is. Cara Delevingne is nice, she seems cool as Margo. In a good way.


Verdict: Read the book if you feel like it. If you don’t, read Fault In Our Stars because you should, it’s very good. Watch the film if you have some spare time but I’m sure you’ll have better things to do.

Ratings: Book: ***½ (out of 5) Film: **½ (out of 5)

London Film Festival – Trumbo & Beasts of No Nation reviews

odeonSo, I visited London. Didn’t get to see Benedict Cumberbatch as Hamlet but I did see some other celebrities. Domnhall Gleeson was photographed, I guess for some magazine based on the styling, in Soho in some random street corner and stars were taking part to premieres of films. I went to see two films; Beasts of No Nation and Trumbo. The first one had its first LFF screening on Thursday 6th of October and I happened to be in that screening that was also the UK premiere. That meant that the lead actor, Abraham Attah, the writer of the original book, Uzodinma Iweala, AND the director, whom I’ve mentioned before, Cary Fukunaga, were also present. No complaints there.beasts-of-no-nation


Directed by Cary Fukunaga

Written by Cary Fukunaga & Uzodinma Iweala

Starring Abraham Attah & Idris Elba

Synopsis (IMDb): A drama based on the experiences of Agu, a child soldier fighting in the civil war of an unnamed African country.

Beasts of No Nation is 10 years old passion project for Mr. Fukunaga but it’s as relevant today at it was 10 years ago which is really sad. Fukunaga said in introduction that this film should be felt more than watched and I agree. There are no huge special effects or something extraordinary how it looks or anything that hasn’t been made before. But as Fukunaga said, he wants to make films that can change the views. There isn’t really a message in Beasts of No Nation but no one can watch this film and not somehow get moved by it. Or you are able to do so, I would be concerned.

Abraham Attah is amazing as Agu. According to his own words, he was just playing football when Fukunaga came to tell him and others that there’s an audition. He thought it was for playing football. This is the very first time the Ghanaian boy is acting but he’s simply great. And he even said that it wasn’t hard to do. That’s natural talent then.


And if Attah is great, so is always good Elba. He plummets in the skin of the commander of the group of child soldiers. And what is the most brilliant in his work, the character, even he is basically the base of the bad, is never inhuman. I think I actually kind of liked him. And that’s scary if anything. I do hope he’ll get an Oscar nomination for the role. As well as Attah, he is that good.

Besides directing, Fukunaga also wrote the script and shot the film himself. The imagery looks beautiful. One would not think that when surrounded by that kind of nature, man would still be capable of such horrible things. I also enjoyed the music, it carried the film and popped out in good ways. The story could have been richer or maybe more dramatic but on the other hand, I appreciate it that Fukunaga kept it small as now everything you see, feels, unfortunately, very true.

Rating: **** (out of 5)

Beasts of No Nation will be out in Netflix on October 16th world-wide! Watch it!


TRUMBO (2015)

Directed by Jay Roach

Written by John McNamara & Bruce Cook

Starring Bryan Cranston, Diane Lane, Elle Fanning,  Louis C.K., John Goodman & Helen Mirren

Synopsis: The successful career of Hollywood screenwriter, Dalton Trumbo, comes to an end when he is blacklisted in the 1940s for being a Communist.

I actually liked Trumbo more than Beasts of No Nation and it makes me feel horrible. Trumbo does have a proper true story that it is based on but it’s all gone and it’s horribly entertaining and I laughed a lot. “Beasts” is just so much more important. Guess at least the fact that I feel bad tells that Beasts managed to have an effect on me. But back to Trumbo…

First of all, give Cranston an Oscar nom! He is Trumbo. Love him. Helen Mirren was quite over-the-top like I heard but she’s just so good that it doesn’t matter. I also enjoyed performances of Diane Lane, Elle Fanning, Roger Bart, David James Elliott, Dean O’Gorman etc. You get the picture, everyone is good. I don’t really have any complaints about this film. Except that. It’s a bit too perfect. It looks like the era before WWII. Clean and steady. The film itself starts right about there but ends much later.

After my stupid complaint, I have to say that I would probably gladly watch this film right now even though I just saw it. It’s very good. And interesting. It looks fab, the script is worth of an Oscar nomination; it’s hilarious but at the same time I did have tears in my eyes. And to a European, it’s kind of always funny to make fun of “true Americans”, in this case I especially enjoyed jokes about John Wayne, he’s so over-rated.

See this film. It’s good. No idea when it opens anywhere.

Rating: ****½ (out of 5)

And back to the fact that I didn’t see Benedict Cumberbatch. But I got the second best thing. Or the first. Can’t make up my mind. Anyway, I did see Tom Hiddleston:


And loads of hearts to him, he seems as genuinely lovely guy that you get from his appearances anywhere. He stayed there for ages to talk to the fans, taking photos and signing autographs. And o’boy, he’s tall! ❤

Straight Outta Compton review

compton Straight Outta Compton (2015)

Directed by F. Gary Gray

Written by Jonathan Herman, Andrea Berloff, S. Leigh Savidge, Alan Wenkus & Andrea Berloff

Starring O’Shea Jackson Jr., Corey Hawkins, Jason Mitchell, Neil Brown Jr., Aldis Hodge & Paul Giamatti

Synopsis (IMDb): “The group NWA emerges from the mean streets of Compton in Los Angeles, California, in the mid-1980s and revolutionizes Hip Hop culture with their music and tales about life in the hood.”

Straight Outta Compton was quite an experience for a white girl from Scandinavia. I think people like me should go and see this film. It’s quite nice way to get some shaking. And also very sad to notice how little has changed in 25 years. This film is very much showing the reality of today as well as the reality back in the days of N.W.A. And that kind of reality I have no idea.

Besides the politics, Straight Outta Compton is very good film. More than that actually. Characters are well-build and amazingly look-a-likes to their real life role models. Stories of these guys were authentic, there were no minute when I didn’t think this couldn’t happen. Even though there are scenes without purpose, so some more editing would have been good but those scenes too were genuine. It was so refreshing to see unknown faces on the screen for a change. Except Paul Giamatti who again did swell job. When it comes to other actors, most notably excellent Jason Mitchell in the role of Eazy E, they did splendidly. O’Shea Jackson Jr. is the other actor I’d like to point out for his work in the film but then again, he was playing his father, so there might have been some background work already done before this gig.


Like said, some more editing wouldn’t have hurt and some scenes were repetitive but that’s life. It can be easily be repetitive. I think that’s basically my only complain. Ok, I’m not the target audience for this film as I find this kind of machoism quite annoying but for the first time I have to say, I kinda got it. There just might be a reason to do stuff that looks stupid like giving the finger to authorities. I’m glad this story got told. And I’m very glad it happened now, it’s so relevant.

And the main thing. The music! Wow, those guys were and are talented. I haven’t really been listening to this kind of music but I sure will from now on. Have a look:

Rating: ****(out of 5)

Everest review

everestEVEREST (2015)

Directed by Baltasar Kormåkur

Written by William Nicholson & Simon Beaufoy

Starring Jason Clarke, John Hawkes, Emily Watson, Keira Knightley, Sam Worthington, Josh Brolin, Michael Kelly, Jake Gyllenhaal, Robin Wright & Mount Everest

IMDb – synopsis: “A climbing expedition on Mt. Everest is devastated by a severe snow storm.”

I’m still thinking of this film. I saw it only few hours earlier. It’s not very good. But it’s not very bad either. And it’s not that much “meh”. I don’t really know what it is. Let’s try a pros vs cons list.

Cons first because I’m a positive person and like to finish with the good stuff.

Robin Wright and Keira Knightley were so unused. So unused because they were, after the said mountain, the best things in the film. They are so good and these brief roles they have in Everest proofs my point exactly.

I didn’t really care about anybody. Too many characters. Gone in a second. And most of the time they are covered by necessary clothing and stuff, so you don’t really know who that is. That being said, it was kinda waste with that kind of actors not to really see how good they actually are because, lets face it, the main character in the film is Everest. As it should be but, you know, you do know it’ll survive no matter what.


And that brings me to the pros. I really liked that the film did respect the mountain. It is actually shot in Nepal and Everest’s South Base Camp. According to IMDb there were another real life accident at the mountain when shooting of this film happened: “This movie is based on the worst disaster to ever occur in the Mount Everest region in Nepal but a striking coincidence occurred when this movie was being shot in Nepal. An avalanche on April 18, 2014 killed 16 people on Everest and the casualty was higher than the 1996 disaster which this movie is based on. The shooting had to be postponed and the disaster took the most lives ever taken in an Everest Disaster mostly Sherpas (all Nepalese) who were preparing ground work for the upcoming climbing season.” You have to respect the nature. And after seeing this film I have absolutely no desires to climb a mountain. No way. No. I can still hear the wind. And feel the cold. No.

Everest looks great in the film. Beautiful and dangerous. Majestic. All in all, all the technical aspects work really nicely. It sounds and looks good but the feeling is kinda gone and, as a mountain lover, I think it’s hard to capture how enormous those things are, especially Everest. I’m glad some other things are easier to capture.

Jake Gyllenhaal shirtless gif

Rating (for the film, not Jake here): *** (out of 5)