Happy Blogoversary!

blogoversaryTime to celebrate!

It’s been a year since I posted my first post. Surprisingly it was about the Oscars. I’ve had posted a few more within the same topic since then. Hoping that you won’t get sick of the subject. At least the Oscars are bringing more visitors to my site because there’s never been more traffic than on the day they announced the nominees. And right now the most read posts daily are the ones that are about the Oscars. I don’t mind! I love writing about them.

I’ve got a little over hundred followers for my blog and then of course everyone following me on Twitter.  It’s kinda funny that it shows both. But pleasant, of course. And I don’t think one should pay too much attention to stats (although, I got to admit, I still do check them regularly) because the best things in writing a blog and living in the blog world are of course the fellow bloggers. So thanks to all of you who have visited here and especially thanks to all  of you who are writing these splendid blogs I love to read and comment! Here are some of my very favourites, check them out!


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That Leo pic has actually nothing to do with those blogs but I love it and I can post anything today because it’s my blogoversary. And my review of The Wolf of Wall Street is the most commented post I’ve ever written. And this cheery one is the most liked post. Oh, and if I forgot to mention someone on the list, please, feel free to come and shout at me, my memory is not the best one.

It’s been quite good blogging year. Inside and outside of the blogging. Like I mentioned I’ve gotten to read great blogs, seen great TV series and watched a bunch of very good movies and then written about them. Which is good. I also have had quite an eventful year in real life too. I got into school, I’m finally following my dream; my most viewed post of all time is “If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It” (quote by Walt Disney). I am now studying International Business and basically minoring in Media Studies. I’ve found out I’m quite good at Scriptwriting, I just need to get my English more natural, and Stats which was plan1quite a surprise. I tried to find a summer job in England but didn’t, so I’m staying here, doing bartending but attending to summer uni to study either Stats or German, depending on summer courses. So it will not be total waste of time. And then next year this time I’ll be applying to exchange to abroad. To United Kingdom, to be precise. And at the moment the plan is to stay there after that half of a year. Hopefully I’ll find internship placement on some bigger production company, on the distribution side preferably. Here’s one that seem quite like the one that I have in mind, if you’re interested.

I also traveled to few places during this year. I went to London and Dublin, saw amazing musical of Wicked, go see it if you at all like musicals and celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin. After quitting my horrible job, I went to Prague for a short holiday and had a great time. That great that the photos from there are not so good… But I love the city and will definitely go back there. During the summer I visited to Lapland for the first time and participated as a volunteer to Midnight Sun Film Festival in Sodankylä. That was amazing! I also took part to Helsinki International Film Festival and will take a part to Tampere International Film Festival in three weeks, as a volunteer like always. It’ll be interesting. I should do a post about Tampere altogether, this is a nice place to live. Anyway, I also visited to Copenhagen that probably was my favourite trip of the last year, the city is so relaxing and easy to go around. And I loved Danish food! During the autumn holiday I went to visit my friends in Spain (read how no one should travel) and then came back via Paris. I still haven’t edited all the pictures from that trip but I will post them as soon as I have! Here’s one from Paris:


So, not a bad year at all. I’ve had my sorrows but mainly I’ve had quite a good time! At the moment I’m doing a business plan (school project) for a photography studio, another hobby of mine and marketing research for actual customer that happens to be privately owned cinema here in Tampere. School can be fun! Blog-wise, I will continue writing about the Oscars (next week!!!!), The Best of the Best lists and anything movie-related. I try to keep you guys updated how I’m doing with my lists and dreams because that seems to interest the most of the visitors here. Meanwhile, enjoy the show below, they are the most searched people who bring readers to Fairytale Pictures:







Sunshine Award

Sunshine-AwardLast week lovely Tom Ford at Movies & Music Café nominated me for Sunshine Award! I thank thee for the honour and try to do my best to be worth of it. And here in grey, miserably rainy Finland we do need a little bit of sunshine. The Sunshine Award is for spreading the good word of bloggers around the world. There are simple rules:

1)      Tell 11 random facts of yourself.

2)      Answer the 11 questions that the person who nominated you presented.

3)      Ask 11 questions.

4)      Nominate 11 more blog(gers) to answer to these questions.

I’ve already told some random facts about myself when receiving Liebster Award but let’s see if I can think of something else…

1) I live in Tampere, the third biggest city (I prefer town because this is not that big place) in Finland.

2) I’ve lived in England and Germany as well.

3) I work as a bartender but I’m still fulltime student.

4) I’m not big fan of animations but when I watch them, they usually are the best films of the year.

5) I get addicted very easily, I just watched five seasons of The Big Bang Theory in 10 days and still went to work and school and even partied with my friends during the same time. Didn’t sleep that much though…

6) I’m an only child.

7) I just watched Pulp Fiction for the first time and didn’t really like it.

8) I usually listen to movie music when doing something else, like cooking or writing (like now there’s Disney playlist playing).

9) My favourite song ever is Sweet Child O’Mine by Guns n’ Roses.

10) When I was a little girl, Danny Kaye was my favourite actor, I thought he was so funny.


And the questions by Mr. Ford:

 1. What is the last film you saw?

Pulp Fiction. And as I told a few lines before, didn’t think much of it. I’ll be reviewing it later.

2. Name a song that makes you cry?

Depends on my mood. But Adele’s Someone Like You is one that almost always does the trick.  Johnny Cash’s version of Hurt is the other.

3. Mince Pie or Christmas Pudding?

I don’t have actual remembrance of Christmas Pudding because we don’t have that in Finland and it’s been a while since I was in England during the Christmas time but sounds more to my taste than Mince Pie. The latter I remember and it wasn’t really my thing.

4. What is your favourite TV show?

thebigbangAt the moment The Big Band Theory, in general Gilmore Girls, I guess. I did a list about them, check it out here!

5. Liger or Tigon?

Can I choose tiger and lion?

6. If you could be any character from any movie, who would you be?

I answered this already when I was nominated for Liebster but I want to change my answer; I’d be Hermione Granger, she has it all plus very funny husband. According to books, she’s also my age.

7. What’s your address and phone number? Just kidding. Are you any good at karaoke?

No. I can’t sing in tune.

8. What’s the best thing that has ever happened to you (other than this award)?

LOL. Gosh, I don’t know. Probably getting into this school. At least it feels like that now.

9. Do you like Tom Ford?

Yes, both of them.

10. What is the last book you read?

I have about 10 books that I’m reading currently but the last one I finished was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

11. Do you like Matthew McConaughey as much as I do?

I doubt it but I do like him a lot. Did already before he started to do those proper films.


And my 11 questions to the following bloggers:

1. What’s your favourite Christmas movie?

2. The best theme from the movies?

3. What’s your favourite Christmas tradition?

4. What was the best place you went on holiday?

5. Who is the person you admire the most?

6. What genre of movies appeals you to the most?

7. Name the book you would recommend?

8. The best blog you’ve read (except of your own)?

9. What do you think of that that James Cameron is going to do three more Avatar movies?

10. Who is the best character in television?

And then the mighty blogs that I like A LOT. The most of them are obviously movie themed but not all. Some of them are already quite known and don’t probably have time for awards but I still like them and want to nomite them, so here we go:

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Happy Christmas time to everyone!

The List Lover Went to School

Guess it’s a time to update my life after the Oscar predictions too.

toobigThe readers, who’ve been with me since the beginning, know that I’d like to be a part of the film industry or at least write about the films. And I’ve always been a big dreamer. On the right side of the home page you can find the themes I wrote mostly about. There’s also The List Lover and if you’re interested, you can read there more about the lists listed above and me trying to fulfill my dreams and goals. I try to update my success in regular basis.

So, I started an applied sciences university in my hometown Tampere a week ago, well eight days ago but still. Originally I applied to Media program but unfortunately didn’t get in. But now I’m studying International Business and still can take some courses from the Media curricula as well. Which is nice. So far, the school hasn’t exactly been that hard and some of the courses seem unbelievably boring (Financial Accounting, huh?) but I guess it’s always that way. But when it comes to my 101 Things in a 1001 Days, I have taken the step towards the first, and to me, the most important, goal on the list. With the school I will also get nearer couple of other targets. I will be starting German course the next Tuesday (#9) and also again learn the basics of Microsoft Office (#55).

As you’ve probably noticed I finally started using Twitter (#10). It’s not really my thing because I’m a blabber and it’s hard for me to write shortly (plus I’m not one of those “funny guys” either). But if you want to follow me on Twitter, the feed is on the homepage of the blog. I tweet mostly the most interesting film news, my blog posts and if I’ve seen a new film (feed from IMDb). I also have the blog at Facebook, so check that out too.

steakOtherwise I’ve been so badly lazy that it’s a bit hard to believe. I did get a massage (#88) though and finally watched the season six of Supernatural (#44). I also finished my goal to go to five different bars and different restaurants in my hometown (#36). I usually tend to go to the same, my kinda, places, so it was good for me to try different scenes. Tomorrow I will again try a new restaurant, Grillsson (apparently there’s no English site, so sad…) but I don’t have too high hopes for it. I only got the gift certificate.

From the Bucket List I managed to carry out zero things. Super-me… And when it comes to watching films or reading books, I’ve been the laziest ever! I shouldn’t even call myself a film fan after watching total of 15 (!) movies during the last ten weeks. That’s just sad. I did finish The Great Gatsby, the novel. It was so so so boring. Guess I don’t get great American literature?! For the films I’ve seen since the beginning of July, check 50/50. I might review some of them later this week, if I feel like it. Or just continue with the Oscar predictions. Which one would you prefer me to do?

Meanwhile, more wise words:


The List Lover on Holiday


Nyhavn at Copenhagen

To be honest, I’m not on a holiday anymore. But I thought I should probably  write this post before others I’ve planned, to explain why I’ve been somewhere else than here.

As I told you, I left my day job few weeks a go. It was the best decision for a while! I’m happy again. It feels unbelievably amazing to be able to feel free again. During the last six weeks, I’ve been working as a bartender that much I’m able to pay my rent, went to Prague, been participating as a volunteer to the film festivals and went to Copenhagen. I will post about the last two on next week. I’ve also been on a holiday. And it’s been fairly good summer so far weather-wise and it’s definitely been a great summer so far other wise!

My home town Tampere on a bright summer day when we celebrated birthdays of our two friends.

My hometown Tampere on a bright summer day when we celebrated birthdays of our two friends.

As the readers that have been with me a while know, I have few challenges to accomplish. And I try to keep you updated about the task. It’s been a little while (…) since the last update (the one linked it the only one), so let’s do another.

I didn’t succeed to do anything from my Bucket List. Though Eetu, a friend of mine, came back to Finland, so I’m not going to visit him. And I also added one thing to the list. Travelling to Thailand and India. I’ve never had any interest to travel there but this spring couple of my friends travelled there and the other especially isn’t the type I would expect to like that kind of thing but she did. And the other is my ex/future-roommate and she loved it. So, I guess I need to go to check what’s the fuss. Plus I’m deadly seriously afraid of snakes, so it’s also going out of the comfort zone and that’s usually a good thing.

I didn’t watch any of the films from the IMDb-250. I think I need to have a week or a couple dedicated just for that to get it done.

I did manage to read two more books! (It’s still so unbelievably shameful how little I read…) The first one on the list (number three) was my reading for the entrance examination for the university. I applied to journalism. The fourth is the second book of the Mortal Instruments. The movie about the first part is in cinemas on 21st of August in the States and a week later in Finland. Here’s the trailer:

I also watched 15 more films for 50/50 challenge. Not much if you think it’s been seven weeks this one included. I reviewed some of the weeks and I will review the week that I spend on the film festival, the one beginning with Unbearable Lightness of Being. But it’s been kind of dry spell with the movies since Iron Man 3. Yes, I’ve watched few good or great ones but I haven’t seen a truly good new film since that one. I still need to catch the latest Star Trek, The Great Gatsby and Only God Forgives at the theatres. Have you seen any of those, which one I should absolutely see?

And then to my very favourite challenge! 100 Things in 1001 Days. The first of all, I’ll be enrolling to school on August 21st. It’s not my first option that I wanted to go but not the least either. I’ll start to studying International Business in Tampere University of Applied Sciences. I’m so excited! Let’s see if I manage to stay there. I hope so.

I volunteered at the film festival (the number 5th on the list). To be exact at Midnight Sun Film Festival in Sodankylä. It was different! And so much fun. I will be going back. With visiting to Sodankylä, I also travelled to Lapland for the first time (# 74).

The staff party after the festival. Photo by Santeri Happonen

The staff party after the festival. Photo by Santeri Happonen

I still want to participate to Toronto or Sundance. Preferably the former because I met so many great Canadians in Prague and Copenhagen that I want to visit their country too.

I can also mark the number 58. I started changing my wardrobe from black hoodies, jeans and t-shirts to more feminine few months ago and these days it’s mostly colours (red, green and even yellow) and mostly dresses. I love my new style, even though there’s still lot to be done.

Photo shooting session at outside, not as easy as one could imagine.

Photo shooting session at outside, not as easy as one could imagine.

I got a bit closer to some of the tasks. I’ve been to five restaurants and three bars (#36). I also shot one of my friends with the cam (#20) to practice. I also bought a gift card for massage (#88) and made a deal to get a bike for free if I just retrieve it (#85). It’s unbelievable how “hard” it is to achieve things even when they are the simplest one. I’m happy that I have my 100-list but I do hope I manage to fulfill those easy tasks on it as well. I travelled to Lapland and took part of the film festival but I didn’t manage to pick up the bike ten minutes from my home and get it repaired?! Really? I do hope I will accomplish some of those easier goals during the next month. I will start a summer job today, it’s night shifts at gas station, five shifts on a row, then five off, I should have plenty of time to carry out my list.

I’ll leave you with the promise of writing about Midnight Sun Film Festival and Copenhagen during the next week. And with the quote I read a while ago and liked a lot.


In the end it’s a quite nice world

My today started kinda crappy way. I felt inadequate at work because it’s been really busy there and I’m not at my best when I do repeating after repeating. I like things versatile. And my job is really not that. But then it got better. And I started to write about all these little things that made me happy today to my friends and while doing that decided to share them with everyone.

leskenlehtiThe first and the most importantly: it’s finally spring in Finland! The winter was long but now it looks it has ended. Finally. It was a long wait.

Secondly, Peter Dinklage is still hot. He’s the most hottest dwarf I’ve seen in anywhere. I should probably not use the word “dwarf” but hopefully he doesn’t mind. He’s easily surpassing way taller men in so many ways. And Game of Thrones is still so so good.

Within the spring it is time for new Iron Man. And it’s only three weeks before Tony Stark will hit the theatres! And a week before the States. Realizing this fact made me even happier. As does this pic:

Matthew McConaughey is going to star in a Christopher Nolan film! I think it’s great he’s starting to be a serious actor. I’ve always liked him eventhough he’s been kinda greasy rom-com guy. I’m so glad for him. I think he deserves all the attention he’s getting after the really great last year.

walkingdeadAnd finally. I think the world is gonna be saved after all. The Walking Dead‘s season three finale got crazy ratings in the US. 12.4 million. Want to watch zombies in primetime. We’re all gonna be saved. Humanity is still around. And if zombies arise, everyone knows what to do. And guess what’s the best thing in all this? I haven’t watch a single episode of the series. I’m guessing I’m in for a treat.

Have a happy springtime! I know I will.

Tampere Film Festival

Annual Tampere Film Festival began today. It’s a short film festival held in the city I live in. I would have liked to take part as a volunteer but because I work fulltime that was not possible. But at least I’ll be easily able to take part at least to screenings and other things in the programme.

Today I went to see the Screening 2 of the international competition. Screening 2 was called “Keep living” and tells different stories of people making their living. My main target to see was The Date by Finnish director Jenni Toivoniemi. But I’ll get back to that later after reviewing the other films at the display.

First one up was Irish Folk Furniture by Tony Donoghue, surprisingly from Ireland. The shortie wasn’t really my cup of tea but it has already won Short Film Jury Prize at Sundance Film Festival. And getting noticed at Sundance is a big thing. Sometimes when you won there, you also might end up winning at the Oscars. The second film of the screening was Entre Les Passes by Myriam Rachmuth. It’s kind of a short film (22 min, so it’s also quite long) of two women discussing a lot on their spare time. Even though it totally lacked of structure, it was still interesting to me. But couple of my friends thought it was dreadful.

The third one was my favourite, Unravel by Meghna Gubta. The film tells a story of recycled clothing from Western world and it’s way to to India where they make blankets out of it. Unravel made me laugh to myself in very gentle way. And left me smiling. If you have a change, do watch this short documentary, it’s worth it. The fourth was Cage by Karima Hassanzada. It was not good but you just have to appreciate that the director is 26-year-old woman from Afghanistan, Kabul, and is making films. That’s really not something that everybody could do.

The fifth instalment was Stone Melody by Parviz Rostami. It lasted 11 minutes but I hoped it would end at the second minute. But it has won prizes. Next one was Seven Minutes in Warsaw Ghetto that was hugely beautiful animation based on a true story. After the screening we had a chance to hear from the writer how it all got together. For example director Johan Oettinger used actors real eyes attached to puppets used in the animation. The effect was amazing. This one I recommend to see too, beautiful job.

The last one of the screening was The Date by Jenni Toivoniemi who’s Finnish film maker and a woman (there’s no reason to pretend that film industry is not very much driven by men). AND she won Short Film Jury prize at Sundance Film Festival. As I said, big deal. And forgive me of saying this but because she doesn’t look like she’s in her early twenties, it does give me hope age-wise. Plus the film is very good. Funny, well acted and neatly made. And the idea itself is already weird in a good way. I recommend.

I don’t know how much I’ll be able to attend to different parts of the programme at Tampere Film Festival but I will at least go to this discussion of the art of the screenwriting and of course to Tampere Trash and Undergroud Film Festival that is held inside Tampere Film Festival and is organized by a friend of mine. Lots of gore and blood. But for example last year the closing film Goremageddon was a thing beauty despite the subject. Hopefully this year will be as good.