101 Things (in 1001 Days)

(This used to be my list on 101 Things but deadline went already. I managed to do 36 of those things. Now I have a list of 55 things that I will try to do in 555 days. I took away those things I’m not interested anymore and added something. But that’s not a long time and it means the deadline of my task is already March 6th of 2017. Let’s see how it goes.)

UPDATE:  14.5.2017 OK, so I’m pass my deadline again but let’s still continue. I’m sure I’ll be able to manage this at some point of my life. 😀 During that 555 days I managed to do whole six things. Wow. Well, there’s 49 to go and that means 490 days, so the new deadline is September 16th 2018.

I wrote this list on November 29.8.2015.


  1. Start being a sponsor to a child in need.
  2. Lose 15 kilos of your weight.
  3. Live abroad (again). 29.8.2015
  4. Start pilates.
  5. Learn another language.
  6. Travel to New York!
  7. Travel to Seattle!
  8. Go to a date. 4.5.2016
  9. Edit all the pix you’re gonna save.
  10. Go horseback riding.
  11. Watch the The Godfathers (all three parts)!
  12. Write a letter to 10 years older me.
  13. Read at least 50 of the 100 books on the list of Keskisuomalainen (list of novels to read for Finns, I’ve read 29 of them at the moment.)
  14. Create an inspirational board.
  15. Watch the whole IMDb top-250.
  16. Take a self portrait every month for a year. 1.7.2016
  17. Go to Tampere tour (aka act like a tourist).
  18. Buy fresh flowers to home every month.
  19. Go to opera.
  20. Buy pair of designer shoes.
  21. Get a waxing.
  22. Take a part to short story competition.
  23. Write a screenplay.
  24. Buy a video camera.
  25. Learn to use Microsoft Office without problems.
  26. Learn to make crème brûlée.
  27. See a baseball match.
  28. See live American football match in the States.
  29. Be an extra in a film.
  30. Send a message in a bottle.
  31. Spend New Year’s Eve somewhere else than Finland.
  32. Make “the death folder”.
  33. Spend a whole day reading.
  34. Wake up before sunrise (at summer in case you’re in Finland).
  35. Go up in a hot-air balloon.
  36. Try shooting.
  37. Try archery.
  38. Sleep with someone 10 years younger than you. March 2017
  39. Visit Bruges.
  40. Stop smoking when you’re not drinking.
  41. Eat sushi. 9.2.2017
  42. Fast for two days (or longer).
  43. Make a Birthday Card and send to someone that won’t expect it.
  44. Eat in Michelin Star restaurant.
  45. Take an interrail tour in Eastern Europe.
  46. Get a wine “collection” (make sure you have at least five bottles of wine at home every time)
  47. Visit Iceland.
  48. See the northern lights. Feb.2016
  49. Start hiking.
  50. Learn CPR.
  51. Go to spa.
  52. Get professional photos taken of you.
  53. Visit Toys R Us at Times Square.
  54. Watch all Jeremy Renner’s films.
  55. Take a photography course.


  1. I haven’t been on Santorini, but have been in the area (islands Paros, Antiparos and Naxos) and it’s really very awesome! Also, lol:

    20. Shoot at least five more people as practice (with camera), and
    75. Sleep with someone 10 years younger than you.

    Great project!!

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